Thursday, December 21, 2006

Newberry votes to keep increases in place

Newberry County Council decided to say "bah humbug" to Newberry County residents who are facing steep tax increases due to reassessments that some say are out of line with reality. Despite the fact that people had to stand outside of the Newberry Opera House at the meeting to protest the tax increase, the big government types running Newberry County pressed forward.

They did offer to consider "payment plans" for residents. Too bad those big government types could not think of ways to keep government to its essentials and less costly. What arrogance. Just think of it. Those big government folks are telling retirees, give up a going out to eat or paying for cable tv or paying the phone bill and make an installment payment so we can pay for some consultant or for someone's bloated salary. Democrats used to make political hay out of the elderly having to choose between spending money on medicine or food. Now, it appears it could be that some elderly will be left to choose between medicine and keeping their homes. It is an outrage.

Yet another example of how one of the most conservative states in the union has some of the biggest growing local governments. We the people have to start paying attention to our local governments and hold them accountable. They have become money pits in which more is never enough. In this season of the year, it is the big government types, like those in Newberry County, who think that the people are Santa Claus, with one big exception. Whatever Santa brings them, those big government types keep saying they need and deserve more. And, if you don't pay up, they will take your home. Those on the street call such a shakedown. Shoot, those Newberry County big government types did not offer the people any milk and cookies.


  1. It is funny to me how people who drive on the roads, enjoy police protection, and fire protection, don't want to pay for it. You conservatives are pathetic. All you want is money. You are the greedy ones. You would let the streets go unpaved and the crime run high so you could save a buck.

    I think the 5 members of the Newberry County council who voted to keep the tax increase are brave public servants, doing the public good.

    Who cares how many people show up and whine? If you can not afford to live in your house, then move.

  2. It is funny how the services that a county is mandated to provide are those that electeds often budget the most meager portions of the public largesse, keeping their own pet projects and higher visibility frills.

    Who cares how many show up and whine? Who cares to be re-elected in two or four years as the economic burdens have NOT seen commensurate improvements in conditions.

    Who cares about why tax bills don't show up until after the elections? Electeds that don't want the same "whiners" emotionally charged bringing their neighbors out to the polls to unseat the "brave" politburo members that haven't the leadership to pare back the frills and bolster the essentials they've historically underfunded for frills.

    Come on spineless, er anon 0844AM be at least intellectually honest in your piety.

  3. For those who are interested in property tax reform/repeal, visit

  4. What my old buddy Brother Brian still refuses to admit is that it is the STATE LEGISLATURE that mandates local governments to do this and that.It is the STATE LEGISLATURE that every week they meet passes some absurd statute mandating local governments to do something so they can roam around the state bragging about all they have "done."Heres an idea MANDATE that the state Legislature convene for only forty five days every two years.Then think about how little fun the political types would have?I mean whats more fun paling around with the boys in Columbia or spending your nights in Newberry County?

  5. Hey Mo, I am with you on legislature meeting less. I am a fan of the late Coke Stevenson, the former Governor and Lt. Governor of Texas. I subscribe to his motto, "the less the damn legislature meets the fewer damn laws they pass."

    That said, I still don't see how that gets rid of the money spent on overpriced consultants, special projects and the like.

    Have you taken a look at county budget recently? There are things in almost each and every one of them that does not make any sense.

    Glad you are reading and commenting Mo. I always appreciate your remarks. Have a Merry Christmas, and fire away at me.

  6. I agree with you that many local governments have bozo the clown types for leaders.

    My point though is the legislature compounds the problem with a host of unfunded mandates.

    In my view ANY state program that is mandated upon localities should be paid for by the State

    I will add that in my view the State Legislature should do very little of this anyway.

    I am frequently puzzled as to how many Republicans endorse or at least do not oppose this state meddling in local affairs while flying under the mantra of support for government "closest to the people."

  7. mo, as many Rinos and Dinos wrap themselves in a party label to be elected, yet fall victim to the notion that they can legislate largesses to beg their return and sometimes lay that mandate at the feet of another to provide funding remains reprehensible. Also reprehensible is the spineless condition that finds county and city governements acquiescing to, effectively, "taxation wthout representation" without having the courage to call an unfunded mandate what it is and put the stops on it.

    Voting to not implement the unfunded mandates IS the courageous act, not pandering to notions that earmarks and pet projects expected to extend tenures.