Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rudy's in

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani filed the necessary paperwork and now he is in the 2008 Presidential race. As reported on SC Hotline, the Mayor made clear that he is opposed to gay marriage, and contends he is a true conservative.

The Mayor touts his record of reducing the size of government as Mayor of New York, along with his record of reducing taxes and fighting crime. Further, the Mayor was "Mr. Cool under pressure." during the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

It is hard to tell if that cool leadership will play into real political results in the SC GOP Presidential primary. But one thing is for sure, the McCain and Romney folks now have another contender to deal with. Giuliani is no small candidate. He brings a lot of credibility to the table, and he will will force the terrorism issue.

But will SC GOP voters vote terror, or vote reform, like McCain would have them, or will they vote in the wake of the surely negative campaign that is to come from Romney?

Only time will tell. But for now, welcome, Rudy, to the big time.


  1. Rudy is a pro gay Republican running in a anti gay state here.

    He has less than no chance. If thought Karyn Floyd did badly in the Education race, just watch how badly her folks do in the presidential race.

    Romney's guys will blast Rudy as someone is is pro gay and pro choice. YOu know how that machine acts. They will tear Rudy apart.

  2. Will liberal Bill McAbee support Rudy or is he in the McCain camp because Henry McMaster campagined for hirm?

  3. Rudy stands a better chance than RINO Bloomberg and perhaps equal chance with McCain with gun owners. As a gun owner and former McCain supporter in 2000, the man that would be Goldwater left the reservation and went native on gun control to differentiate himself. Pachyderms have long memories and some folks remember the move to remove the battle flag from Boss Bull's place as his post debate party cranked up there...

  4. If Romney goes after Giuliani, it helps McCain out.

    McCain's (very) early numbers suggest he has held onto much of his 2000 support, perhaps 80% of it or better. If he keeps it, then he could pull off the first place finish needed to win with between 38 and 45%.

    If McCain gets say 38%, that means someone else has to get about two-thirds of the other 62% to get the 40% needed to come out ahead of McCain in that scenario. With four or five likely candidates in the race, and given Guiliani's early numbers and Romney's willingness to commit time and resources to SC, they could spend the next year bashing each other and only end up with a tie for 2nd place, way behind McCain.

    It would seem the only way for either to come out ahead of McCain is for someone to take McCain's support down a bit.

    McCain and Guiliani both have nationwide bases of support. Romney and the others will be pushing hard to pull off some early wins to try to stay in the game.

    I'm not saying it would be Romney, but someone is gonna get pushed in a corner by poor polling numbers, decide they have nothing to lose, and come out swinging.

  5. And Earl, that would appear to be what a leftist media hopes for, while downplaying the pending vicious bloodletting the left will have. I expect ABC's "This Week wiht Geroge Stephanopolis" to become omre of a weekly freebie Hilary campaign ad...

    Methinks this will be a fine campaign year for a communications major to study.

  6. Wasn't Rudy once roomates with two gay men?