Saturday, October 28, 2006

Too bad Jakie did not run

This years Governor's race is shaping up to be almost as boring as the 1990 race between Carroll Campbell and Theo Mitchell. Democrat Tommy Moore, who everyone thought had a chance to make things interesting, has floundered. Governor Sanford's inability to get along with his fellow Republicans has not created the "Republicans for Moore" movement that Hodges had going for him against David Beasley in 1998.

Two recent polls show Governor Sanford ahead by 20 or more points over Moore. That doesn't stop the silly press releases from the Governor's campaign about Moore doing everything from lying to raising taxes on grandma's cigarettes. Those guys are catching a break. They can be silly, stupid, or just do nothing. The Sanford folks have this on in the bag.

Why? For one thing, South Carolina is a Republican state. For another, the Democrats and the Moore campaign have ran a dumb campaign, bless their hearts, as one of their patronizing ads says. Their radio and tv ads are silly, not witty. When a woman faking a deep Southern accent tells us about Mark Sanford, you want to shake your head, and ask, "who came up with that crap?" Then there is the over the top radio ads about Mark Sanford with "Edna from Mississippi" and how Mississippi loves Mark Sanford because he is helping them beat SC in education scores. The accent is so over the top Southern, it is offensive to people in South Carolina and Mississippi alike. Then there is the Ray from Alabama ad, who tells us, with a again over the top redneck voice that Governor Sanford has sent jobs to Alabama. Such ads are as silly as, well suing tv stations for airing your opponents ads, something Governor Sanford's folks threatened to do.

What a boring and silly race for such an important office. The man with great ideas is petty and small and can not seem to get along with anyone. The man with bad ideas, well, his ideas are still bad when it comes to campaigning.

Too bad ole Jakie Knotts did not run for Governor. He probably would not have won. But, his colorful comments would at least made the thing interesting and fun to watch. And, you can bet the only over the top Southern accent in his ads would have been his own.

After watching and listening to the two major party candidates and examining their records in office, I have decided to write myself in for Governor. I could do as well as either on of them. I have ran a small business. I have worked on a farm. I have worked in a cotton mill. I really do love barbecue. I truthfully state that I would wager a barbecue dinner that I have sat in more living rooms in South Carolina then both candidates combined through my job closing real estate refinances in peoples homes. I have read Dale Carnegie, Ronald Reagan, and Barry Goldwater. I believe one can be conservative and be civil.

So, if you are frustrated like me, write in the name of Brian McCarty for Governor. Sure, some say you would be wasting your vote. But, I assure you I have not taken one cent from either Hillary Clinton or Howard Rich. Besides, with ole Jakie not in the race, someone has to stand up for us overweight barbecue lovers from Lexington County. If elected I pledge to ban all silly press releases and political ads from my office. And, uh, a couple of more things, I would propose getting rid of retirement benefits for legislators and put everyone in the Department of Education in Columbia on leave. If after six weeks, schools were still open, I would let those folks go, because it be proven they aren't needed. As for the legislators, it was never meant to be a job with perks. Let them live like the rest of us.

Just something to think about.


  1. You as Governor? Please. There would be loose women and booze flowing in the mansion.

    It would be Clinton comes to South Carolina.

    Cigars and twenty-something girls would not be safe with you in the Governor's Mansion.

  2. anon - is that a bad thing?

    as much as becoming single again cost me, i think i have a right to some self-indulgence.

    if he can get chicks and booze, and you can't ... too bad you're a loser and he's not.