Friday, April 20, 2007

Romney campaign playing hardball at the local GOP level

Some call it good politics. Others call it unfair. However one describes it, one thing is clear, either through money or through campaign committee titles, the Romney for President campaign has went hard after county Republican party leaders in South Carolina.

The Romney campaign has lined up local Republican party officials on their campaign, and as a result, has obtained local party information on activists and county convention delegates with some ease. Other campaigns have complained that the Romney supporters in control of such information have not shared such information with the other campaigns as people in their official local party positions should. Folks from the McCain campaign especially have complained to me in private about such.

If one takes a quick glance at the Romney campaign team, both paid and unpaid, one can find local Republican leaders in key Republican counties. It is no surprise to me this is going on. Many of the key people running the Romney effort in South Carolina were the same people who ran the Bush effort in 2000. Like those people or not, they know how to win in South Carolina, and they are playing political hardball, as they do, from the start of this campaign.

Who knows how all this will play out for the Romney people. Some pundits contend that in high profile statewide races grassroots organization does not matter near as much as media, and they cite the Sanford-Peeler runoff in 2002 as an example.

However, one thing is clear. The Romney folks are playing political hardball at the grassroots in a way far and above the other candidates. But, I contend, that even with such local hardball tactics, the Romney campaign can not win without either Rudy or McCain having some sort of problem in South Carolina. That means that the Romney people will have to attack one or the other.

I say one or the other, because it would not be politically wise for the Romney campaign to attack both Rudy and McCain. That might make them look too negative. But, I would not be surprised if they did just that. The guys running the Romney efforts are old political river boat gamblers, so to speak, and who knows what they might do.

But, one thing is a sure bet, they have done their homework and worked their behinds off at the local level and caused some havoc playing hardball there. The Rudy and McCain folks now have to play catch up at the grassroots.

Of course, Fred Thompson makes all of this a big hoot if he gets in. Then, all bets are off.


  1. what are folks bitching about? Romney is doing the politically right things to gain ground in SC. His opponents are just bitching.

  2. I know what you are talking about. You are talking about Anderson County. Guess what. Bill McAbee is a bold face liar, and so is his girlfriend.

    I got a letter from McCain the day before I got a letter from Romney. Looks like McCains folks had the list before Romney's folks.

    McAbee made accusations to the newspaper, not the ACRP Convention. He cowarded behind a liberal paper.

    The former Chairman, Rick Atkins, said he gave the list of delegates to the campaigns that asked for it and the State GOP. Looks like a non-story to me.

    What's up with McAbee? He has alienated himself from Republicans that have helped him. He wants to run for Lt. Governor in 2010, but he won't win his council seat in 2008.

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  4. "Boycott target is a fast-food, TV advertiser" ... what?!?

  5. If you really want to talk about your "river boat gambling" line. Look at the McCain consultants. Warren Tompkins and Bob McAllister never work apart, yet McAllister is getting big bucks from Team McCain. My guess is that McAllister is working as the mole and tunneling back and forth with the McCain strategy back to Tompkins and team Romney.

    Now that is hardball at the grassroots level.

  6. My riverboat gambler line was meant as sort of compliment to the Romney guys. Remember how FSU coach Bobby Bowden used to be called the "riverboat gambler" of college football? He would roll the dice to get the win with some crazy play.

    It means that they take risks and go for the goal.

    I do forget that there is an element that sees anyything related to gambling as evil.

  7. This post is not about Bill McAbee, it is about more than one campaign supporter of other candidates pointing out the situation.

    It is just not in Anderson County. Give the Romney folks credit, they are doing some fine under the radar work in all major Republican counties.

    I am frankly amazed at how much Bill McAbee and Amy Plummer are own some people's minds. Are you jealous?

  8. They might be jealous of them ... or the largest boycott ever, and all the money they're not making.

    Who knows?

    Back to another all-nighter of studying.

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