Sunday, October 01, 2006

Remembering ole Nick Theodore

It has been eight years since I worked for Bob Peeler's re-election for Lt. Governor and twelve years since Peeler's election as Lt. Governor. My, how time flies. It is also has been over twelve years since ole Nick Theodore was Lt. Governor.

Perhaps it is those twelve years or so that cause Drew Theodore to forget his father's use of state drivers and security details and the like. It is has been widely reported in the media that Drew Theodore, the Democratic nominee for Comptroller General, has criticized the current Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom's use of a state car and fuel card to travel out of state to visit family. Even state senator John Land, of all people, has weighed in about the ethics of the matter.

Oh, how they forget. Fourteen years ago, then Lt. Governor Nick Theodore took a rather large security detail to the 1992 Democratic Convention in Atlanta. That's right, state car, state driver, state security all went with ole Nick. I remember it well, even if ole Nick's son doesn't because we on the Peeler campaign made that an issue in 1994, and Peeler promised to go without a driver and detail and put those law enforcement officers back to fighting crime. Peeler reminded voters of that in 1998 when Theodore tried unsuccessfully to get his old job back.

Now, is the son of Nick Theodore trying to take a page out of the campaign playbook that handed his old man a defeat? Or is Drew Theodore's memory just too short to remember his own father's use of state resources? I don't know.

But, I do know this. Having someone like Drew Theodore, who has rode his father's name to get money for his campaign, attack his opponent for doing something less wasteful than Ole Nick used to do, is hypocritical at best. The question I am trying to find an answer to is did Drew ever ride with dad in that state car driven by that state driver back in the day? And, if he did, how does he justify that?


  1. One minor thing -- it was the 1988 Democratic convention in Atlanta. I covered it for a couple of days for The Greenville News.

  2. You are right. I stand corrected. It has been a long time.

  3. ...You are dead right with your post...but now the Theodore story gets worse.

    A few days ago some of his posting on a car web site/blog were reported. They were mildly offensive, and some were just dumb…but I suppose they would have been forgotten soon enough.

    But now, after the reporting, the postings have gone missing! So here the hypocritical Theodore clan strikes again, and attempts to hide his transgressions. The postings were pulled to keep the voting public from seeing them…and of course making decisions based on his writings.

    The Theodore clan believes they are above us. Drew would like to follow in Papa footsteps…and shows us that he is just a spoiled brat playing with his expensive cars…and that he does not trust the public with his writings or thoughts.

    He is disgusting.

  4. shame on all of you for picking on an old man...Nick is a wonderful man...was a wonderful Lt. Govenor..fine public servant...understood government needed people and money to make it work...

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