Thursday, October 12, 2006

I am not paid, I have not been convicted or ever accused of Domestic violence, and yes, I reminded folks about Nick Theodore.

I could not sleep tonight so I got up and puttered on the computer a bit. I went the ETV website and watched again the debate for Comptroller General. One line from Mr. Theodore stood out to me. He blasted Mr. Eckstrom for hiring someone convicted of domestic violence to attack Mr. Theodore’s family and his “seventy eight year old father.” Well, I don’t know what Mr. Folks, who I assume Mr. Theodore was talking about, has done. I know that I, on this blog, pointed out the hypocrisy of the Theodore campaign.

But, let me be clear. I am on no political payroll. Indeed, I have been on the outside looking in for quite some time now. But, I do think it is hypocritical for Drew Theodore to criticize someone for using a state car when his own father had bodyguards and drivers at state expense, and took those people out of state with him for a purely partisan political event. Since it was my blog that pointed out the hypocrisy, the remarks of Drew Theodore make me angry. If Drew Theodore can not take average folks asking tough questions of him and his father, who he touts for political and fundraising purposes, then he ought not to be in politics.

Now, I don’t condone any personal attacks, such as whether or not Drew Theodore was faithful to his wife or not. Theodore alluded in the debate to that being thrown about. If it is, that’s dirty. But, to equate pointing out the hypocrisy of the Theodore campaign’s stance on usage of government resources to such personal trash is just as dirty by Theodore.

So let me address this directly to Drew Theodore and his campaign. I am on no payroll. I hold no office. I have never been accused of domestic violence in any way, much less convicted of it. I am just a private citizen voicing his opinion. If you folks can not handle a private citizen voicing his opinion on a legitimate issue without lumping that issue with some alleged sleaze you think is going on, then you folks don’t deserve a shot at the dog catcher’s office in my native Honea Path, (my apologies to the dogcatcher), much less a statewide office.

Maybe I have you wrong. If so, post here. Straighten me out. Frankly, I hope I do have you wrong. I would hate to think that the candidate and campaign of any statewide candidacy was so small.


  1. There you go again...going after a good man like Nick..when you will you stop this horrible stuff? You are....evil and mean.

  2. Theodore is toast...the debates showed he was not up to the task...

  3. It seems that Drew is the one that wrote of "leaving the spouses behind" in blog entries tha disappeareed faster than documents down Sandy Berger's trousers. All you have to do is gore the Dems sacred cows and ture to form, you will be attacked for being a hateful, truthful, heterosexual, white, religious Republican male. Never mind the veracity of your point, confusing most leftists with facts only exacerbates the situation and they have no more idea of what to do with the "Deadly Plutonium" that Bill Clinton and Harry Reid saddled us with than they do when the "SSI trust funds" run out.

  4. Obviously Theodore wasn't referring to you in the debate? I mean absolutely obviously - no doubt, not one scintilla of doubt about that. So why in the world did it keep u up all night?

    Did you really have that much of a need to feel victimized? This post was ridiculous...
    Plenty of bloggers hit Theodor on these points, I only hope they all are not writing such self important dribble.

  5. actually, this was the only blog that i saw which brought up discussion of nick theodore's personal trips with state vehicles AND staff.

    which begs the next question - how many times did nick take his then-adult son along for the ride? and if so, did he compensate the state for his share of the costs?

    i would certainly be interested in the answer to that question.

  6. what i want to know is why you had sexual relations with that woman?

  7. anon - it's easy (because she was) ... she was hot.

  8. Hey, didn't you have relations with a legislator's daughter back in the 1990s? I wonder if that was at state expense. Nick should have beaten Governor Sleazley and your boy, Bob "the cheater" Peeler. Still, how is the thing with the legislator's daughter going? Oh yeah, that's right, she married someone else. Nick and his won afterall. Screw you and Bob Peeler. Drew Theodore and the rest of us Greeks will get you, just wait and see.

  9. Gee, it is so easy to say terrible things about a person under the cloak of anonymity. You can't point out a thing that's immoral, illegal, or unethical when it is done by a Dem or a Lib. But you sure can sling mud at Brian for of all things trying to set the record straight. How low and dirty can you get when you bring up the messanger's past as if it had any relevance to anything?
    Give me a break.

  10. How to respond to all of this? First, I am no victim. When some friends and family pointed out Drew Theodore's comments about attacks against his father, and told me to take a look at the debate, I did. I was not losing any sleep over Drew Theodore. I was just up. Some nights I don't sleep and get up and read blogs and other political websites. Sorry to burst your victim bubble, anon.

    I also was close to a state legislator's daughter back in the 1990s. She is happy and so I am I. She's a good ole gal, and well, I wonder if a certain LOSER from Iva isn't the anon voice behind that one.

    As for me being mean and evil. Well, that sort of proves the point about Thedore's people doesn't it? A private citizen makes a legitmate political point, and the long knives come out.

    Thanks Earl and Mary for your comments. And, no, Sparky, I did not have sex with that woman, but if she is who I think she is, I probably wanted to. :)

    See, Drew, (anon) I can laugh at myself, can you?

  11. hey anon - why don't you have the stones to say that crap publicly?

    now which time did nick win? was it 1994, where he was beat by unpopular beasley, or 1998, when peeler kicked the crap out of him?

    as to the legislators daughter ... i don't know her, but you know, i've learned that some women are better off with someone else than me.

    especially those columbia women. some of them will leave you itching and ... clapping.

    stop making this a personal forum for your oversized ego, especially considering your undersized sense of courage. grow up, get a life, and come back when you can talk intelligently about real issues, ok?

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  13. Hey, I had sex with the legslative daughter in question. She had nothing good to say about McCarty. She said McCarty used her to get into the Governor's Ball through her dad, but I gave her the real balls, Orangeburg style.

    Then, she went back on and off with McCarty. I hate that guy. He is a real loser. When I saw that jerk had a website, I thought I might ought to comment and make sure people understood how full of shit he was.

    Brian McCarty is an asshole.

  14. Hey anon, if you had those Orangeburg balls you talk about, you would leave your name.

    You are the loser, dude, and Drew Theodore is the hypocrite who can not reconcile his campaign with his father's record.

  15. orangeburg style - poor, unemployed, corrupt, crime-infested, dirty, and most importantly ... ignorant, right?

    i can tell you i sure as hell wouldn't want to be associated with anything related to orangeburg county.

    if i got anything orangeburg style, i'd definitely need to wear protection ... and boil it when done, just to be sure.

  16. Alright, you feel better now? Having gotten all of it out of your system. Are you upset still that the "certain legislator's daugther" kept going back to McCarty? Hang up, maybe?

    I can vouch for McCarty's NON-asshole behavior as I have been a friend for many years. I know for a fact that he reads, absorbs, and critically analyzes EVERYTHING before posting it on his blog...what does that mean, you ask? That NOTHING he says is unfounded or lacking thought. Maybe you should try doing the same.

    Good day to you!

  17. anon is just jealous cuz the best piece of the action he ever had ditched him and hooked back up with mccarty.

    mccarty - way to go stud dog!

  18. I don't worry about being a stud. But, I do note, that no one from Theodore's camp has refuted what I contended in the orignal post. Instead, I have got the typical Democratic assaults on my personal life. I thank my friend for defending me But, where are you Drew Theodore folks? You have still failed to set me straight about the matter. Come on, I know you have read my blog, have the guts to comment on it on the record. Let's debate the ideas, if you can.

  19. dude - he got a piece of her action, cool ...

  20. Drew Theodore is a great man. He built a business and helped his dad serve the people. Who cares if Drew's dad had drivers? If Andre Bauer had a driver would he be in the mess he is in? There is going to be a clean sweep in November, with Moore as Governor, Barber as Lt. Governor, and Drew as Comptroller. Republicans like you are going to be crying.