Monday, December 11, 2006

Mitt Romney is a lump of political coal

Tis the Season, I suppose. It is time for the hustle and bustle of Christmas. While you are out there buying your Christmas gifts for your family and friends, there will be those who will be trying to sell you on a lump of coal in the 2008 South Carolina Presidential primary. That lump of coal is Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. The Governor’s campaign would have you believe he is a true Republican conservative who can build a party and get things done. But, if you buy that, you will end up with a lump of coal in you presidential stocking.

Governor Romney is a proponent of big government. As Governor, he signed a bill that made socialized medicine the norm in his state. Further, he is unstable on taxes. While he says he is for lower taxes, he did nothing to lower taxes in his state while Governor.

Governor Romney plays his faith as a trump card. He tells us he is a Morman, and as such is pro life and against gay marriage. That sounds good, until you look at his record. When he ran for the United States Senate in 1994, he gave a heartfelt story about how a relative of his died from complications of an illegal abortion and that he would not challenge abortion rights because of that. Further, as Governor, he had the first legal gay unions of a state on his watch. Again, if you go back to the rhetoric of the 1994 United States Senate race, Romney was no opponent to such.

Then there is the “party builder” label Mitt Romney’s folks would have you believe. There is a reason that Romney did not run for re-election this year. He would have been crushed at the polls. His state saw devastating losses for the Republican Party in this year’s election. If anything, Romney’s term as Governor left the state of Massachusetts Republican Party worse off then it was before he took office.

I could go on, and will in the coming weeks and months about why Romney is not the right choice for the Republican Party for President of the United States. But, for now, I will just advise this, do not be surprised if supporting Romney gets you a lump of coal in your political stocking. Romney is no mainstream conservative. Romney is no South Carolina conservative. Romney is just a big lump of political coal South Carolina politicos should avoid putting in their political stockings.


  1. Mitt Romney is the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Reagan would have supported gay marriage. Reagan was for big government, just look at the Department of Veterans Affairs he created.

    Romney is Reagan, he talks conservative, but has the sense to not be. He is a good choice for President for the people with brains.

    Nevertheless, Hillary will beat any Republican in 2008.

  2. Romney all the way. To Hell with John McCain. We will kick his ass.


  3. your attacks are pitiful at best and flat out dishonest at worst. How can you possibily blame Romney for the beginning of legalized gay marriage in Taxachusetts. He also is certainly a fiscal conservative. Romney is the best hope for the republican side of the presidential race.

  4. Mit hasn't done badly in a state where his veto would be over-ridden by pandering legislators toeing the leftist line. Mit is the reason the Dems changed the rules for Taxachussetts, for the event that John Kerry was elected and the Governor had to appoint a replacement in the US Senate... fortunately he's not running as Senator Romney.

    Of course, gratutiously, I could note that the powers that would like to be are afraid that under Romney, that DC would dry up as it started to, in part, during the tenure of Baptist Jimmy Carter.

  5. drying up DC. that might convince teddy it's time to retire.

    problem is that as blue as massachusetts is, you'd only get a more sober commie-lib Senator in his place.

    same voting record, but a lot less material for comedy ... would that be any better?

  6. My points are not dishonest. Sorry to burst your bubble. Romney is a not what he portrays himself to be.

  7. This is nothing more than banter from a RINO McCain supporter. Funny how those towards the middle of the party want to see a Demo-publican get elected over someone who will really advance the ideals South Carolinians hold dear. I think Brian McCarty is actually Lindsay Graham.

  8. Any notes on Bob Barr heading the Libertarian ticket in '08?

    With hints of Bloomberg playing for an "independant" bid in a McCain-Clinton race, fuel for speculation.