Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Washington Times is Right: Hastert should resign, but perhaps Pelosi should too

The conservative newspaper, the Washington Times, issued a damning editorial against Speaker Dennis Hastert for not acting quickly enough in the now famous Foley matter. It appears that the Republican leadership had knowledge that Foley's behavior was not appropriate at the least, and probably perverted. You can see the case made by the conservative Washington Times at http://washingtontimes.com/op-ed/20061002-102008-9058r.html.

Now, while I agree with the Times that Mr. Hastert should resign over this matter, I also think a full investitigation of the Democratic leadership should also take place.

My gut feeling tells me that the Republicans covered up the actions of Foley against teen boys to keep a seat and the Democrats did the same until the past few days to gain one. It is my belief that pure politics, on both sides of the aisle, came before protecting the young people who act as paiges in the United States Congress.

If you doubt this, watch the carefully orchestrated press releases coming out of Pelosi's office and other Democratic campaign arms. They were prepared for this situation. That means, they knew in advance, too.

Nothing takes away from the fact that 54 year old Foley making sexually explicit IM exchanges with a teenage boy is wrong, sick, perverted, etc. I read those IMs posted on ABC news, and was shocked at it. One can not blame alcohol alone on that kind of thing. Foley's checking into to rehab angered me.

That said, the leadership of both parties are equally twisted. For political reasons, they kept their mouths shut until they could either win a seat or strike a political blow.

For that, I want Hastert's resignation, like the Times, but I also want Pelosi's. I want them both to pay the poltical price for playing politics with the safety of teenagers working in the House.

This entire situation is an outrage. It shows us how little our leaders, in both parties care about doing things right, and how much they care about political gain. Where is Ross Perot when you need him? Someone needs to clean the barn out.


  1. in the late 90s, gingrich had the sense to step aside when he saw he had gotten to the point where he was costing his team far more than he brought to the table.

    livingston stepped aside, even though he would have been the next speaker of the house, because he saw that he would not be effective.

    both left when they saw their presence as an obstacle, not a service. perhaps this is where mr. hastert is now, and stepping down, and being willing to fall on the sword, might do more to serve the people and help his agenda than his presence would.

    service is supposed to come before personal considerations. as such, it is time for a new speaker of the house - and NOT a democratic one.

  2. Br'er RhinosyhossOctober 06, 2006

    I concur Earl, though I'd like to know who knew what and when on both sides of the aisle.

    Did Democrats, with "full knowlege" allow a man they now allege to be a child molester (like their own heralded Gerry Studds), sit on thie information, putting more teens at risk only for political gain?

    It is also interesting that the page at the time of the alleged incident was 18 years old and responsible for his actions, as was Monica Lewinsky.

    Also, outside of engaging in "cyber-sex", what real physical acts of sodomy occured? Enquiring minds want to know