Friday, August 03, 2007

Governor Sanford appears to have no relevance in the Genaral Assembly

It is no news that Governor Sanford has had a hard time dealing with the legislature of South Carolina. Despite agreement on most issues, and the Governor offering some great ideas for consideration, the two political entities just have not been able to get along.

Those on the legislative side cite the Governor’s lack of personal political skills. Things like aloofness from legislators and getting into primary races come to mind. One former legislator made it clear to me that Governor Sanford and his people were just “clueless” in knowing how to work well with other elected officials.

Friday’s vote revealed how deep Governor Sanford and his people have hurt the Governor’s office’s influence in the General Assembly. It is not that the Governor’s endorsed candidate, Charleston County Councilman Tim Scott did not win the bid to replace Thomas Ravenel as State Treasurer. It is the fact that not one member of the General Assembly stepped forward to even nominate the Governor’s choice for the job. That was a stinging blow the Governor’s credibility in dealing with the General Assembly.

More recent factors might have added to the now five plus year conflict between the Governor and the General Assembly. When a a blogger, who was once an employee of the Governor’s office, along with another blogger, passed on “rumors” about now Treasurer Converse Chellis days before the vote, political insiders and commentators smelled a smear campaign being launched. To some, it seemed unusual that a blogger with ties to the Governor could just innocently pass on a rumor about a sexual harassment lawsuit. The high road that Mark Sanford and his people always claim to hold in politics seemed to be gone. They seemed to be on the political low road.

The result was, as stated before, not one single member of the General Assembly stood up for the Governor’s candidate.

The Governor’s shrill response through a press release that seemed to be written before the vote even happened summed up his growing irrelevance in getting real things done in his remaining time in South Carolina.

It is a fascinating political paradox. The people of South Carolina elected Mark Sanford by solid margins to the office of Governor, but they also elected most of their members of the General Assembly by the same solid margins. So, politically, Mark Sanford seems strong. But, on the governing side of the politician’s equation, he is all but done, because the equally politically strong General Assembly simply does not want to deal with the Governor at any serious level.

The Governor is still Governor, and as such can do things like organize the state’s emergency responses, commute some death sentences, travel to promote economic development, and do other various administrative and public relations acts. The Governor can also us his office as a bully pulpit for his ideas. But, the actions of the General Assembly on Friday, August 3, 2007 make clear that the Governor has a very slim chance of getting substantial legislative packages through the General Assembly for the remainder of his time in office. The Governor’s response to those acts makes clear that he does not understand his situation or how to remedy it.

It is unfortunate. For it seems the personal stubbornness of the Governor and his people is going to prevent the substantial changes they hoped to bring about. It is ironic that the political misfortunes of a Sanford political ally, Thomas Ravenel, would make the situation so clear.


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  8. Mark there is something wrong with how you always reference Jenny and your boys. It comes accross as sick to some of us. Is there something wrong?

  9. There us a reason we do not find this post of your linked on sc hotline. the sc hotline guy gets paid by people who love the govenor.

    great comments, brian, keep them up. you might get paid well, but at least you call em like you see em.

  10. This vote was over two things - the good ole boys in the legislature taking back control of the Budget and Control Board and also taking care of one of their own (both legislative and white male). Of course that pathetic crowd won't help the governor in a power struggle with themselves - the decent ones who agree with Sanford were intimidated into keeping their mouths shut because they would be punished by legislative leadership (loss of funding for projects, reduced committe assignments, etc) if they stepped out of line.

    In the process they elect an ethically challenged weak legislator that no one had ever heard of before this and who wouldn't have had a chance if the decision were up to the voters. No way Sanford was involved in leaking the details about the court case - his former employee rips him on that blog and they aren't close. Could have come from a number of sources but the bottom line is that Sanford never attacked him once and the court case was a matter of public record.

    So while not even nominating a black man for the position, the legislative guys also force the highest ranking African-American in the state to resign (no fingerprints on it, of course). The result is the good ole boys continue their 130 reign of back-scratching cronyism at the expense of the taxpayers and African-Americans and the Budget and Control Board will continue wasting hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Hopefully the voters wake up soon and throw the legislative bums out so we can replace the G.O.B. (Good Ole Boy) party with real members of the G.O.P.

  11. The Governor called the state a Bananna Republic. Perhaps, if he truly believes so he should simply resign and leave the state.

    Governor Sanford has been the most ineffective Governor I have witnessed during my lifetime and I am older than he is.

  12. First, SC Hotline DID link to this post.

    Second, as for as the last anon's comments, you have a point about the good ole boys.

    But let's be frank, the Governor has his own set of cronies. Just look at what has happened over at the Department of Commerce.

  13. Since the Governor is all about reform, I am curious as to why he didn't speak out against the tactics employed against Converse Chellis as much as he spoke out against the constitutionally-mandated system that seated Chellis.

  14. anon 107, when you say "CALL THE POLICE IF YOU WANT TO, SIC WILLIE HAS DEALT WITH THAT BEFORE" ... I've seen that Willie has the booking photos to prove it.

  15. west_rhinoAugust 06, 2007

    Earl, knowing that some folks that passive-agressively don't mind stirring up the let's you and him fight, who exactly pulled out the "settled" harssment case?

    With trends towards leaking early copy of an inflammatory mail piece, that never gets mailed (thus identifying a pereptrator), to a blogger; we've some games afoot that have an amateur Atwater air to them.

    I doubt that the third name offered as a replacement would have dragged up, Senator Ryberg would have more to lose than gain from playing that card. I can see fourth parties though that don't mind slamming Sanford AND Chellis and letting both camps feud.

    Whtcha think Brain and Earl?

  16. what about the department of commerce? Do you mean that deals can not be made in secret anymore and that big buisiness has to play ball like the rest of us? Just what is your gripe? Is a few new jobs here and there worth selling out our principles?

  17. I think the people around the Governor overplayed their very weak hand, as evidenced by the vote and the lack of even nomination of the their choice for the office.

    It common terms, it was a bitch slap.

  18. The Department of Commerce is in terrible shape. Local economic developers get no support from Sanford and his buddies. Is that what we call reform? How many jobs do we have to lose before people wake up to how ignorant this goverernor and his inbreed folks are?

    The Governor gave the job to a buddy. The buddy is failing. Why can't we all face that?

  19. I would lose my job if I spoke publically, but Govetnor Sanford has done more to hurt the Dept. of Commerce than any Governor I have served under We are frustrated. We try to help all the people go foward, but this Governor and his pals will not let us.

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  23. The commerce department is in chaos. No one can get anything done to bring jobs to SC! MY brothers at the county level know what I speak of. It is either for Sanford's buddies, or it is no go.

    This idea that he is above the fray is damn abhorrent. Mark Sanford is the tool of a few well off men in the low country, and the problem with the legislature is that they know that.

  24. The Governor is great. All the people aligned against him are evil. Can you see that? Do you get that the Governor is the Luke Skywalker of our times?


  26. The Governor has a point. He stands up for ALL the people, while those dogs in the legislature stand up for this or that group that sent them there. How dare they. We have to have a state government that reflects the will of all the people. Hitler had some good ideas. Sanford is right to follow them.

  27. face it you just do not like the fact sanford whipped peeler.

  28. Don't blame me I voted for Peeler then, Hodges. Sanford does not have management skills. Good ideas but lacks real leadership and is not respected. It is a shame.

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    Jordan recently opened a law office in Charleston and is not connected to Michael L.M. Jordan or the McNair Law Firm on Hilton Head Island.

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