Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a long night

This has turned out to be a long night, an early morning, however you want to describe it. There seems to be one box out still in Greenville County. Karyn Floyd, whom I argued was far too slick for her own good, has went from heavy favorite to the candidate trailing by 217 votes. Lt. Governor Bauer is up by a few hundred and should be in fairly good shape the box out is indeed in Greenville. That one dadgummed box could decide two races.

I have to say hat's off, win or lose, to the Rex people. They hung in there, and with about 5% of the conservative vote breaking for other candidates, yes, that includes me, I voted for Moultie, they just might keep the office.

I am sure lawyers, guns and money will be brought to bear before this one is over, forgive my quoting and old Hank Williams Jr. song. But, this is going to be interesting.

I can not help but think if Floyd would have been not as slick and just stood up for her principles, like tution tax credits, clearly, how this night could have been different. Forty something thousand votes bled away from her to other "reform" candidates.

Maybe a big box from Greenville out there will save the Floyd campaign. But, even if it does a big lesson has been taught. You have to be clear with the voters, even if you have big money and a slick campaign.

Also, if you are a SC Democrat, you have to have some concern. In the biggest Democratic night since 1974, you have to scratch and claw to hold on to oneconstitutional office. Your living legend, Grady Patterson was whipped soundly. That ought to be sobering.

Again, what a night. I now will try to get a little sleep because I have to work for a living. And, as I said before, Howard Rich and his friends will probably want a refund.


  1. Herr McCarty,

    Last week you had suggested that we "write-in" your name in the guv-ner's slot.

    Nah, didn't do that. Did write you in in the lef-tenant guver-ner's position. :)

    Can't stand the immaturity of "little boy" Bauer. Neither could I stomach a "chicken man" lobbyist (Barber).

    Thus, you may freely claim to have had a minimum of one vote for state wide office. ;)

  2. Thought that was a Warren Zevon song. As to your lone vote for Moultrie, there weren't enough voters turned off by the Floyd -Rex main event to tune into Fox news and look at another candidate.
    Three other candidates each hold more than the margin between Floyd and Rex. Suppose the greens or constitution party votes went to Floyd or Rex, suppose the "evangelical vote" skipped the race in part, suppose we find oil reserves under Lake Marion, we can speculate for a very long time.

    Yesterday's history, the election will be in the books soon and if the winner of the Sup Ed race doesn't perform, I can see only one that will be able to argue that her programs need more time, based on the NEA's obstruction of thier implementation.

  3. Watching you this year cuz reminded me of one of the opening scenes in Star Trek Generations. You know cuz wat a Trekkie I am. Reading your comments on Theodore and Bauer made me feel like Scotty in that movie when he said, to Captain Kirk, when Kirk kept on getting up on a cermonial voyage, "Captain is there something wrong with your chair?"

    It is just plain sad to watch a man who once was in the middle of things struggle to have meaning when apparently his time in the middle of things has past.

    Come on cuz, get another hobby. It will drive you crazy to second guess the people who now are in the positions you used to be in.

  4. No surprise here.Ive been telling you for years that SC is now a yellow dog Republican state.Things will start changing gradually as demographic and shifting voting patterns make the Democrats more competitive in about six to eight years.

  5. Hank Williams Jr. recorded "Lawyers, guns and money" on his album entitled "Five-O"

    It was a cover of the original, but I cut my teeth on the Hank Jr. version.

  6. From a posting on Politics Rocks...

    Michael Campbell’s petulant behavior after his loss in the Republican primary cost Karen Floyd her victory, and almost sent liberal democratic lobbyist Robert Barber to the Lt. Governors office.

    Everyone knows who Carroll Campbell is, as Michael Campbell thrives in reminding us that Carroll is his father, and was a great man. But Carroll Campbell was a “Republican Party Man”, and his son Michael is a “Michael Campbell Man” and therein is only one of the differences. Carroll Campbell would have supported Andre Bauer and the rest of the ticket. He would have stumped for them, and raised money, and demonstrated to the public that he was a man of character and substance.

    But Michael Campbell is different. Reared in the cocoon of wealth and power, making difficult decisions does not come easily to him. Nursing personal wounds from a political race and harboring small minded grudges are more natural, and he obviously excels at both. When he spread the word that the Campbell machine should stay away from Bauer, money, effort and votes were diverted to Barber and away from Bauer. Most importantly, the Campbell Machine Republican voters did not pull the straight REPUBLICAN PARTY LEVER, but instead split their votes in an effort to exclude Bauer, and while strolling down the ballot, some voted for Rex.

    So now Michael Campbell begins his pathetic attempt to become relevant. Someone has ghost written an editorial for him in Saturday’s paper (Michael, the thought of “Lord Acton” rambling around in your grey matter is ridiculous!) and he begged his way onto the ETV election coverage where he grinned like a Cheshire cat but said nothing of note. But what matters is what the Republican diehards think, and it is incomprehensible that the post election study of vote tallies will show anything other than when a faction of the party “walks” in an election, there are consequences…and this time they were felt by Karen Floyd.

    Michael Campbell may be Carroll Campbell’s son, but he is not his political heir.