Sunday, October 22, 2006

I will go with the accountant versus the Forrest Gump of this year.

Listening to the WVOC radio debate last week between Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom and his opponent Drew Theodore, I kept thinking I had heard someone who sounded like Mr. Theodore. Then it hit me. Drew Theodore on the radio reminded me of Forrest Gump. That slow, deliberate southern speech just was distinct. Listening to the radio broadcast, I kept seeing Forrest Gump whenever Mr. Theodore spoke.
Mr. Theodore did not disappoint. When asked what would be the first thing he would do as Comptroller General, Mr. Theodore said he would hire someone who would know how to run the job day to day. Well, Forrest Theodore, don’t we already have that with General Eckstrom?
The media has had a field day attacking Eckstrom for his use of a state car to visit family out of state. As I stated on this blog repeatedly, those media sources seem to forget how Mr. Theordore’s father, good ole boy Nick Theodore, abused state funded drivers and bodyguards. It is amazing how short some mainstream media memories are.
This is another office that Governor Sanford is correct in calling for the Governor to be able to appoint. However, we have to choose at the polls between the current Comptroller General and his opponent.
As I have in other races, I will approach this race like a Governor who had to appoint the best person for the job. When I do that, it is a clear choice. Mr. Eckstrom stands with the Governor on fiscal matters and showed he learned from his mistakes in his stint as Treasurer. Eckstrom is a CPA who has done the job and done it well, and there is no reason to take the job from him.
Drew Theodore comes from a political family with strong connections in politics and the media. But, Mr. Theodore, the Forrest Gump jokes aside, just does not have the experience for the job. Even he apparently understands that from his debate answer. When a man says his first priority is to hire someone who knows how the run the job he is running for, that is telling.
Eckstrom knows how the do the job. He is doing it. For that reason, I will vote for the boring accountant who is short on charisma but long on expertise for the office he is seeking to be re-elected to. I will leave the Forrest Gump types to the movies. The current Comptroller General, Saturday Night Live jokes aside, has the experience and the record that deserves a return to the office. Eckstrom will be an ally to the Governor, and he is a man who knows the ins and outs of accounting necessary to help South Carolina keep its AAA credit rating. Further, Eckstrom has been a lone wolf crying out about the trouble the South Carolina state retirement system is in. While Eckstrom falls short of my own idea about making South Carolina retirement contribution based instead of benefit based, at least the Comptroller General sees the problem. Mr. Theodore merely gives the people platitudes and empty promises. I guess stupid is as stupid does.
To sum it all up, I will be voting for Richard Eckstrom for Comptroller General, and it took no influence. J


  1. Again, a jerk stands with a jerk....Eckstrom harrassed a woman...why don't you mention that...are you afraid too? Eckstrom is a jerk...just like you...and your buddy bob peeler.

  2. Bob Peeler.... let me see, you mena the fellow that showed leadership after his predecessor abused the perk of a state car with a driver to drive his own pick up truck in to work? Bob Peeler, not Dilletante Drew's patrician Daddy, Nick, that set up Andre by cutting the hundred thousand or so per year in overhead that having the car and drver at his beck and call... (set up Andre in that Deputy Fife wouldn't have pulled a state tagged Crown Vic with a trooper speeding down Assembly Street, though a solo Andre was a fine target for political favors).

    As to jerks, the gutless anonymous posters gratuitious assertions are as gratutiosuly refuted.

  3. Eckstrom never harassed anyone. To set the record straight:

    As a lawyer who formerly worked for the Attorney General (and yes, I confess that I am a Republican), one thing should be made clear. The S.C. Human Affairs Commission fully investigated the allegation of sexual harassment, and concluded that there was no evidence at all to support it. The employee then filed a lawsuit against two other supervisors, a male and a female, for sexual discrimination in connection with a performance evaluation. That is the case that was settled by the State. Sexual harassment was not the issue. If you'd have read the record, or followed closely the news, you'd have known the facts.

    3:01 PM

  4. Anon - the facts never stopped Drew Theodore.

  5. Anon 2 we also have a state insurance fund that likes to count the cost and settle, whether or not it is winnable for the state. This leadeth to some political hay that is indeed misleading.