Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jakie to tackle gang problem

Lexington county Senator Jakie Knotts will hold a press conference today about the legislation he is offering to fight gangs in the Midlands and the rest of South Carolina. According to the WIS TV, the legislation will allow for the seizure of property used in gang related activities and for the protection of gang members who want out.

Until the legislation is filed, and the details can be looked over, no one can truly know how powerful the measures will be. But, hooray to Jakie Knotts for actually doing something about the gang problem and not burying his head in the sand like so many other midlands politicians are doing on the issue.

Let there be no mistake about it. The Midlands of South Carolina has a gang problem. Just the other day, I spoke with the mother of a middle school student whose child came home telling her about another child on her bus who talked about being in a particular gang and showed the appropriate gang signs to the other children on the bus. That bus was not in some inner city district. That bus was rolling in the highly respected suburban district of Lexington-Richland District Five.

For far too long school officials and law enforcement officials have downplayed the presence and power of gangs. Hooray again for state senator Jakie Knotts in that the senator acknowledges the problem and tries to something about it.

Gangs are perhaps the most destructive force that can be unleashed upon middle and high school students. We must do something about the problem and do something about it now.


  1. While I can appreciate that Jakie is moving to rebuild his image wiht strong law and order bills, One wonders how well though out this is. Let us observe that most gangs are operating among the youth, meaning unemancipated minors, what property do they really own that can be seized? How many parents are going to be howling for Knotts hide when, hypotheitically, their home is seized because under the letter of the law, while mom and dad were away for the weekend, some gang activity transpired in the house...

    One hopes that McConnell and Campsen can finesse Jakeis intentions inot something workable, though we've seen overzealous enforcement, within the letter of the law, one example being Lexingotn County's arrest of a mother for disciplining one fo her children in a (politically correct) WalMart, wherin an employee brayed child abuse to Jimmy Metts Sheriff's Dept. Notable was Charlie Condon's refusal to prosecute, despite the outrage of the high sheriff.

  2. yeah, of all the members of the senate who knows what goes on in ty's part of town and could understand and communcate with them ... well, the last one i'd pick would be ol' jakie.

    i mean, just imagine jakie in the 'hood, trying to get a handle on gang violence ...

    "ya'll listen here, boys. ya gotta cut dat dere s*** out."

    i'm sure that will go over real well ... at least the drug dealers on two notch will get a laugh out of it.

    when we get gangs who drive pick-ups, waving shotguns while listening to country music and yelling "earnhardt lives" - that is when jakie might be able to help.

    but we don't have such a thing as redneck gangs. just a redneck senator.

  3. Jakie a redneck? Perhaps. But, at least Jakie is seeing the problem and proposing something. Maybe his plan is not the perfect one, but it will get people talking about the problem, and that is what is needed.

    And, Knotts was joined by state senator Gerald Malloy in sponsoring the legislation. Are you going to call Malloy a redneck?

    At someone is noticing the problem and trying to do something. That's a step in the right direction.

  4. Now how has Robert Ford missed signing on as a sponsor? He was a Republican when, as it was the "Party of Lincoln" folks were still holding their noses to vote for Strom.

    Robert been talkin in the hoods 'long with Rev. Joe Darby, for a good while.