Wednesday, December 27, 2006

RIP President Ford

Wow, what a holiday news cycle. First, the Godfather of Soul, James Brown passes, then President Gerald Ford. Say what you want to about President Ford, but he had the courage to do things in office that probably led to his defeat for a full term, such as the pardon of President Nixon and the Helsinki Accords, which opened the Soviet Union to western ideas.

Further, President Ford's administration also created the springboard for several of today's politicians, such as Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and first Bush term Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neil.

President Ford was a man of conviction, even when that conviction cost him political support. President Ford was a decent man, and now in a time when decent people in politics seems so unique, that is remarkable.

Rest in Peace, President Ford. I hope ole Bo was there to welcome you with open arms at the Pearly Gates, as one Michigan man to another.


  1. You mourn some ole cracker dying...who cares. Cracker morning another cracker. Boo hoo. Would you give Ford your fruitcake award like you did a powerful black woman?

    Who cares if this cracker died? I sure as hell don't. I noticed you gave no post in tribute up to James Brown.


  2. Let me see, we've got some limburger to go with that whine, though Ty will have to differentiate between his crackers, the historically white crackers, e.g. teamsters cracking a whip on the teams of oxen or horses or the negro sell-outs that sucked up to the masters as "slave-crackers". Mason Weaver's detailing of plantaion life leaves me with the observation that Ty must be one of the latter, Gerald Ford and James Brown both hard wokers falling into the first definition as they both did useful and productive work, exceedingly and abundantly for the good of all, rather than merely to edify themselves.

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  4. I should have something about James Brown. I will now. I loved his music. I did not like some of things he done as a man. I remember seeing him in 1996 at the Thurmond victory party and remember our short conversaton and I treaure the autograph he gave me that night.

    As for Ford, I admired the man without apology. He took office in a time that was difficult, he restored some dignity to the Presidency of the United States, and I believe America made a mistake at the poll choosing Jimmy Carter over him in 1976.

  5. Did I need some novacaine for Ty?