Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is Fred Thompson waiting on McCain?

I have griped on this blog in an earlier post about the presidential campaign being far too long. As a character in one of my favorite movies, Oh Brother Where art Thou says, I have said my peace and counted to three on that. Now I will address some questions I have received from readers about Fred Thompson. I keep getting asked “Why has he not announced officially yet?”
Well, let me give you my guess. As an old political hack who worked on statewide winning campaigns while some readers were in middle school, I have an idea. It is my theory that Fred Thompson will run officially for President. I think is a legitimate candidate.
I also think that Fred Thompson will announce officially after his good friend John McCain officially drops out. McCain’s campaign seems mortally wounded due to McCain’s stand on the failed amnesty legislation. Eventually, and probably not too far off, the old soldier that is McCain will realize his political wounds and drop out.
I believe when and if McCain does drop out that he will endorse his good friend Fred Thompson. Thus, by waiting a bit, Fred Thompson could score a coup of not only announcing his candidacy but also have one of the national icons stand beside him as he does.
I sincerely believe that is what Fred Thompson is waiting on. It would not shock me if his people and McCain’s were not in some sort of negotiations right now as you read this. Fred Thompson is biding his time, and that is smart. Getting in after his old friend McCain drops out and getting his old friend’s open support will strengthen Thompson’s effort towards the nomination. McCain still holds say with about ten to twelve percent of the Republican primary electorate, come what may. Add that to the Thompson numbers, and Fred Thompson is in the thick of things for the nomination.


  1. Actually, I think you're closer to the truth on this with your last post - that these campaigns are simply too long (and unnecessarily so.) If the press reports are accurate, Fred's probably going to announce Sept 3 (as a personal birthday present to me... or because it's Labor Day. Not sure which...) This is in keeping with a more traditional timetable. I don't think McCain has anything to do with it...

  2. west_rhinoAugust 15, 2007

    Considering that labor day is usually a slow news day, even CNN won't have much of an excuse.

    Quo Vadis the McCain support of the party insiders of the State Legislature and the Governor?

  3. Forgive me guys, but I will stick by original remarks. I believe that Thomspson is waiting on McCain. The two were close in the Senate, and Thompson was a huge supporter of McCain before his own Presidential ballon starting floating. Perhaps amnesty divided them sharply. I don't know. But, that is not Thompson's style.

    Thompson seems the type to play it safe politically. And, the best way to play the GOP primaries safe would be to have his old friend by his side.

    All of that said, Joshua, this thing is way, way too long. I long for the days when the President was not a lame duck until after Labor Day of the election year to replace him and conventions meant something.

  4. Vice President McCain?