Friday, February 09, 2007

Anderson County Councilman Ron Wilson is a different breed of RINO.

The term RINO is now a part of the political lexicon of conservatives. The traditional breed of RINO is a politician who labels himself a Republican but is thought to be more of a Democrat in nature. However, there is another breed of RINO, and that is fascists who hide behind the Republican Party name and tarnish the conservative movement. Anderson County Councilman Ron Wilson is one of that different breed of RINO.

I am going to shine a political light on one Ron Wilson. Ron Wilson is not a Republican. He comes across, in my opinion, as more fascist than Republican. He has ties to people whose views are radical and extreme at best and downright racist at worst. Just check out to get a starting taste. Check out Mr. Wilson’s presence and the affiliations of the website. (In that website’s defense, as a lover of old traditional music, the site does offer some good traditional music when the bull manure is not flying.)

In 2002, Mr. Wilson was elected Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Wilson’s moves to fill the hierarchy of the SCV with radicals were so strong, that Walt Hilderman, III created a group called Save the SCV. On his website, Hilderman contends “Wilson and Lyons have quietly filled the high level leadership positions in the SCV with members of the League of the South, Council of Conservative Citizens and Free Mississippi.” Further, Hilderman goes on to contend, “…shall the SCV be a political organization for contemporary issues in modern American politics or shall the SCV be the consistent defender and representative of the Confederate soldier…”

The result to such criticism of Wilson's leadership was, according to the Black Mountain Times and the Southern Poverty Law Center, the removal by Wilson of hundreds of SCV members. It would appear Mr. Wilson plays political hardball.

Perhaps that is why Councilman Ron Wilson is among the 40 so called hate group leaders, and the ONLY ELECTED REPUBLICAN watched by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Perhaps that is why Mr. Wilson served on the board of Southern Legal Resource Center, led by radical Kirk Lyons. Perhaps that is why Wilson’s daughter worked there.

In the Spring of 2004, Ron Wilson was soundly defeated for the state senate seat now held by Kevin Bryant. Later that year, as a bone to the radicals that seem to have a good bit of sway in Anderson County politics, the Anderson and Oconee legislative delegation nominated Wilson to the State Board of Education by a vote of 4-3.

Wilson did have some education experience. He supposedly ran a business once that sold home school textbooks to parents. Supposedly, one of the text books quoted heavily from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a book, proven by historians to be a forgery, that contends that Jews are trying to take over the world.

That experience did catch the eye of some when Wilson was appointed to the State Board of Education. Editorials around the state of South Carolina condemned the choice. The Island Packet’s editorial stated, “The last thing South Carolina needs is a state school board member known for racist and anti-semitic views.” The editorial can be found at

Wilson remained on the State Board of Education and served until being elected to Anderson County Council. Ron Wilson won the Republican nomination in a primary over the unpopular incumbent Bill Dees, who by all accounts ran virtually no campaign. Councilman Wilson faced no opposition in November of 2006 for the seat.

The result of that election is now the Republican Party has among its elected officials a man with at best a questionable background on the issues of race and the like. My own experience tells me we also have among our elected Republicans a man who will take tactics in politics that seem to be more like those of the Gestapo than of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.

The Republican Party has no place in its big tent for those whose ideals of bigotry, racism, and political lackeys “going after” or “investigating” people have been long been thrown upon the trash heap of history. Our party is the party of Reagan and of Goldwater, men who believed in freedom, and in America.

To learn more about Ron Wilson, you can visit his website at There, you can check out the catalog bookstore, and see some of the conspiracy and other types of books he offers for sale. Further, you can find out more about Ron Wilson at Southern Poverty Law Center website. While I might disagree with them on some things, they have done outstanding research on hate groups, both black and white, and offer some pretty interesting tidbits about Councilman Wilson.

Throughout the next weeks, in between more important issues addressed on this blog, I will offer more on RINO Ron Wilson and how he is a disgrace to the Republican Party, and why Katon Dawson ought to publicly distance the South Carolina Republican Party from RINO Ron Wilson. The Conservative movement and the Republican Party has no room for such people as Ron Wilson. For far too long, we in the South who are conservative have been unfairly tied to racists and the like. The South Carolina Republican Party can do us all a big favor by publicly distancing itself from Councilman Ron Wilson, a RINO of a different breed.


  1. Mr. McCarty, you do no know who and what you are messing with. But, you will. Just wait and see how your life goes the next few weeks. You will regret this post. I promise you.

  2. Anon, you and Mr. Wilson can be assured of one thing, I will not be intimidated. Threaten to hire PI's. Threaten to do this or that. I will not be intimidated from commenting and from believing that the ideals of the Republican party are ideals that are colorblind.

    In the words of our President, "Bring it on."

  3. the self proclaimed rocky balboa of sc republican politics comes out swinging, but I think in this sequel Rocky will get killed.

  4. Mr. McCarty, we are watching you and yours. The South will Rise Again, and when it does, you will hang, sir.

  5. hey guys, go take your prozac and don't be late to this weekend's cross burning at the Nazi gay bondage club, where I hear they let kids in without checking IDs, kind of like what they do in Neverland.


  7. why, you gonna spank me if i do? i bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?

    remember, if you handcuff your partner while he is wearing a nazi military uniform, even during a sex act, you are obligated to abide by the terms of the geneva convention.

  8. Brain, please be careful. We here in Anderson are praying for God's protection over you.

  9. ...laughing hysterically at anon 8:54...
    Geneva indeed...


  11. Ron Wilson is telling truth, and people like Earl Capps, who married a blak woman, hates them telling the world what a mongrel maker he is. You and him needs to go to the ghetto and find some dates, and shut up, since you are both single.

    This brave man is trying to save the world from the end of the White race. White pride and white unity will save the world from the mongrels, the Jews, and the Asian empires.

    We are watching both of you, and you had better leave us alone!!!

  12. Mr. McCarty:

    I applaud you for working to expose Ron Wilson, and for encouraging the SCGOP to publicly renounce him.

    Nothing will be more important for the SCGOP over the next several years than exposing and defeating the Ron Wilson's who are attempting to hijack our great party, and our state in total.

  13. a horse is a horse, of course of course ... and a great date for some of those who support mr. wilson.

  14. SaveAndersonCounty.blogspot.comFebruary 09, 2007

    Hear, hear!!!!

    A bunch of references on Wilson and Lyons are available at, although you may have them all.

    As you write on this subject, I'd appreciate your take on Senator Kevin Bryant's support of Ron Wilson. Bryant donated $1000 to his campaign, campaigned for him, raised other money for him, defended him, and was the person who nominated Wilson to the State Board Of Education. I've forwarded the link to my website to Senator Bryant, and asked if still supports Wilson. I have received no response.

    Also, please continue to shine the light on the Wilson / Lyons connection. The people in his district have no clue what kind of guy we elected. Your work is vitally important to our saving our great state from these scary people.


  15. Excellent!

    The Pink Flamingo

  16. Whoa. I think all of you honkies are in need of some serious therapy...or atleast a beer. This entire blog sums up why sane, smart people are leaving Anderson Co. and the Christian Exodus is moving in. With the exception of Skin's Hotdogs - good riddance to the whole place.

  17. LIES, ALL LIES!!!

  18. Don't judge Anderson by these lunatics.

  19. when one considers the kooks that come out of that county, like jordan, plummer, and wilson, what is one supposed to think?!?

  20. McCarty, both you and Wilson need a black son in law. That would help you two crackers understand the power of blackness.

  21. Ron Wilson and Kirk Lyons are hard working Christian men who are working to save the South from the PROVEN evil of the blacks, the Jews, the Papists and the Mexicans.

    When you are bowing to the Black Pope with a Jewish Star over him, speaking Spanish, you will know how right Ron Wilson is.

  22. They are quacks that are well known by the authorities as well as many other civil right's groups. I am betting on Morris Dees against the clods.

    Brian, you should simply notify the authorities of the threats. The authorities are well acquainted with these nut jobs.

    Like either one of the would ever make it in a military organization, psychological and physically inferior to the standards from my perspective. They look frail, and tactical abilities are minor.

  23. At least Morris Dees has won some cases too. LOL

  24. Ron Wilson stands up for the white race. He is a hero for all white people.

  25. Ron Wilson is a disgrace to his race-the human race.

  26. Ron Wilson is a hero to all white people that are scared to compete with diversity.

  27. Although you and I have disagreed over much these many years.I congratulate you for this post...Mo

  28. The "Chief Chaplain" Ron Wilson appointed when he was "Commander In Chief" of the National SCV preached a sermon that attacked "racial interbreeding" as ungodly and described slavery as biblically sanctioned.

    Why are we surprised that the racist extremists threaten those trying to expose him with violence and death.

    When in the heck did Powdersville, SC become the very center of hate in America. I've been here more than 20 years. I know this isn't who we are. But, folks, that's how we're being portrayed. It won't be long before a big picture of Ron Wilson's fat face will be on CNN, above a caption that says, "Racism alive and well in Powdersville". And it's only going to get words unless we PUSH BACK and SPEAK UP!

  29. Don't worry Brian. The really bright side is that you do not have to hire PI's. Let Wilson, and his mindless minions spend their personal funds as I am sure there are some first class investigators paid for by our collective tax dollars watching him. I bet Mr. Wilson is under the eye of several federal and state agencies as well as some privately funded civil right's groups. God Bless the Patriot Act.

    Considering the legal skills Wilson's side possesses I think he would do better with a public defender after exhausting his millions on you. LOL

  30. To Mr. Wilson and his cohorts:

    I do not know you, but I do know Brian McCarty. He is a good man that has been a good friend to me and my family.

    One of your side said, "Don't mess with Ron Wilson."


  31. Your friend asked for it by attacking a good Christrian man like Ron Wilson.

    Your friend gets what he gets.

    You need to learn to live with that.

  32. I know Brian McCarty too. He is a drunk. Who cares what he thinks?

  33. I am a friend of Brian's also, and guess what? I infiltrated your LOS and SCV meetings quite a few times to gather intel on you quacks. I really think you are very stupid, and if Brian does get drunk from time to time which I have never seen, guess what? At least he will sober up, but youy will still be stupid. Oh, I forgot, you all are a bunch of social rejects, and I did not see any athletes amongst you. I guess stupidity and a lack of physical abilities can be attributed to bad genetics, and a lack of hybrid vigor, possibly because of inbreeding.

    Since when did Christianity include hate speech? I guess much like the Muslims everyone has their own extremists that use their scriptures to justify any type of behavior.

    The Al-Quada of the south-the LOS, CCC, and several other acronym groups that get slapped around on a continuing basis.

  34. Brian,

    All that crap from the Southern Poverty Law Center is old. You of all people should know better than to quote that crap.

    You are as bad as McAbee's girlfriend. This won't come back to harm you, but it very possibly could hurt Bill and his effectiveness on council. Ron Wilson will see right through this terrible piece of writing and know that it was instigated by Bill McAbee.

    Sometimes I don't think you think things through.

  35. What the hell?
    When you are bowing to the Black Pope with a Jewish Star over him, speaking Spanish, you will know how right Ron Wilson is.
    That doesn't even make any sense, moron.
    Come back when you get your GED and we'll talk.

  36. bill isn't the problem. his bimbo is.

    i'll see all of you at the white power show before the gay pride parade.

  37. A Challenge to Brian McCarty

    Recently you took the time to publish a message on the internet making some very serious accusations against me and my family.

    In these messages, you asserted that I was unfit for service on the Anderson County Council and accused me of, among other things, "bigotry" and "racism." You have even stooped so low as to accuse me of being a "fascist."

    As incredible as all of these very bitter personal attacks were, what is even mor eincredible is that they were made under the guise of protecting the good name of the Republican party and conservatism in general.

    There is a problem with your attack however. The evidence you cite to support your misguided beliefs is a report from the ultra-left wing organization known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, based in Montgomery, Alabama. In fact, you even link to their website. Morris Dees, the extremely liberal trial lawyer who founded the SPLC, hardly seems like the kind of source a true conservative would cite.

    You furthermore assert that editorials from several newspapers around the state are critical of my conservative beliefs. Of all the daily newspapers in South Carolina, do any of them have conservative editorial positions? Of course not. And yet you want the voters of Anderson County to turn to these liberal editorialists for information.

    Interestingly, the only editorial you actually cite is from Hilton Head; which is about as far away from Anderson as you can get.

    So far I have served on the Anderson County Council for two months. Prior to that I served on the South Carolina State Board of Education for two years. Please cite for me any vote I have taken, neither position, with which you disagree.

    In your strained personal attacks you never cited thing I have actually said or done in my official capacity.

    Have you ever been to a State Board of Education meeting?

    Have you ever been to an Anderson County Council meeting?

    Obviously not.

    In fact, since you live 100 miles away from Anderson, it is not clear to me that you are not merely shilling for someone else.

    Assuming that you really are interested in informing my constituents in Anderson County and protecting the Republican Party from conservatives like me, I hereby challenge you to a debate.

    We can meet anywhere in Anderson you like, in any public forum you like, and I'll be happy to respond to any accusation you want to make about my record of public service. Feel free to bring along Mr. Dees and any of your other "anonymous" friends who frequent your blog.

    That assumes, of course, that you are not just a paid mud-slinger.

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    To verify the authenticity of this message, or to accept this challenge, you may call me at 864-605-1000.

    I look forward to hearing your answer soon.

  38. Mr. Wilson, I am paid by no one. Futher, you did not deny one point made. And, you know, unless you live in denial, nearly every daily newspaper in the state was against your appointment to the state board of education.

    Why try to mislead people on something so easily well known? It insults people's intelligence.

    If this is Ron Wilson, which I am not sure it is, because you have said some rather strange things on here, I will debate you, but on broad issues, like race, the Christrian Exodus, the SCV, your book sales in which you did not deny, Kirk Lyons and your ties and so forth.

    I also note that you did not deny one thing. You said what I said, and tried to insult me for it.

    You attack the presenter, the classic fallacy of a man with no argument to offer.

  39. Careful, Brian. It is hard to debate someone who lives in a dreamworld.

    I wonder if Wilson will wear his funny little uniform in front of his contituents at the debate?

  40. [QUOTE]Ron Wilson and Kirk Lyons are hard working Christian men who are working to save the South from the PROVEN evil of the blacks, the Jews, the Papists and the Mexicans.

    When you are bowing to the Black Pope with a Jewish Star over him, speaking Spanish, you will know how right Ron Wilson is.[/QUOTE]

    Mr. Wilson,
    these are EXACTLY the type of people you do not want to be associated with. To take the time to post a comment on this blog and not DENOUNCE these comments is only cementing the idea I have of you as a person I don't want representing Anderson County.

  41. Good post Jack. This judge has the round scored at 10 for McCarty, 9 to Wilson.

  42. Anyone noticed that the Great Ty has been missing from these discussions? Give him a topic with potential racial aspects, and he's usually right on top of it.

    What's up with that?

  43. These people are psychotics -- Wilson's just one of many. My father used to be an SCV commander in SC, and I saw way more people like Wilson than I'd care to think.

    I publicly aired my issues with them in a column in a college newspaper. Next thing I know, the national commander's calling down and everybody has their panties in a wad.

    The whole situation taught me this, though: these guys are all talk, and can be defeated in any political context as long as the saner of us decide to show up.

  44. I remember Brian McCarty for days long ago, debating the Clinton folks and debating as a stand in for Strom Thurmond's people at the VFW one night.

    If he has still got it, this debate will be fun to watch. I wonder if Ron Wilson knows what he asked for.

    Here's hoping McCarty has one great fight left in him.

  45. The former CinC will be there, and will not back down from this liberal black lover, McCarty.

    Everyone knows Irish and blacks are the same. They are drunkards who are anti american.

    Wilson will show the drunken black lover for what he is.

  46. cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war. Lets see how the ole drunk does against the ole racist.

  47. my money is on the ole drunk

  48. Mccarty has the flu, yeah, whatever. I hope he dies from it. Then Ron Wilson will not have to waste his time debating the scumbag.

  49. After reading through these comments and the hype in the Anderson Paper, I am forced to conclude that this whole thing is staged & that there is no "Anonymous." If I am wrong, then Anonymous need to step from the shadows and be counted. Further, if you believe the things that you say about Mr. Wilson, then you ought to confront him in a public form as requested by him. The charge of racism is ad hominem. You need to bring something of substance.

  50. The record is there. Mr. Wilson did not deny it. Even his own website supports what was said. Are you stupid?

  51. I will be anonymous one from now on.

    I am also the judge that is scoring McCarty at 10-9 in the first and 10-9 in the second. We are expecting this not to last 8 rounds.

  52. brian mccarty is the anti-christ. he is so evil that he helped the towns of cottageville, mcbee and turbeville start their police departments and even invented telemarketing.

    he is evil incarnate, and must be stopped. all hail our fuhrer - RON WILSON!!! SEIG HEIL!!! HEIL WILSON!!

  53. anon 313, i don't know who you are, but those offenses surely call for the death penalty, if your charges are proven to be true.

  54. How's that flu thing coming along, Mr. McCarty? (I hope you are feeling worse...What a shame that you are sick..yeah right)

    When you heal up wherever you are hid out at it, Wilson and the rest of us true Southerners will be waiting for you, scalawag.

    Southern Fried

  55. I just got in from a night out with my lady, giving my white lady a little feeling of black power for Valentine's Day. That ought to make cracker McCarty and cracker Wilson happy. White women just love my black power.

    Then, I saw this crap on the internet. I am laughing my beautiful black ass off.

    Two crackers are going to debate? Wow. One pale ass cracker and one really pale ass cracker. Both of them I bet, have small ass crackers.

    Both of them are racists. It will be like watching David Duke debate George Wallace. We black folk hope an earthquake strikes the building they are debating in.

    I mean, a pale ass cracker like McCarty is in denial. He is a racist like Wilson and a pale ass cracker. We black folks are smart enough to embrace our brothers, while McCarty is attacking his fellow racist.

    Ty (yes I am still here, not matter how the man tries to keep me from being here.)

  56. Mr. McCarty, Ty the black power man, and the rest:

    What you need to realize is it is not racist to tell the truth about a group of people.

    The Papists are out for control, as are the Jews. The Blacks are malt liquor drinking people with pants around their thighs who have sex without responsibility. The Mexicans are people taking our jobs.

    Those are the things that keep me up at night. I know the truth. We white Christians are under siege.

    That is why someone with the courage of Ron Wilson is needed. He tells us about the Jews and the Blacks, and how they are undermining our country.

    It is liberals like Brian McCarty, Bill McAbee and Earl Capps who get paid by the Jews to attack men like Wilson. Besides, isn't McAbee really a Jew?

    And, McCarty, which is an Irish name is probably a Papist.

    Now wonder a Papist and Jew would work together and be friends.

    Next thing we will learn is that both men can speak Spanish.

    Keep up the good work, Ron Wilson. Expose the papists and jews for what they are.

    Not a Jew or an Irish drunk papist, George.

  57. Further, something the great Rick Driver said the other day, "Why di the Jews wonder in the wilderness for days and days? Because one of them heard one them lost a quarter."

    Hooray to Rick Driver for calling the Jews for what they are.

    George, not a Jew, thank God, and not some drunk Papist like McCarty

  58. I have it on good information that the drunk Brian McCarty likes to partake of the so called "Famous Amos" chocolate chip cookies. Famous Amos is a black man.

    There, you have all you need to incriminate this Black Lover Liberal, Brian McCarty

    Southern Fried Again,

    BTW I know him more than I want to. I was a girl he "dated" in high school.

  59. Hey McCarty babe, did McCarty live by this motto, "true love waits, but this ain't love, pull down those jeans."

  60. Rick Driver makes me and the other gays over at the NAZI club hard.

  61. Ty, you ain't all that. Brian brings a big one to the table, but he hates my dad's buddy, now, so to hell with Brian.

  62. I will debate Mr. Wilson on race, and a wide range of issues in a forum that allows for the most people in his district to be present, such as the biggest homeowner's association center in his district, at a time in which the most people from his district can show up.

    Further, lets have no anonymous callers or the like, just a forum on ron wilson and who he is.

    My guess is Mr. Wilson will not participate in a forum that is fair.

    Just watch and see what he and his minions do.

  63. George - get your facts straight, being Catholic, I'm the Papist around here.

  64. Well I see the white smoke layed down by Earl. And per usual Ron Wilson is blowing black smoke up people's arses, but I guess it beats retrieving gerbils, and the prospect of broken noses as a result thereof.

  65. uncle romulusFebruary 16, 2007

    filling the scv with radicals, huh? that's like saying ron wilson is filling the ku klux klan with closet racists. what a putrid bunch of propoganda.
    i long for the day when we no longer have to choose between a drunk and a racist for public office, but considering that most people are drunks, racists or both, i think it's going to be a difficult decision.
    mr mcarty, i must ask, how long have you lived in south carolina? of all the states in the country, this is the one you picked to make your stand to champion the causes of the liberals, homosexuals, jews, lions, and tigers, and bears (oh, my!)? wtf?
    by the way, there is nothing more racist than a "homeowners association" so i'm glad you're counting on their support.
    i'm sorry mr mcarty, but you are just another case of the pot calling the kettle honkey.

  66. Salkehatichie SlimFebruary 19, 2007

    Hey Earl, since you're the "Catholic around here", do you agree with the SPLC's latest target?

    The New Crusaders

  67. Dear Anonymous (Walt Hilderman)


    YOu are so pathetic in your vendetta against the man who presided against your expulsion from the SCV. Can you not accept the fact that you are a complete loser?

    Had you actually been allowed into the Dalton Convention, you would have been seen you lost by 1000-1 in your quest to be our CIC.

    Frankly, when we had a choice between Denne Sweeney (a veteran with honorable service, Army paratrooper, impeccable 20 SCV career), and you (9 month, drunk driving, wife-abandoning, adultering SOB), we found the choice pretty obvious.

    What was interesting was you went to the media making it sound like it was just you and Denne. Actually Troy Massey got 47% of the vote, and you got 9 votes out of way over 1,000.

    You ignore Troy Massey, make it sound like you had a snowball's chance in hell from the beginning, and complain about not being allowed to address the convention.

    You were not allowed to address the convention because you refused to pay the same registration fee that every other delegate paid voluntarily, and then sniveled that you had been picked on.

    Walt, you are simply a pathetic loser. Your ancestor in the WBTS was a pathetic deserting loser, and you are simply proof that your gene pool has not deepened in the last century. If anything, you have become more pathetic than the cut-and-run loser than spawned your miserable existance.

    Here are my suggestions for getting your life in order:

    (1) Quit Drinking (or at least cut back to less than a gallon a day)

    (2) Quit screwing women other than the one you are married to. (I know this is hard...)

    (3) Research your facts. There is a building in your town. It is called a LIBRARY. It is filled with things called BOOKS. They contain things at least arguably called FACTS. This beats YOUR research, which is arguably called SHIT.

    4) Tell the truth. Walt, I know this is hard. You remind me of a Soviet double agent who it was said "lied like most people breathe." In all the years I have know you, I have never seen a word emerge from your lips (or keyboard) that wasn't exaggerated, misled, or outright fabricated. Frankly, I am convinced that your drunken mind wouldn't know the truth if it bit your ample blue-clad ass....

    You're pathetic. You're a loser. And even your cowardly deserting Confederate ancestor, who is burning in the fires of hell, is trying to deny that he related to you.

  68. I am embarrassed to say that Mr. Wilson is my district councilman. At present he has his head so far up Joey's ass I wonder what photos must be held in a secret lockbox....the man will tell his constituents whatever he feels they want to hear and then prance on his merry way serving his own agenda.

    I also now understand how Joey managed to get the Conferderate convention- what a waste of taxpayers ED dollars (lol- as if that's what Joey's spending it on) and an embarrasment to the 'forward thinking' posture of the county put forth by Mr Wilson and Mr. Preston.

    I do not trust Mr Wilson and never will. The man's dress should indicate his leanings towards the past. My guess is he beats his wife.

    Rest assured that the Dawson wheels are in motion for Wilson and his embarrassing antics to be challenged in the next election by someone already approved by the party- and unbeknownst to Mr Wilson- the wheels have turned and he hasn't a clue the die has been cast.

    Rest assured that the party will be here long after Mr Wilson and his supporters lunatic ravings, as will Brian and myself and Cindy Wilson.

    Snd i say to ANON- bring it on brother. Either MAN UP and 'threaten' Brian et alby using your name so we all know who you are- or shut the hell up. My guess is you're compensating for a shortcoming somewhere...being a woman I know all about little man's disease.

  69. AnonymousJune 02, 2008

    who is ron wilson?

  70. Looks like Ron Wilson be busted now by the Federales......LOL