Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This blog will remain

I feel a lot like South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier. With blogs shutting down left and right and rumors about this and that, I think I have to make myself clear. This blog is going nowhere. Sure, it is named Voting under the Influence, a pun on words that makes fun of some our voters who vote drunk, (you know who you are), and on the rest of us who are under the influnce of money, ads, politicos, and the like. Just because the 2006 elections are over does not mean this blog will not stay put. There are issues this blog will address: such as the need to reform certain parts of state government, and the growing cost of local and county governments. We also will talk about SC life, like football, good barbecue, good literature and that kind of thing. There are also two huge primaries for the Presidency of the United States coming up.

I will do my best to bring out some issues, and call it like I see it. I appreciate you reading and commenting, and I will not go anywhere. Unless, of course, someone offers me two million a year to be the head football coach at Alabama or Miami, in that case, you are on your own. :) BTW, Alabama, I did spend two years in the stands watching Steve Spurrier coach. :)


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