Sunday, November 12, 2006

An historic election in some ways

After looking at the results over the past hundred or so years as best I could for constitutional offices, I have to say the past general election was historic. It appears we have never had one constitutional race, much less two, so closely decided at this years Lt. Governor's and Super. of Education races. We are in new territory in South Carolina with those two races.

First, let's look at the Lt. Governor's race. Lt. Governor Bauer is ahead by 3,000 plus votes, and it is unlikely that any challenge will overturn that result. Mr. Barber has to do his duty as his party's nominee and wait on the official recount to concede, but after that official recount, it will be time for Mr. Barber to realize that this cock fight is over, and he lost. Look for a bitter concession statement from him in the next few days.

Then there is the Education race. What a race. Jim Rex is ahead by 507 votes out of over almost 1.1 million votes cast. I did not vote for Ms. Floyd, I voted Libertarian in the race, however, if Floyd played the election game like Democrats have done over the years, there are some questions she might want to make sure are answered, to make sure, as our Democratic brothers and sisters put, "every vote counts" There is plenty of time to make sure, so here are the questions I would ask if I were in her campaign's camp.

1) Are there a number of people who went to the polls to vote for Floyd that were turned away at the polls? If so, what were the reasons that they were turned away? Who made the decisions? What is the background of those who made the decisions?

2)Is there a way we can make sure the computer program that counted the votes is accurate? What about the problem in Greenville County, a heavily Republican county? What proof do we have that they actually got their computer counting program in good working order and that their count is accurate?

3)Is there a way to call for a hand count of the paper absentee ballots throughout the state? Who counts them? What are their backgrounds?

4)Is there a way to make sure that all absentee votes were in fact legitimate? Who makes that decision? What are their backgrounds? Do they have any partisan ties?

The above questions are just things I would ponder if I were in Floyd's position. We all know the Democrats would ponder such, heck, the Democrats are already raising money for any potential legal fight over the voting.

If the education race was fought to the end, it would take a complicated legal approach involving both state and federal laws. It could drag out for weeks, or even months.

Who knows what will happen? Floyd might accept the recount on its face if she loses it and concede. But, she and the Republicans ought to keep one thing in mind. If the tables were turned and Mr. Rex was down by 507 votes, one could be assured the Democrats would find things to cry foul about in the process and fight it to the end.

We will find out this week how it all shakes out.


  1. 0Brian,

    Check my comment on Laurin's Line (blog) relative to SPA County and the (lack of) support for "Fluff" Floyd.

    Yes, I actually voted for "Fluff." Had to hold my nose to do it. Was able to get outside the door of the precinct before I "retched" in a wolehearted manner. ;)

    Basically, we (SC citizens) were caught 'tween three devils & the deep blue sea.

    - "Fluff" : She wanted to take the same money to which Inez had access & put it into different consultants' pockets. (Read the early "position papers" she "plopped" out.)

    - "Rex" : A male version of Inez. Ya like what we got now? Rex promises more of the same!

    - "Mule Tree" : Duh? A "LP'er" with class? Kinda doubt it.

    Ol' "Mule Tree" cleaned up his web site considerably in the last six months.

    The "Mule Tree" solution to potential class room over-crowding -- just abort them. It would take six years to begin to take effect, but eventially it would work. :)


    OK . . . back to "Fluff" . . . . . . .

    The "idea" she offered is the only thing that will "save" public schools in SC.

    It's something called "COMPETITION!"

    The **ONE** thing "socialist" trained teachers & administraters fear the most is competition. They "might" have to actually produce a competent "product" **IF** they weren't living "on" the "public" teat with basically ZERO accountability!

  2. Michael Campbell’s petulant behavior after his loss in the Republican primary cost Karen Floyd her victory, and almost sent liberal democratic lobbyist Robert Barber to the Lt. Governors office.

    (for the rest of this post...see Voting under the influence" Long night ...thread......comment section...)

  3. Floyd had a muddled, fluffy, message. She was too slick for her own good.

    I don't know if Mike Campbell had anything to do with her poor performance, but you make an interesting point.

    I think he thought he was going to win and win big. He seemed to not got over the loss to Bauer. On the night of the runoff loss, you see the old Campbell gang just kind of staring at the wall in disbelief.

    Then, the nonsense started. Campbell decided to not actively campaign for Bauer. One Campbell supporter even told me she believed Andre Bauer crashed his plane on purpose to get sympathy votes.

    That is how silly some of those Campbell fans got this year.

    Perhaps they are a reason for the close races. They probably were at least part of the combination of events and decisions that led to the Rex upset lead.

  4. Get it through your head...Rex won...get over it...people don't want vouchers..they want teachers to make more money...

  5. Floyd has a duty to ask all the questions you posed in such a tight election.

    Democrats and anyone else should ask the same questions.

    When an election is decided by fewer than 1,000 votes with over 1 million cast. Those questions must be asked, it is neither "Nit Picky" nor "partisan" to do so. In fact it is a neglect of democracy to require less investigation.

  6. RE: Michael Campbell...

    well, one this is for sure...I never, ever, forget a turncoat.

    Caroll Campbell must be turning in his grave!

  7. what you republicans need to realize is now matter how much out of state money you spent from people who want to outsource our schools, the people of SC want strong public schools.

    You spent a fortune and you lost. You might ought to get the hint.

    Jim Rex will be an outstanding Education leader and then Governor.

  8. mike campbell is done. this year, he could have made himself relevant - not by winning, but by how he conducted himself.

    even the great carroll campbell (phil bailey will, of course, disagree) lost a couple of races in his time.

    his hollow candidacy and the arrogant and immature conduct of his campaign operatives will long be remembered. while he had every right to campaign for the office, he didn't have to leave Andre with lasting damage that that would help the Democrat.

    then he refused to acknowledge Andre as the nominee. more arrogance.

    you can bet Carroll wouldn've been a bigger man. more proof that Mike ain't like his father, as much as he tried to convince us he was.

    maybe when he gets out of kindergarten.

  9. Andre is a RINO. We know it. We will be watching him from the upstate. Every move he makes will be dcumented and reported upon.

    We will get him.