Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Braggin' on Little Brother

I have to brag on my little brother Matthew McCarty, who was voted fireman of the year by his fellow fighfighters on the Honea Path Fire Department.

Way to go little brother, proud of you as always.


  1. So what about the little cracker brother, did he save any black folks in a fire. If he did, I bet he did so without your help, Mr. Voting under the racism.

    Why don't you give him the fruitcake award like you did to Cheryl?

    Oh, I know why, no crackers get that.

    Cracker ass cracker. I bet you don't have the balls to keep this comment up. I don't care about your brother, because he is not a true brother.

    Still here you cracker,


  2. My brother is a bona fide hero, something you will never understand Ty. He would be the first to rush into a burning building to save your sorry ass. That makes him a better man than me.

  3. Hey Ty, or anyone else, ever rushed into a burning house while everyone else was running out?

    Do you have any idea what fire fighters do for us?

    Congrats on your little brother, Brian. You should be proud.

    As for the Tys of the world, well you do wait around for someone to save you, don't you?


  4. I have no balls