Friday, November 03, 2006

This and than about the election

There are several things on my mind as the election approaches this coming Tuesday. Here are my thoughts, point by point.

  1. We all need to get ready for a heavy dose of righteous indignation from Democrats about illegal voters. DNC Chairman Howard Dean has instructed his poll watchers to not follow the law, but to make sure no one is turned away at the polls. That means the Democrats will be out in force to make sure that fair election laws are made to look like something as racist, unfair, etc. I just do not get the Democrats when it comes to this. The people who want to regulate everything in our lives want voting to be virtually unregulated. What is wrong with requiring people who vote to have identification and be actually registered to vote? Wait and see. There will be at least one major news article on someone crying foul about having to play by the rules.

  1. I have not commented on the Agriculture Commissioner’s race, but I will now. I believe incumbent Hugh Weathers to be the right choice at the polls. But, this office, which was created by the legislature, not the state constitution, ought to be appointed. With one act of the state house and senate, this election could be done away with.

  1. I will vote and recommend a yes vote on the so called gay marriage amendment. Marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman to legitimize children. It has been that way for thousands of years in different cultures around the globe. Who are five percent of the population to change that? What arrogance on the gay rights side. Part of me can not believe that such a thing as gay marriage is even up for public debate. My great grandfather, a FDR Democrat, and my hero, is probably spinning in his grave.

  1. I will vote and recommend a yes vote on the amendment to cap property value increases at fifteen percent. Local governments are out of control and are the fastest growing area of government in South Carolina. This is one step to rein them in.

  1. I will vote no and recommend a no vote on the amendment to allow the state retirement fund to be invested in foreign businesses. I know this goes against the Republican grain, but investing in foreign businesses and getting rid of the board that oversees investments is a little too strong for me. You or I might choose to risk the capital we have in such foreign ventures, but investing other people’s money in such seems too risky. What are we as a state to do if our state invests in Chinese businesses and the Chinese tell us they are keeping the money and not paying out dividends? Again, it seems too risky.

  1. What a waste of rich people’s money, forgive the pun. Howard Rich and his friends have invested heavily in South Carolina elections this year. I think those folks have wasted their money. Sure, they picked up a state house seat here and there in the primary, but they have invested in general election candidates, such as Governor Sanford, who were going to win anyway. Further, their supposed efforts with South Carolinians for Responsible Government have resulted in little more than sophomoric attack mail outs and radio ads. The outsiders invested heavily in South Carolina politics, but they have not got their money’s worth. Their ideal of private school choice is not even clearly espoused by their pet candidate for Superintendent of Education. Those folks have padded the payrolls of a handful of consultants and did little to further their cause. If I were them, I would want my money back.

  1. It will be shame if Robert Barber is elected Lt. Governor. I watched for a second time Barber and Lt. Governor’s Bauer’s debate on ETV. Barber is little more than a lobbying jerk. His “keep talking” comment to Andre reminded me of a drunk guy in a bar ready to punch some guy challenging him over whether Clemson should wear orange or purple uniforms. Barber’s ties to cockfighting are far more damning than the Lt. Governor’s speeding.
  2. Can you believe that Drew Theodore is still campaigning on public officials being more accountable in how they use government services? Does the man know who his daddy is?


  1. You jerk, of course Drew knows who is daddy is, a great man.

    Why are so afraid of gays? Aren't you unmarried. You great grandfather would probably spin in is grave if he knew you supported a gay like Andre Bauer.

    Grow up...get a life.

  2. Gay families are real families.

    If two men are in love, and marry and raise and adopt a boy, who are we to judge them?

    SC is backwards, and you are a redneck


  3. The state's only valid interest in marriage is the prevention of consanguinity and controlling veneral disease. Marriage is a sacrament of the church, period. Any attempt by a legislative or judicial body to direct a religious organization that it must accomodate homosexual unions violates the "separation of church and state" held so sanctimoniously by many supporters of "gay marriage". As written, the amendment, if not adopted, opens the door to legitimizing polygamy and polyandry among the "benefits" sought by the folks that want special rights for "protected species".

    Alas here, even the proponents of what once dare not be mentioned and now screams from the closets remain gutless cowards.

    PS anon 1, ever notice Drew's resemblence to Strom Sr.?

  4. Robert Barber is a highly paid lobbyist that lobbied to have a “cock testing” provision (this means cock fighting in order to test the birds against each other) passed in SC. He neglected to report it, then is “danced” around the subject…now he has gone into hiding.

    He also lobbied the Folly Beach town council for SPECIAL ZONING for his families’ property which will allow him to make millions of dollars while enjoying privileges regular landowners do not enjoy. He secretly, behind closed doors, was able to get height and land use restriction relaxed…and he can actually build all the way to the waters edge!!! This is unheard of in recent modern times. And he did this all while claiming to lobby for “non profits” that are interested in conservation.

    Face it…he is a hypocrite that hires out to any cause for the highest dollar. If this were not true, he would release his lobbying and zoning record for the last 7 years…but he refuses…

    Maybe he is not a hypocrite…maybe just a crook.

  5. You would know about drunk guys in a bar. Your cheap shot at Barber and his past is clear.

    Barber is going to beat the boy LT. Governor and restore some since of dignity to the office that has not been there since Theodore.

    We have had a big plastic cow and a speeding playboy. It is time for an adult to have the job.

  6. to the last anon - wasn't your guy arrested after driving like 75 on folly road, most of which has speed limits of 35 to 45, while still serving as a legislator?

    oh, i'm sorry ... it's all relative, when you're self-righteous, power-hungry, and eager to win at all costs.

  7. dignity to the office ... theodore ... yep, after all those out-of-state trips that daddy took with state staff and vehicles.

    before you talk about the theodore days, it would help if you knew what those days were all about.

  8. For all you optimistic Dems out there, Survey USA has all Republican candidates now up by double digits except Floyd. Andre has built a 13 point lead. Enjoy the Republican sweep tuesday.