Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The First Annual Thanksgivng Political Awards

I love Thanksgiving. It is time when friends and family get together, eat good food, enjoy good beverages, watch football, and take some to time to be thankful for all that they have in life. I am thankful for so many things, and in the holiday spirit, I decided that this blog will issue Thanksgiving Political Awards every year. So, Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to thank the Big Fellow upstairs for all you have, and well, here are the First Annual Voting Under the Influence Thanksgiving Political Awards.

Political Turkey of the Year. This award goes the politician, group, or politico who ended up having the most disappointing and underachieving political year.

The nominees are:

1) South Carolinians for Responsible Government. I realize that this group had a few state house victories to their credit, and they were a part of the Sanford effort, but overall, for the money and time spent by them in this campaign season, their results were weak. They misspent money with unwise mail outs in the campaign's homestretch and made one of the biggest political mistakes a group like them can make: they became a subject of the political debate. It is hard to make stealth attacks on unsuspecting candidates when everyone is reading about you in the papers. And, attacking the paper that wrote about you by spending money on a mail out against them, well, that's just plain silly. And so is wasting money attacking a Republican nominee for a state house seat in a general election. Was the Democrat going to be more likely to your group's bidding? Just think if that money would have spent on some mail outs favorable to Floyd.

2) Karen Floyd. Floyd was in some ways too slick for her own good, or over coached if you like. At several points during the campaign, Floyd looked invincible, flush with cash and a Republican in a Republican state. Then, she stumbled with the grassroots and stumbled in the debates, which I suppose people actually pay some attention to after all. The result was a double digit lead turning into a narrow defeat.

3) Trav Roberts and those around him. I name Roberts because he comes to mind. But, he and his fellow Democrats around Grady Patterson should have talked the old legend into a graceful retirement instead of running a campaign Patterson was clearly not up to.

4) Drew Theodore. The incumbent is under a cloud of scandal of sorts. And, you, as your party's nominee make clear in a debate that the first thing you will do is hire someone who knows how to run the office you are running for. If you do that, you know its time to pack it in.

5) Mike Campbell. From all accounts, Mike Campbell is a nice guy. But, when the son of Carroll Campbell does not campaign for the Republican Lt. Governor because that Lt. Governor beat him in the primary, well, that just begs for a Political Turkey of the year nomination.

And, the winner is....Karen Floyd...I just can not get past the squandering of a big lead and her struggling in her home county of Spartanburg, a big Republican county!

The Golden Drumstick for Outstanding Political Achievement of the Year Award. This award goes to the politician, group, or politico who had the best performance.

The nominees are:

1)Jim Rex. Rex presented himself as a viable alternative to Karen Floyd to middle of the road voters in the closing days of the campaign. He got outspent 3-1 and won as a Democrat in a Republican state.

2)Rod Shealy. Some thought some time ago not to mention his name among the heavyweight consultants in South Carolina. Then, Shealy took a family doctor from Newberry and beat the incumbent Governor in Lexington County in the Republican primary. Then, Shealy steered two candidates, Andre Bauer and Thomas Ravenel, to statewide victory in the fall when a year ago neither victory seemed likely.

3)Mark Sanford. Just a year ago, Governor Sanford was labeled a maverick who could not work with anyone by his fellow Republicans in the legislature. Those fellow Republicans grumbled loudly about him, and Newberry MD Oscar Lovelace gave the Governor a political bloody nose in the Republican primary this past Spring. The Governor looked ripe for defeat. His big win over Tommy Moore breathed new life into the Governor's agenda.

4)Lt. Governor Andre Bauer. In the early spring, when everyone was watching those videos of his speeding incidents, Mike Campbell was all but considered the nominee. Then came the plane crash that sat Bauer on the sidelines for several critical days leading up the primary. Primary night had Campbell with a big lead, and Bauer hanging on. Bauer fought back to win a close runoff, only to have members of his own party lament about how vulnerable he was to Democrat Robert Barber. In a campaign that was rough as a corn cob, Andre Bauer got another slim win for re-election. This guy never gives up.

5)Thomas Ravenel. This guy took a third place finish in a US Senate primary and turned into being elected to statewide office. He did so after getting into the race late and after wasting time debating with John Rainey.

And, the Golden Drum Stick goes to.....

Thomas Ravenel, by the skin of his teeth. Bauer is a close second. But, Ravenel has set himself up nicely to be a strong candidate for Governor four years from now.

Other awards:

Cornbread Dressing Award for Career Achievement: Ronny Townsend, the retired Chairman of the House Education and Public Works Committee. Like his stands or not, you always knew where you stood with him. The victory of his endorsed successor, Mike Gambrell over SCRG's pet Dan Harvell and then Democrat Ron Gilreath were thumbs in their eyes.

The Cranberry Sauce Award for local or county government goes to : Bill McAbee. Yes, another one from Anderson County, but this is a rare county council Republican who votes against tax increases every chance he gets. In a time when far too many Republicans on county councils vote to increase taxes, McAbee is a refreshing reminder of what a Republican county councilman ought to be like.

The Holiday Ham Award goes to Lexington County State Senator Jakie Knotts. Knotts is a dyed in the wool populist who made his points clear against Governor Sanford. Like him or not, ole Jakie is clear about where he stands, and makes sure everyone knows. I wonder though, will Sanford's friends go after him in 08?

The Fruitcake Award goes to Democratic Secretary of State candidate Cheryl Footman. Her debate performance gets her this award. While she is apparently a nice person, a good person, a person of faith, when she said that God told her to run for statewide office, and then handed off God's mandate to be decided specifically at Democratic headquarters, well, you have to wonder. Thanks for playing statewide politics, Ms. Footman.

Well, that's it, the First Annual Thanksgiving Political Awards.


  1. You should get some kind of award for watching all those debates!

    How about a Turkey award for all the big shot politicians who are telling us little people that John McCain has the 2008 SC prez primary all sewn up?

  2. Typical of a racist like you to give an intelligent, hardworking, powerful black woman the Fruitcake award.

    You cracker!

  3. you ought to have made Ronny Townsend and Bill McAbee RINOs of the year. Townnsend loved big education his whole career and McAbee loves to buy buildings and make hard working lawyers disclose who they work for. McAbee is nothing more than a McCathyite. McAbee is on a witch hunt to find out who is standing up for the people and withe Cindy.

    You are nothing more than a RINO mouthpiece. This Thanksgiving, me and my family will pray for your demise.


  4. Jakie will get you.

  5. McAbee is my county councilman. The man is a joke, not an award winner. They talk about him on the radio everyday. And, you know if Rick Drivers says you are done, you are done.

  6. you have entirely too much free time. who gives a damn?

    Wayne Jennings

  7. Thank you for the award. I have never voted to raise taxes nor will I. I stand by the the conservative principles on which I ran. - Bill McAbee

  8. Mr. Mccarty, don't hate...appreciate...Cheryl Footman, Drew Theodore, Grady Patterson...all better people then the people who somehow came up with more votes.

    Barber Won!

  9. barber won? hey brian, you want me to do a drug test on that yo-yo?

  10. I don't think a drug test will do alone, Earl. That guy needs some serious therapy.

    I guess he thinks Al Gore is in his second term as President of the United States.

  11. Al Gore should be President. You white Republicans stole the damn thing down in Florida.

    You are a racist.

    You talk about how a black man needs therapy because he dares to comment on your pitiful little websites. You both need some serious help with your racial problems. Calling Ms. Footman a fruitcake let me know where you stood.

    Some say I am wasting my time, but someone has to say no more of your racist bullshit.


  12. Yeah for your awards Brian. You are certainly the number 1 blogger in my book. Thanks for your comments on Bill McAbee. He is my council representative. I think he has done a wonderful job on council. He does what is right not what is expedient. He certainly has the hide of a rhino to take all of the abuse he is subjected to by the WAIM crowd but I can assure you he is no RINO. Bill was born a Republican. He works diligently to promote the Republican ideas of lower taxes and smaller government. At least he has plans for the future. He will be the next Anderson County Council Chairman.

  13. anonymous, your gratuitous assertions are as readily dismissed as the non-sequiturs they are. Stick to hoisting your own petard, you'll have greater success than hoisting the Democrat hammer and sickle.

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  15. AnonymousJuly 16, 2007

    NTSB Factual Report: Bauer’s plane left Columbia Owens Field at approx. 4:00pm landed in Blacksburg at(5:00pm)1700 then at(6:30pm) 1830,took off from Blacksburg at 1830(6:30pm). WLTX(Video Clip) reports that he was attending a friends funeral. The NTSB report states that he coordinated transportation to a friends house. In either event, it appears he was on the ground for an hour and a half turnaround.

  16. AnonymousJuly 17, 2007

    I’m Bruce I use my real name in Yahoo Mail although I know I don’t have to. Throughout most of last year I worked at the FBO (Owens Field) where Andre Bauer kept his Moony Aircraft. I helped Azalia Leonhardt pull out his aircraft many times.

    What’s not known about this story is it’s NOT Andre Bauer’s first mishap. In August of last year I was attending to the Athletic departments King Air on an early afternoon flight when I was watching an aircraft on approach. As it got close I looked in horror as I noticed the landing gear was UP!

    I quickly got on the FBO’s radio and called to the person at the line desk,AIRCRAFT LANDING NO GEAR DOWN! NO GEAR DOWN?. At about 2 feet from touchdown Andre pulled up so heard the aircraft strike the runway. Both myself the Pilot from USC’s Athletic department heard and saw the “Strike”.

    He (Andre Bauer) went around the landing pattern and this time safely landed. He taxied so fast down to his storage hanger he could have taken off again right then. Following this he locked his aircraft in the storage hanger and forbid anyone from seeing it or inspecting it.

    Later that day both the Airport manager (Jim Hamilton) and the FBO manager Kelly Hamilton) told me this: “Andre Bauer’s plane did not strike the runway!” (Wink Wink). even though I saw it do so and heard it too. What bothers me is IF the Airport managers had reported the Aircraft Strike? according to the Law? this accident (yesterday) might not have happened after Andre Bauer got his pilots license pulled for not reporting the Aircraft Strike? in August himself.

  17. AnonymousJuly 29, 2007

    In South Carolina last fiscal year, 97 percent of all federally indicted cases ended in guilty pleas, records show.

    “We consider the investigation ongoing,” McDonald said. “If it’s appropriate to add charges, that is something that will be done.”

    The way you can get your sentence reduced in the federal system is to plead guilty and to give substantial assistance (to authorities),” said longtime Columbia criminal defense lawyer Jack Swerling.

    In South Carolina last fiscal year, the average drug trafficking sentence was about 11 years, compared to seven years nationwide.

    Chief U.S. District Judge Joe Anderson, who is presiding over Ravenel’s and Miller’s cases, has a reputation for fairness and staying within the guidelines, Strom said.

    “Our judges stick to the guidelines,” he said.

  18. AnonymousJuly 29, 2007

    Spinach Wins First Prize Unfortunately Andre Bauer Does Not

    Oh, I am so excited…… seems that Spinach took first prize at the Pillsbury Cook off, ummmm, I wonder, did that cook use the “Melody” variety spinach?….

    Poor Andre, such a lead foot. You’ll never take first prize that way Andre.

    Now, I have never met Andre Bauer personally, however at my last job I did work with a woman who is alledgedly dating him. During the time I worked with her she never discussed Andre having a lead foot but she did say that he went over to her house one day (must have been one of those rushing from occasion to occasion incidents) and mowed her grass. Did a darn good job of it from what I understand. Let’s just hope he wasn’t using a riding mower. Now I don’t know on what street this woman lives but I suspect if you ride around Columbia you will surely know her house when you see it, it will be the one with the “No Speeding” signs in the front yard.

    Yes, I live an interesting life I tell you, the people I have met and worked with. Now I am not going to name this woman because I never actually saw her and Andre together. I can tell you this though, you’ll know who she is when you see her, she is the one wearing those low cut blouses, bent over her desk so low that you can see everything between here and Gaffney. Now that should make things interesting in the State House if Andre gets re-elected and they end up getting married. Yeah, a match made in Heaven, both who in some people’s opinion might be considered “fast”. And after reading this blog, both ready to take roles in “Fast and Furious III”.

    Now that I have quelled the curious minds of South Carolina as to the mowing abilities of Andre Bauer there is still that one unanswered question…………………….(I must apologize to you of tender sensibilities in advance for what I am about to write) ………………………….the question of his girlfriend “giving head”. Yes, one day at work my supervisor was discussing this issue with the other processer in my office when in walked Andre’s girlfriend. My supervisor posed a question to her concerning this issue (yes, folks, I am not making this up, ask Andre’s girlfriend).

    The minutes ticked by………I waited in anticipation……..for the answer………………….fortunately for Andre, his girlfriend had the class (unlike my supervisor at the time) to just roll her eyes and walk away from the question. Too bad, given Andre’s recent driving disaster the answer to that question just might have picked him up a few votes at the polls. Golly gosh, the curious minds of South Carolina will never know just how fast he really is. Can you see him being clocked at 101 in bed? That being the case, I am sure the women of South Carolina would give him a standing ovation and not some darn ticket!