Friday, October 20, 2006

The Treasurer’s Race: a good argument for Sanford’s restructuring

The race for state Treasurer is one that sad to watch, as I commented upon earlier. On the Democratic side, there is the 82 year old incumbent, Grady Patterson, an honorable man who has served his state well. On the Republican side is the darling of the Republican hopes for also rans, and Reagan wannabe, Cousin Arthur Ravenel’s son Thomas. You might remember that Jim DeMint and David Beasley handed Cousin Arthur’s son his hat back in the 2004 United States Senate primary.

Cousin’s Arthur’s son got in the race late, poured in his own money, ran some really good ads, built on his third place Senate race finish and won the nomination for Treasurer going away. All looked good for Cousin Arthur’s son.

Then, Thomas Ravenel got in a pee contest with John Rainey, the Chairman of the Economic Board of Advisors. Watching the two of them spar on television was like watching two mules fight over a turnip. It was interesting for a few minutes, and then you asked yourself, why in the Hell am I wasting my time watching this stuff? Further, I wonder why in the world Thomas Ravenel wasted his time debating a man who is not even on the ballot. Eventually, Ravenel came around and started to ignore Rainey, but only after hiring some consultant to handle his fellow millionaire from the upstate.

Cousin Arthur’s son’s only saving grace is his opponent. Like I said above, Grady Patterson is a good man, a man who has served us well. But, this campaign has been an insult to Patterson’s life of service. This is one race too many for the Treasurer. Like watching Michael Jordan playing for Washington after he retired for the second time, watching Grady in this race is just ugly. From dozing in meetings to telling the State editorial board that Ravenel “makes up stuff,” this campaign has been sad for Mr. Patterson.

If a Governor was picking someone to be Treasurer, chances are he would not pick either candidate. But, alas, we the voters have to pick one. And, as a voter, I have to.

This race has been about the hardest electoral decision I have ever had to make. I do not like Mr. Ravenel’s ideas about investing. I think it is one thing to invest venture capital in high risk items, but another to invest other people’s retirement in such items. Further, I have grown tired of the “self made man” story of Ravenel. I do not doubt his talent helped a good bit. But, Ravenel’s father being a Congressman and longtime respected public servant did not hurt either.

Then there is Grady Patterson. He has a resume most men would kill for to define their lives. Yet, he is making this sad run. His time has past. Even if Patterson somehow wins, he will not be the leader a much younger man could be. Further, far too many Democrats use his office to stay on some sort of payroll.

Therefore, I will be voting for Thomas Ravenel. This is not a ringing endorsement. But, I will caste my vote for him because I believe he will be more in line to what the head of the executive branch wants and the state will no longer be carrying Democratic activists’ payrolls.

It is a tough call. But, I will vote Ravenel. I hope he will keep his word to take the job seriously. My vote is counting on it.


  1. Brian, why were you watching extreme mule turnip smack down from World Mule Wrasslin Federation? Becuase if ETV doesn't carry it, no one will, not even public access.

    Maybe we need to appoint these posts, but how much does that dilute the legislative exertion of executive power on which some have grown drunk and complacent. That in mind, it makes it an uphill battle, as elected critters have to give up the toys to which they've grown attached.

    Government can choose to have faith in those that elected them and endowed them with the STEWARDSHIP of their office or they can play at benevolent despot, til the coup.

  2. Interesting comments, rhino. Thanks for reading and commenting. I will point out that there are some good people in legislature, and if the Governor treated them like friends, instead of foes, I believe the Governor's good ideas about changing the structure of state government would happen.

  3. Grady Patterson is a great man. A little man like you can not understand a great man like Patterson. You are so mean and so evil....Grady is a true gentleman...something you will never...know anything about...Grady will crush that brat...and you will look like the jerk you are

  4. Well, anonymous, aren't you the brave little poster. Well spoken Brian, although I disagree with your assessment of Thomas. Also you have to remember that Jim Miles ran at least twice for Secretary of State on the platform that the office needed to be eliminated. Yet I am going to vote for Mark Hammond for that same office. I am not sure that I agree with giving more power to the governor but Thomas's anaolgies at least make sense. Poor old Mr. Patterson can't even do that. It really is sad.

  5. Under a similar analysis as the poster himself I have decided to vote for Patterson on this one. I just find Ravenel too pompous (e.g. "When I came in third in the Senate primary I did the honorable thing and dropped without a run-off" was I the only one who found that ridiculous). I even like some of Ravenel's ideas, BUT I don't think he has any plans of taking this office seriously whatsoever. I think to say Patterson is past his prime is an understatment, but that being said at least I feel he will do his best in office, which even despite probable deminished capacity is much more than I can say for Ravenel not giving the office any deference whatsoever. If Patterson gets more votes than Ravenel, I wonder if he will do the 'honorable' thing and drop out or will he keep running?

  6. From my observations on the Ravenel-"Rainman" feud is -----It really sounds like Patterson naps while first,second or third wiper"Rainman" runs the dog and pony show!!! It seems "Rainman" is worried he will have to go back to work, elsewhere!!! Nighty, night!! "Rainman"!!!