Sunday, October 15, 2006

I will go with Hammond for another four years for Secretary of State

Secretary of State Mark Hammond has had a reputation for being sort of a bland fellow. In his defense, his office is sort of bland on the surface, but important. He has solid record over the past four years as Secretary of State. During the campaign Hammond has provided a more than adequate defense of his record and has espoused clearly his visions for the office. Taking the lead from former Secretary of State Jim Miles, Secretary Hammond has continued to keep the Secretary of State’s office accessible to businesses, non profits and the public. There has been demonstrative progress is making UCC liens available and recorded in a more uniform manner. Hammond has worked with other departments to make the Business One Stop program help people do business in South Carolina. Further, Hammond has continued to keep the public adequately informed of the good and bad non profit organizations in the state by keeping the Scrooge and Angels program strong.

Hammond’s opponent, Democrat Cheryl Footman, is obviously a person with a passion to serve others who has sincere religious faith. She should be commended for being a teacher and for continuing to strive to better herself by working on a PhD while running for statewide office. However, Footman lacks a coherent vision as to why she wants to be Secretary of State. Her answers in a recent debate were long on admirable platitudes but short on substance. Footman would probably have a better chance serving others as she wants to by running for a local office, such as school board, county council or perhaps even State House of Representatives. But, she is just not ready for statewide office. One gets the feeling she is probably in this race to take one for the Democratic team. And, that is an unfortunate waste of her talent.

As with other statewide offices, the idea of making this office appointed has to be addressed. Neither candidate seems to want that to happen. However, if we the voters were to choose these candidates as a Governor would, (based upon the resumes), then Secretary Hammond would be the best choice by far.

As such, I will be voting for Secretary Hammond for re-election.

Now, before some of you think this is going to be some sort of Republican cheerleading forum, there are going to be some offices I address in the coming days and weeks that will surprise you. A lifelong Republican, I am I still undecided in three statewide races, partly because of the influence of out state money and the like. Stay tuned.


  1. i'll bet you just have it for minorities. everyone has talked about what kind of redneck you are.

  2. The Democrats frequently put an black candidate to face off against a good republican as a get out the vote effort for the black members of their coalition.


    you will notice that the "serious" democrat state-wide candidates are as lilly white as would be any member on an aryan nation slate of candidates.

    In so far as Blacks are represented in leadership positions and as serious candidates for state offices the sign at SC Democratic Party HQ reads 'Blacks need not apply'

  3. The Black CatOctober 16, 2006

    Gee, you mean that Dems do the same thing Rod Shealey was busted for, thoughthey give them the filing fee before they step through the door? It must be nice to have all that street money that isn't under the 527 scrutiny or the Ethics Commission scrutiny.

  4. It is also nice have that hate money from SCRG that funds rednecks like this guy to sit around and to attack leaders in our community who are trying to bring us all together and carry us forward.

  5. Am I a redneck? Well, who knows? Maybe I am to some people. But do I "have it in for minorities?" No way. You might read my blog, but you apparently don't know me at all, especially my support of moving the confederate battle flag from atop the state house dome and things like that.

    Also, I am not on any political payroll. I would especially not be on SCRG's. Ever read some of my posts about them? You think they would pay for that?

    I don't doubt the Democratic party's nominee's sincerity. I just don't think she the best person for the job.

    Instead of attacking me and calling me a redneck, anon#1, why don't you tell us why I am wrong.

  6. StoopidDoodOctober 18, 2006

    anon 1 ... give him the phone number of some hot chick who is not white, and let him show you how much he's into diversity.

    like maybe your wire or girlfriend.

  7. i'm for mark too!