Sunday, December 03, 2006

This and that: some random thoughts

I have had ideas about several posts. Instead of doing a post on each one, I will try to express them all in one post. There is this and that: some random thoughts.

1) I don't know who begs more for my money to remain on the air, TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) or SCETV. The Preachers and the bureaucrat broadcasters lay it on thick this time of year. Sure, there are good programs on both. I especially like the old Bible based movies TBN broadcasts, and some of the SCETV music programming. But, to listen to those folks, you would think the Devil himself will take over the television programming if I don't hand them over my credit card number. Sorry, folks, I choose to give my charitable donations this year to Franklin's Graham's Samaritan's Purse, which is doing some meaningful work helping oppressed Christians and others in the Darfur region. Graham is also doing meaningful work in other places around the world. If you want to give to or learn more go to

2) What is with SCRG and the State newspaper? Yet again, we get some letter or whatever you want to call it from Randy Page against this state, this one calling Cindi Ross Scoppe crazy, or crazy like a fox, take your pick. Didn't the guys at SCRG learn with their limited results that sophomoric personal attacks are just a waste of time and money? Why won't they stick to the high road of ideas, after all, we conservatives have the better ideas, we don't need to wallow in the mud with cheap personal attacks, especially against a newspaper writer. It is just plain silly.

3) Steve Spurrier and the increasing cost of college football. I like Steve Spurrier. I am an alumnus of South Carolina and I love the Gamecocks and the university. I am glad Spurrier is staying at SC. He is a good man and a good coach. But, with a contract of 1.75 million a year, I wonder how much is to going to be too much to pay for a college football coach. Spurrier made 1.25 million this year, with was a little over $178,571 per victory. That 1.25 million is three times what the President of the United States makes. The new amount will be over four times what the President of the United States makes. Of course, Spurrier might call on an old Babe Ruth quote. A female reporter asked Babe Ruth in the 1920s what he thought of making more than the President of the United States, Ruth replied, "Sis, I have a had a better year than the President so I should make more money than he does. " At least Spurrier's salary does not come entirely from the taxpayers, but it does remind us how a simple extracurricular activity has grown into a big business for colleges.

4) Last but certainly not least, take some time this holiday season to think about the men and women who work as our state troopers. They will not have any time off like the rest of us have. They will be out there working the roads protecting us. Somewhere along the way in SC politics, we shifted our values. While some educrats and teachers enjoy relatively large salaries and plenty of time off, our state troopers go underpaid and overworked. One teacher I argued with recently about the situation summed up the arrogance of the education establishment. She told me, " if we have to cut trooper pay or whatever, let's do it to make sure teachers get paid more, our job is more important." It is hard to tell that to the young trooper, with a wife and child at home while he walks up alone to that car with Florida plates at 3AM on I-95. It is my understanding State Rep. Michael Thompson, among others will try to help our troopers this coming legislative session. Let's hope they are successful. Those men and women do a thankless job that is essential.


  1. Support the man, come on cracker. How many times does the man pull over black men for no reason. You want us to pay more for that nonsense? No way.


  2. also , what fools do you take us for? Fund the man when we can spened money on teachers instead, come one, you have to get real.

    And, btw, Spurrier is a cracker, too. You folks just pay him well to be a slave master over young black men who go there. Benedict would be a far better choice for them.


  3. how much did the property tax cut I bet you supported cut into trooper funding?

    You Republicans are all the same. You don't care about our teachers or our troopers. You just talk about it.