Thursday, August 30, 2007

If Larry Craig was from South Carolina

I do not wish to tell the good people of the state of Idaho how to conduct their political affairs. I have never been to Idaho. I admit the most I know about Idaho is the famous blue field the Boise State college football team plays on and how the bowl game hosted there is the sort of the bowl no one wants to to go to because it is played outside in Idaho in January.

That said, I do know what would happen in South Carolina if Larry Craig was a Senator from South Carolina. There would be outrage. I would join in the outrage and call for the Senator to resign, which I do so here.

When I read the first article about the situation in an internet edition of Roll Call, I laughed out loud. I called a friend and told him I was sending him the story. We both joked about the foot tapping while using the john in a public men's room. I actually had some sympathy for the Senator at that point. I could imagine having to go and waiting on someone to exit the stall and standing there and tapping a foot or making some sort of gesture that said, "hurry up, man, I got to go."

To her credit another friend's wife called me naive. She apparently was right. When I downloaded the police report, I saw it was much different than I thought. Craig was in a stall beside the cop, not waiting on the cop to exit. And, apparently at that airport foot tapping and a hand gesture are sexual come ons.

I plead ignorance of the codes gay men use to express interest in having sex in a bathroom. I really don't care to know. Also, I really don't care if Senator Craig is gay or not. He is not my senator.

However, what I do care about is that a sitting United States Senator of my party pled guilty to a charge related to soliciting sex in a public restroom. I do not care if he was trying to have sex with three hot strippers from The Gentleman's Club, having sex in the public bathroom is wrong and illegal. There is the old saying, "innocent until proven guilty." But, in this case, the accused has admitted guilt, and then put on some sort of press conference tap dance around that guilt.

Enough. Craig should resign. As John McCain put it, "he pled guilty to a crime unbecoming a United States Senator." The " is he gay", "is he a hypocrite," stuff is irrelevant to Craig's future. He should have resigned the day he decided to plead guilty.

In South Carolina, we would have people ready to knock down his office doors to demand his resignation, and nearly every elected official would join them. But we also play our college football on natural grass.


  1. My question is, "where was Lindsey Graham?"

  2. Only a Republican would honorably resign from a chamber that is woefully short on honor and long on compromise.

  3. I bet Lindsey Graham says not one damn thing about this, as he taps his foot.

  4. Is that Lindseys foot tapping or did Harpo borrow LIndesy's slacks and light loafers?

  5. At what point do these Republican scandals reach a level so high that the Republican brand becomes tarnished beyond repair? This story has to be completely demoralizing for the grassroots.

  6. Anthony, I find the contrast mighty derned curious in that were Senator Craig a Dem, he'd be hearalded in some corners and howls of homophobia would be hurled at the police departments that run similar stings.

    It stinks at the grassroots level, but the removal of Nixon, Gingrich, Cunningham and the pussy-footing indecisive probably resign of Larry Craig; of their own respective accords, via resignation still differentiates them from Dems that have a complicit press trying to cover those piles in the litter box of politics.

    Compromise in political warfare has a high cost.