Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bold Predictions

Okay, it is bold prediction time on today's elections.

First, the GOP will lose the US House of Representatives and hold on to the United States Senate by a slim margin. The numbers just have not moved as much as they needed to in battleground districts. I hope I am wrong, but brace yourselves for Speaker Pelosi and a subpoena a day out of Congress towards the Bush Administration.

Second, to the statewide races. I believe it will be a sweep, but two races do concern me. One is the Lt. Governor's race and the other is the Comptroller General's race. It would not shock me if the Democrats pulled off one or both of those races. But, I believe they will not, and with Grady running about the worst campaign of his life, that's pretty much it for the Democrats.

Congress is easy to call. Spratt wins, Wilson wins, Barrett wins, Inglis wins, Brown wins, Clyburn wins. Easy picks.

On Wednesday I will hand out my awards for the 2006 election year in South Carolina and give some post game analysis.

Go vote. And, uh, avoid the bright lights, airplanes, and fires and whatever else seems to reach up and bite candidates this year.


  1. You will need to drink off your sorrows on election night. Moore, Barber, Thedore, Rex, and Patterson are all going to win as the Demcocratic tide runs high.

    Republican losers like you are going to be running for cover come Wednesday morning.

  2. what a suprise...a Republican says Republicans are win in SC.

    Get this GOP whippin boy, the GOP is going to get their ass kicked natiionally. What is moron President gonna do when he is faced with a Democratic senate and house? He will begging for mercy.

    Can you say President Hillary Clinton? Learn how, be auth.

    IT is coming, and Republicans like you will be looking for chicks to pick up along the airplane crash sites.