Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why I am a Republican

One of the many questions I have recieved via emails, phone calls and posts, some published some not, over the past few days is why I am a Republican. One friend made it clear to me, "Democrats would never treat you like this. They are just nicer people." I don't know about that.

But, I do know why I am a Republican after all these years.

Over the past nearly 10 years, as a personal injury lawyer for one year and a real estate lawyer for the rest of that time period, I have had the opportunity to be in the living rooms of hundreds, indeed, nearly three thousand, South Carolinians. The first year I spent going to living rooms and hospital rooms being the first legal consultation someone got. The remainder of the time, I have been to realtor's offices, bank offices, and living rooms closing real estate refinance loans and real estate transactions.

It is the living rooms that gave me my experience. It was in the those living rooms, from a million dollar home on Hilton Head to a doublewide in Wahalla, that gave me the perspective I have. I learned that the people in those homes are far more alike than different. They have dreams. They want a better life for themselves and their children. They are black, white, hispanic, asian, and anything else you can think of.

I also learned that people tend to keep in their living rooms things that make them proud. For some, it is a portrait of a great man, like Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcom X, and of course, Jesus Christ. For others, its displaying a hard earned GED or a picture of a child serving in Iraq. There are also those who show off the prize fish caught or the prize buck shot. Then there is man whom I will never forget who lived in a home near Myrtle Beach. That man had displayed the Silver Star for Valor for action he took in Vietnam. I spent most of my time in his home listening to his story.

I will also never forget the little girl on St. Helena Island who asked me what it took to be a lawyer, only to have her own mother abrublty cut her off and call her stupid for asking such a question. That is when I realized one of the root problems we face in education in this state. No government program, liberal or conservative, can ever make up for family putting down ones dreams. There is a culture of failure that no proposal by Mark Sanford or Jim Rex can overcome until that culture of failure is hit head on.

From it all, from elderly folks refinanicing their homes to give their children money, to a couple refinancing to pay off a bill due to a heart attack, to airline stewardesses to real estate wheelers and dealers, I come to learn people and South Carolina. I know every little town of this state far better than I ever dreamed to I know the good barbecue joints, and my waistline shows it. . I dare say I have sat in more living rooms of more South Carolinians than anyone holding statewide office today.

I learned that people are all pretty much the same. And, as such, I can be a conservative and Republican. I believe, with all my heart, that if government is limited, and taxes are kept low, and government just got out the way, people would thrive, if leaders have the courage to not only do the before mentioned but encourage people to dare to dream and break the culture of failure. I say that because in all of my travels, I have never met one person who wanted to be worse off, wanted to pay more taxes, or wanted to fail.

The woman on St. Helena Island putting down her daughter's dream questions was as close I have come in my many living room visits of someone not wanting their children to be better.

I will admit that little girl and her mother haunts me when I think of education issues. But, much stronger than that haunting is my belief in the people of South Carolina. It is a belief forged in the fire of reality that is being in so many living rooms, black, white, yankee, native, and so forth.

That is why I am a Republican, and will always be. Perhaps I am a different kind of Republican, though. Because I believe the good ole boy from Ware Shoals can make it just as much as the rich guy on the island or the black woman in Orangeburg. I believe in people, like Reagan.

That makes being a Republican easy.


  1. What bull manure. No Republican lieks the people you do. Not at least up here in Anderson where we real Republcians are. You are a liberal Democrat.

    And, a chicken.

    Southern Fried

  2. I note you do not talk about us black folks, much cracker.

    Tell us, Mr. Cracker, how can you be Republican when you know crackers are taking our money.

    Afterall it is big time crackers who run the banks. And, those cracker banks dare to take our homes when we don't pay them back their cracker dollars.

    Answer to that that, you pale as caracker.

    Cracker ass cracker!


  3. Ron Wilson for Governor! Chicken Brian McCarty for Dogcatcher!

  4. Ron Wilso knows us trailer park folks are working hard for our money. It is Irish Catholic Jews like you that work to take our money. But, not more! We know are are too chicken to take our doublewides and our women who have children by several different fathers.

    We love Ron Wilson and hate you.

  5. I would rather live off my government check and love Ron Wilson then work for a living for one day and be like, McCarty.

    I love the government and hate it. I live off it, but will bite the hand that feeds me.

    Do you have that courage, I think not.

    Tripplet from Anderson


  7. What a nutty blog comment! You're a Republican because you visited a lot of living rooms in a Republican state? How does that work? Does it just rub off on you?

  8. Mr. McCarty, take your friend's advice, sir. South Carolina Republicans will never accept the idea that all people are equal. We white people are above the rest. Didn't you get that with your non debate with our fearless leader, and great man, Ron Wilson?


  9. Dan, is English your second language. Did you not read and grasp what I said?

    I know, the double wide payment is past due, and if you don't pay BellSouth, you can not call the local radio show to pretend you don't get a federal government check.

    But, come one, read what I said before you comment on it.

  10. Too bad there are not more Republicans like you. I enjoyed this post. You "get" it, about the people of SC and America.

    Don't let the turkeys like Wilson and Dan keep you down. They are too stupid to understand SC.


  11. Hear, Hear. Well said - great post.


  12. I am a proud republican. I also deal with people trying to get government assistance, most are perpetual victims. If you can just blame white people for your problems them it is not your own fault.. Keep making excuses and you will stay right where you are.. People who turn this into a black/white thing are showing how they really feel.. White Man Bad, we are all victims of the white man..How do you explain black politicians and professionals? Did they sellout to the white man or do they have ambition? You answer that for me

  13. Let's be honest here, Chicken Brian. You talk about why are your are a Republican, but you sound like a Democrat. No Republican other than you believes in people. That is the whole point of conservative government, to control the people, not believe in them.

    You are either nuts or a fool.


  14. Slim, you and yours in the trailer park have no idea about that the conservative or Republican movement.

    The ideals we believe in are the ideals of freedom. We believe in every person, of whatever background, being free and able to thrive in our great land.

    You are ignorant and probably live off of the very government you criticize. If I am wrong, give us your real name.

  15. Forget Slim. Call me Conservative Bob from Anderson County. Just what do you have against white people, Mr. McCarty?

    I just do not get how anyone who calls himself a conservative can not see how blacks, Mexicans, and the like are not destroying this country?

    Those people will never be conservative. Don't you see that. The blacks and hispanics take our jobs and live off the government. Can't you see that?

    You and Reagan both are fools. Reagan is dead, and his foolish ideas should be dead with him.


  16. Foolish ideas? Hmmm. I take offense. This McCarty guy is right. The Republican party and the conservative movement is one all people should embrace, especially those of us with Hispanic family ties. We work our asses off. My people do the jobs no one else wants to do. They then save their money and work to buy a home here. That is conservative.

    We can not help it some lazy white people who will not work for their money are pissed about it. We work.


  17. Salkehatichie SlimFebruary 22, 2007

    So long boys...

  18. McCarty, this is a good post and statement of conviction. We all know you are a Republican. But, my question is what will you do next?

  19. Hey Brian,
    I hope you have recovered from your illness and I was sorry to hear of your loss.

    That was a great article, with the exception of one line, "I believe in people, like Reagan" , and the only correction I would make is to insert "We believe", as a definite second and approval of your statement. We are the party of all, not just a select few.