Monday, November 27, 2006

Governor, Mary Pearson appears to be the right choice

The Governor of South Carolina has a little known power that is not used very often. That power is to appoint county officials to finish terms that are left vacant for whatever reason. It is a particularly strong part of the Governor's arsenal of political power. In Dorchester County, Governor Sanford gets a chance to exercise that power with the soon resignation of Dorchester County Treasurer Patsy Knight, who was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives from District 97.

Governor Sanford has a chance to do the right thing, both for the people of Dorchester County, and politically in appointing Mary Pearson. From all accounts, Pearson is duly qualified, and will bring a needed conservative Republican approach to the office. The Dorchester Republican Party voted to recommend her appointment to the Governor, and Pearson has support as far away as Anderson County for the post. Pearson will get the job done,the way it ought to be done.

Governor Sanford has a great chance here to appoint someone who will bring his conservative approach to local government, where is badly needed. And, Governor Sanford will also do the political will of the people who make up his strongest base. It seems a no brainer. Governor Sanford needs to appoint Mary Pearson Treasurer of Dorchester county.


  1. Who gives a damn.The Treasurer is a technical job thats done by the staff.The person holding the title is usually just some political hack.So yeh let Pearson or whomever be it.

  2. I say if the Governor wants to use his power, he needs to appoint a black man. God knows plenty black men in the lowcountry need a job. Just pick one Governor.

    Or would you rather we washed your car and served your dinner to you?

    Call this voting under racism, I bet you delete this you racist. My comments always get deleted, why is that, cracker?


  3. Indian Field Swamp RatNovember 28, 2006

    The question is whether Pearson would have the sense to keep the same staff in place. If she gets it, she should promise to not even come in to the office until after the end of the fiscal year (June 30). All she could possibly do is harm.

    I would not count on Sanford appointing her though. He has shown almost no interest in rewarding Republican Party hacks to this point.

  4. What are you democrats afraid of having a conservative Republican in a local office?

    She should do nothing? Come on. The first thing she should do is clean house. Get rid of the bloated government types who think that taxing the people is best.

    If Pearson is appointed, she ought to clean out the barn so to speak. Get rid of the deadweight. Make the office better ran. That kind of thing.

    Don't be afraid of what some longtime government employees thing. To hell with em. They get to retire at 50 and expect the rest of us to feel for them.