Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Is being an American hero enough?

One thing is sure. We Republicans have two heroes in the campaign for President. One is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the man who took on the New York mafia, took on the New York City bureaucracy and rushed to ground zero and nearly lost his life when the twin towers come crushing down. The other is Senator John McCain, a man who told Ho Chi Min's minions to kiss his behind and took beatings for it when he chose to stay a POW with his men.

Both McCain and Giuliani are heroes without question.

The question is, will being a bona fide American hero be enough to win the Republican Presidential nomination?

McCain's past campaign in 2000 and other acts as a maverick make him a hard sale as the establishment candidate. The establishment candidate usually wins the Republican nomination. McCain is even polling a few points lower here in South Carolina than he scored in his bitter loss to President Bush in 2000. That begs the question, are there more Republicans who think of McCain as the wild maverick as opposed the solid hero who deserves the nomination nod?

Rudy Giuliani faces another type of question. While no one doubts his guts and this courage under fire, his stands on abortion, gay rights, and gun control especially are problematic in Republican circles, especially in a Republican Presidential primary in South Carolina.

It presents an interesting situation. While the Republicans seem blessed to have two bona fide heroes running for nomination, the climate today might push aside their hero status for someone else. Highly organized and well financed groups on the right might come into a place like South Carolina and attack those two heroes with such political ferociousness that victory will slip from their hands.

Is that a good thing? I do not know. But, what I do know is the Republican party has two heroes running for its nomination. If the groups on the right push them out of the nomination, then whomever is the nominee will be just another politician, like those the Democrats are offering.

It seems to me in the general Presidential election either hero, McCain or Giuliani would beat those running on the Democratic side. I sincerely believe being a bona fide American hero would be enough to win the general election against a hack like Hillary Clinton or a neophyte like Obama. Edwards or Gore might present a more interesting challenge, but as of now, they both appear to be out of the running for all practicable purposes.

The big question is, will be a bona fide American hero be enough to win the nomination? We will all learn that here in South Carolina over the next few months.

What are your thoughts. I look forward to a robust discussion.


  1. Rudy is Gay and John McCain is the Manchurian candidate, ready to do the bidding of China.

    I pray to God we throw them out here in the SC primary.

    Romney for President. Ron Wilson for Governor. I love them both. They think I like do.

  2. Rudy is a gay man who lived with two other gay men in New York. Is that your hero? Gay Rudy?

    Besides, he sold me out to China a long time ago.

    Whatever happened to his cancer that kept him out of the US Senate race? Just wondering. If he could not stand up to Hillary then, what makes you think gay Rudy could stand up to her now?

  3. I will point out that one thing is certain, from his various women, Rudy is not gay.

    The other thing is Rudy has tremendous guts.

    I am not sure he ought to be the next President or not. But, I do know he has guts and likes women from all accounts.

    You Romney folks need to go out and get a life.

    I am not sure your "Rudy is a gay coward" thing is going to work, no matter what your bosses tell you.

    Making the man who was covered in the ashes of 9-11 out as a coward just seems damn politically stupid to me.

  4. Yeah, what are Romney folks upset over, that Rudy did not marry all of his wives at once?

  5. Romney will win South Carolina. You and your friends will be crying the day we do.

    Romney is a conservative who believes that a man should be able to marry more than one woman. But, not the word man.

  6. Hey, is Romney that guy on HBO's Big Love?

  7. No you freak, Romney is not on big love. He is a real conservative.

    I might like John McCain, but this stuff about Romney and multiple wives is pissing me off.

    What the Hell. Even a Mormon can love one woman at a time, right? They are not all like the guys on HBO, right, I mean I hope. Come on Mitt, denounce this show.

  8. I don't know if I can trust Romney, and I've criticized him on my blog, but the religious attacks are wwwwaaayyyy over the top in my book.

    Lay off the guy. This isn't the place for religious bigotry.

  9. Lay off the guy, you say. I say, what is wrong with talking about Big Love. That is what Mormons do, do they not?

    Watch HBO and get back with us.

    Does Mormon Mitt not have HBO? What is the problem?

    Over the top? I think not. Just how those people live. They are not us, they are conservatives.

    Besides, how can any man put up with more than one woman and run a business, much less the free world?

  10. At least Mitt did not live with two gays in New York like your gay hero, Rudy.

  11. Where is Bill McAbee in this? Is he supporting Gay Rudy or Gay Graham's guy John McCain?

    Does your mama know you posted about this?

    Southern Fried and still here, GO RON WILSON

  12. John McCain is far more conservative than rudy or Romney.

    How anyone can see him as liberal is crazy.

  13. Rudy is a friend to gays and McCain is a liberal. I ask how can anyone not see that.

    Duncan Hunter is our only choice for President. He won't be rooming with a gay couple, and he won't be hugging up to Teddy Kennedy to make the papers.

  14. Would McCain be for Rudy's gay marriage to a man, that man being Romney?

    Go Huckabee!

  15. Richard Quinn says ain't nothing gay about being civil. Lords knows he should know. He worked to elect our gay Senator, Mr. Light Lindsey.