Friday, November 17, 2006

Time for Barber to pack it in, Floyd has options

The official recount is over, and Lt. Governor Andre Bauer has won by over three thousand votes again. It might be tough for his opponent, liberal lobbyist Robert Barber to face, but it is time for Barber to pack it in. Barber lost. It was close. It was hard fought. But, Mr. Barber and his lobbyists friends lost. We will see what level of class Mr. Barber has later today at this scheduled press conference. I hope the has the class to concede and accept the close loss. But, if his debate demeanor is any indication, we won't know until Barber utters the words of concession.

As for Floyd, her apparent defeat got smaller, as Rex's 500 plus vote lead dwindled down during the recount. One can be assured if Rex was 400 or so votes down in over a million votes cast, the Democrats would be crying foul and crying loud about people denied to the polls. Floyd has the same option, as I have stated in an earlier post. Her biggest problem is the fact that GOP voters typically seem to be smart enough to know how to vote and know who they are voting for. It is just hard convince people that GOP voters were too dumb on election day to show up with proper ID and the like. Rex will probably win. But, the length it takes to determine that will be based on how much personal money and Howard Rich money Floyd can bring to bear in any challenge.

In the State House races, it looks like Republican George Bailey is out. The only real contested race seems to be a county council race in Kershaw County, where Democratic voters where allegedly turned away from voting. (Why doesn't this happen with GOP voters?, especially in counties that have Democrats dominating the local election commissions?)

As with all things like this time will tell. But, one thing is certain, it is time for liberal lobbyist Robert Barber to concede to Lt. Governor Andre Bauer. We will see if Barber has the personal class to do so later today.


  1. I think you should refer to him as lawyer/lobbyist, not liberal lobbyist. He worked hard to get that law degree and deserves at least that much respect.

  2. Minto Witherspoon McGillNovember 17, 2006

    Robert Barber showed much more class in his statement than you did in your post. Brian, everyone knew Barber was conceding today. Were you really that uninformed about the purpose of Barber's press conference or were you just trying to get in one last cheap shot for Andre?

    Brian, I hope you do not plan to make a living as a statistician or an election lawyer because Barber had exactly the same options that Floyd has. Whether the margin is 450 votes or 3100 votes is all but irrelevant in a statewide race with 1.1 million ballots cast. It is almost unconceivable that voting irregularites could exist that could overturn a 450 vote margin that would NOT also overturn a 3100 vote margin.

    The fact is almost all election protests fail no matter what the margin. If you want to win after election day, you'd better win the recount. After the recount, all you are doing is whining. Robert Barber chose not to whine. What Karen Floyd chooses to do will likely decide whether she has ANY political viability after blowing a 10 point lead in the last 10 days of her campaign. If she protests, he career is over. If she accepts the certified results and finds a way to separate herself from Howard Rich & Co., she may be able to re-start a political career. But make no mistake, if she had not allowed herself to be used by Rich and the voucher crowd, she'd have by won by 10 points.

  3. Why would one expect a "chicken" lobbyist to show any class?

    To Anonymous: Why should any "leech on society" (aka, lawyer) deserve any more respect than the local corner drug dealer?

    One of the very, very few amendments we need to the constitutions (federal & state) in the USA is a ban on "ambulance chasers" (aka, lawyers) from serving in legislative bodies.

    BTW: If the "Queen of Family Values" (aka, "Fluff" Floyd) had any class she'd go ahead and concede as well.

    We just need to grin and bear it -- the "stupids" have elected a male version of Inez for the next four years. Guv-mint skools gonna keep puttin' out the same low quality product.

  4. Hth,

    Not to make this too personal, but your characterization of lawyers as being on the same level as local drug dealers or as all ambulance chasers shows a very low level of intellect.

    Just an fyi to you, out of forty-three presidents, twenty-six have been lawyers. Out of the fifty-five delgates at the Continental Congress, thirty-five were lawyers or had benefited from legal training, though not all of them relied on the profession for a livelihood.

    We are a nation of laws, not of men. Lawyers are the keystone to the law. I fail to see how having less lawyers in key law making positions would be detrimental. Clearly having someone with the mind to understand the far reaching implications and applications of a law would be beneficial to the governing process.

    Hth, you are entitled to your opinion. I just think your opinion is based on patently false assumptions, stereotypes and willful ignorance of fact. Your opinion is devoid of any relationship to reality and is thus worthless.

    You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

  5. Regarding Jim Rex: He realizes the degree of his challenge, and he is up to the task. He is totally motivated to change things for the better, and he embraces a number of issues that are not liked by all teachers, such as merit pay. He is also a strong advocate for Charter Schools, which will also be a way to improve. I've spent a little time with Jim Rex, and he is a class act.

  6. Mr. McGill:

    I don't know Andre Bauer, and am certainly not making any points for him. I think I have met the man once.

    Barber did the right thing. I hope he has success rebuilding his eating establishment.

    As for the Super of Ed. race, if the tables were turned, we both know Democrats would be hollering to high heaven about this and that. I wonder, did you think Al Gore should have conceded the election after the Florida votes were certified in 2000? If so, what is the difference?

  7. hth, et al:

    Lawyers are like any other group of people, there are good ones and there are bad ones.

    The funny thing I find about lawyers, and being one, is that most people can not stand lawyers until they need one.

    The same is true with doctors. Some see them as money grabbers and arrogant....just like some see lawyers. But, if you're having a heart attack, or need life saving surgery after an accident, your opinion changes really quick.

    Lawyers are no different. You get a divorce, you get a DUI, you get sued, etc, and you suddenly see the value of your lawyer at least, if he or she is a good one.

    I never attacked Mr. Barber for being a lawyer, and I won't. I did attack him for a being a big government lobbyist. And, that folks, is my legal right.

  8. griff:

    I don't doubt Mr. Rex is a good man. What I do doubt is that he will not be more of the same. I certainly doubt that he will address the real problem with education in this state: the culture of failure in some areas of the state.

    Until some leader stands up and calls the culture of failure for what it is and demands it change, there will be no real improvement.

    Tax credits, better buildings, more equitable funding, more funding, higher teacher pay, none of those type of things can overcome the fact that there are children in this state, and adults for that matter who are surrounded by people who celebrate failure and critcize success.

  9. minto - good point there.

    a proper root cause analysis shows the defeat (probable) of karen floyd did not begin with a few hundred questionable votes, but rather a campaign that blew a decent lead and allowed those votes to become a factor in deciding the outcome of the race.

    but i think this is her last race. her poor finish in her home county was pretty embarrasing and will be hard to explain away. therefore, she has nothing to lose by dragging this out a little longer, but in the end, will likely have nothing to show for it.

  10. Earl,

    The first problem with the Floyd campaign was the wholesale, bandwagon endorsement of her by the state Republican Party Leadership, entirely too early in the primary. It was a smug, amateurish, strategic blunder that brought our competitors, including Jim Rex.

    What you ended up with was Karen Floyd versus a bunch of Republican candidates against Karen Floyd that helped split the party. Had the party bosses simply waited until the filing deadline date, Karen Floyd would have had less competition and the Republican would have ended up with a stronger candidate, her or not.

    To have all those politicians pile on the Floyd bandwagon so early on simply pushed ownership by the party rank and file to the back of the bus.