Friday, April 27, 2007

Moderation begins

I hate to moderate comments. I believe in the free give and take of ideas. However, some folks have constantly taken advantage of my free give and take policy to place vulgar and personal attacks that have nothing to do with my posts.

Therefore, as much as I hate to, I am going to moderate comments. Rest assured that comments that disagree with me, criticize me, or even trash me will still go up. I just need to filter out the garbage that has been a problem of late.

Anonymous comments will still be allowed, and yes, I will even put up Ty's stuff, as long as it is not vulgar and personal.

It might take a few hours for a comment to go up. Just be patient. I have a real job to do as well.

I believe that weeding out the vulgar and the nasty personal stuff will elevate this blog and the discussions of the issues.

Thanks for reading and for commenting. I enjoy the real discussions we have about the issues of the day.


  1. I guess your buddy Bill has paid you to moderate. Enjoy the big bucks, you drunk Irish lawyer. Be sure to give the Pope you serve his share.

  2. Well, Bill did not make me go to this policy it was folks like you.

    As for being drunk. Well, I was stone cold sober when I decided to moderate. As for the pope, I like the guy. No apologies for that.

  3. west_rhinoApril 27, 2007

    Why Brian, you mean that this blog is meant to accomodate discussion, not take a dump in your living room, demand that it, in crass terms, reeks of daffodils, roses and wisteria and use your curtains to clean ourselves...

    About time some got the message.

  4. I know you want to keep us brothers down.
    Call it moderation or sending blacks to Iraq. You and
    Dick Cheney are the same.


  5. Anon 1058, if the drunk Irish attorney wants to give to the Pope and the Church which he leads, he must first be a Catholic.

    I'd be glad to have him join us fellow Papists, but I doubt that is going to happen.

    In the meantime, I think I'll have some of what he is having, along with some thoughtful discussion, while we're busy putting Ty's brothers down.