Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Ron Wlson debate/forum

As publicized in the Anderson Independent Mail and on Earl Capp's blog, I have agreed to attend a debate/forum with Anderson County Councilman Ron Wilson.

What might surpise everyone involved is that I have no intention of, in the Southern term, "carying anybody's water." While my previous post against Wilson did quote several bona fide sources, I believe Mr. Wilson debating me on those source's points is silly. Mr. Wilson needs to debate the sources that talk about his associations, not someone who merely points out what those sources said and comments upon it. If what those sources said, including his own website, are not what they appear, then he should debate them on such issues, or perhaps even himself.

That is not say I do not relish the chance to talk about conservative local government principles in an open forum. I think Anderson County is a prime example of the problem we have in South Carolina when it comes to local big government. Though 6-1 Republican, the Anderson County Council continues to preside over growing local government. There are real issues there to get into and discuss.

There is no debate to be had on what other people have said. They said it. It is published. Referring to them is not open to debate. It is what it is. If they are wrong, well, then Mr. Wilson needs to address them, not me.

Further, I have found there seems to be a lot of talk on another blog and on a local radio station up there that I am paid to do this, etc. Well, that is simply untrue. I have written on this blog and on SC Hotline about the problems with local government for a long time now. No one pays me to. Further, I realize that some of the folks who have nothing to do all day but sit around and dream up things about people and come with conspiracy theories will likely show their paranoia in public. All I can do is laugh about it.

Now, if the AIM or anyone else reads this and decides it is not worth their time, well so be it.

I thank Mr. Wilson for the chance to discuss the wide range of issues that faces Anderson County and local governments in general in South Carolina. It will shock me if Mr. Wilson gets personal in this discussion. He told me on the phone that he would not.

If Mr. Wilson will join me in politically condemning Kirk Lyons, The League of the South, and take down his sponsorhip of because some of the affiliations it has, then I will be the first Monday night to applaud him, and I will immediatey publish a commentary saying the man is not what others say he is.

Then we will get on to the issues that really matter to the people.

If Save the SCV or the Southern Poverty Law Center has a problem with that, they can send someone to carry their water.

It is up to you Councilman. If you issue a press release condeming the before mentioned, we can just talk issues, or even not talk at all.

That is my challenge to you, Councilman. I


  1. Your comment was long. One thing concerned me.

    Ron Wilson will, of course, disavow his past. He will agree with you that racism and extremism are bad things. He will agree with you that govt spending is out of control. If you allow it, you'll end up letting Mr. Wilson do what he always does: dance around the actual facts of his past.


    Put Bill Foster's list to him POINT BY POINT. Make him answer TRUE or FALSE to each and every one.

    It's your duty.

  2. I humbly ask this, why can not Bill Foster show up at the forum and debate his points for himself?

    That would be far better than having me point to other people. Let one of those "other people" show and debate their own points I quoted.

  3. Brian:

    Your manhood is being questioned over on the Cockleburr. And I think they're right.

    I've known you a long time. Never known you to back away from a fight when you thought you were in the right. In your first respose to the redneck threats last week, you were emphatic that you would not be intimidated, and would continue to expose Mr. Wilson.

    Sounds like somebody changed your mind for you, huh?

  4. This debate will be a debate about why you quoted such ingnorace. You know the SPLC is crap, and as a conservative you shouldn't have even given them a second look.

    Now,as for whose water you are carrying......

    That is what this debate will turn into. It won't be SPLC or Bill Foster it will turn out to be Bill McAbee. And that is why you should cancel this event. This will hurt no one but Bill. You can say what you want, but most know that Bill fed you all you needed to write what you wrote.

    It's a shame. And I hate it for Bill. He's a good man.

  5. salkehatchie slimFebruary 18, 2007

    Brian, your initial posting accused Ron Wilson of being a racist.

    Now you say, “While my previous post against Wilson did quote several bona fide sources, I believe Mr. Wilson debating me on those source's points is silly.”

    If you initial charges were “bona fide”, why has the debate suddenly “silly”? If Ron Wilson was such a horrible racist that you and the SPLC could not contain yourselves, why has suddenly become a non-issue?

  6. I agree with anonymous. You can't let Wilson off the hook.

    I'm sure are a very busy man (who isn't), but you are uniquely positioned to take this guy down.

    You need to at the very least make him explain these connections. Even if you don't "win" the debate, you will have at least put the truth out there and the people can make their own judgments.

  7. Salkehatichie SlimFebruary 20, 2007

  8. Sorry you could not make it, because, maybe you could have pointed this out. Wilson did not deny his association with some rather interesting groups. Yet, he claims he does not agree with them.

    That's like me, and IPTAY member saying, yes, I am in IPTAY, but I am really a Gamecock fan.

  9. Ron Wilson does not have to answer any challenge from you, chicken Brian.

    Even WYFF is now our pawns and do our bidding.

    You are done, Chicken Brian

    Southern Fried

  10. this was never between the anderson media and mr. wilson, even though they tried to manipulate it to their own agenda.

    it should go back to what it had started out, as discussion between mr. mccarty and mr. wilson.

    if mr. wilson is any sort of southern gentleman, he will be gracious enough to give him the benefit of the doubt and work out another meeting.

    if mr. mccarty is any sort of southern gentleman, he will be a man of his word and face mr. wilson and put action behind his talk.

    this time, no media control or "managing" - let them meet right in mr. wilson's district. enough games, let's see action.

  11. Ron Wilson does not have to meet this co called challenger in his district.

    Wilson's district will vote for him no matter what.

    Hell, Ron Wilson does not even live in Anderson County! What more do you need to know about how stupid his voters are and the press is there.