Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here are some immigration reforms that would make a difference

With the so called Immigration Reform Bill up for a crucial vote today in the United States Senate, I thought I would offer some ideas on real immigration reform. You will not find these items in the bill offered today, and you should hold our Senators accountable. But, if I had any sway this is what I would support. I do not support the current bill and think that any Senator who does is hurting the country.

My plan goes as follows, step by step:

1) No one here illegally shall be granted legal status or citizenship without first entering the United States legally.

2) Employers who hire illegals should be given mandatory jail sentences. We have environmental laws on the books with similar teeth, why not laws against human trafficking? Until the people who profit the most from illegals pay a real price, nothing will ever be done about the problem.

3) No child born in the US to an illegal will be granted US citizenship.

4) English should be adopted as the official language of the United States. Those who call that racist who consider that racist should consider two things. First, Latin American countries readily declare Spanish as their official language. Second, the easiest way to melt away racial divides is through a common language.

5) Federal government contracts shall be issued to only firms who can show all their workers are legal. State and local governments could get in on this as well. If you can not document who works for you, you do not get public dollars financing your contracts to do business.

I have been told by a few friends that my plan is too simple. Well, it is too simple for lawbreakers to hide behind. Some have told me I am na├»ve and that there are so many illegals here that nothing can be done but to welcome them. I do not accept that. I think of that little six year old girl in Newberry county who was molested by an illegal that now no one seems to be able to find. Is that really the America we want?? I think not. Let’s hope this amnesty bill dies and real reform comes about in the future, and lets hold our elected officials accountable.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I am still alive

I have not posted in a few weeks, but I and this blog are still alive. I have had deal with an illnes. But, I am still disappointed in the job out General Assembly did this year and other things. I will be commenting on them with a vengance over the next few days. Sorry Ron Wilson and your fans, but I lived.

We will have some fun in the next few days. Thank you for reading and thank those of you who prayed for me.