Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rudy makes a right move

Last night on the WIS news broadcast it was reported that Heath Thomspson was being brought on the Rudy for President campaign. That is a smart move. Heath Thompson worked for Jim DeMint and for George W. Bush. I got to know Heath back in the day, so speak when we both worked for Bob Peeler in his Lt. Governor's races.

By hiriing Heath Thomspson, the Rudy folks are a getting a guy that some call ruthless, and that he might be. But, think of him as talented and hard working. It is a step that makes us know Rudy and his folks are taking South Carolina seriously and are hiring a serious old hand to get some things done.

The hiriing of someone like Heath Thompson tells us that the Rudy folks want to win South Carolina, not just show up.


  1. You talking about the same guy who lied to us Peeler supporters and ran the negative ads that killed the Peeler campaign?

    No thank you, Rudy, you just went down a notch. What are you thinking?

  2. If he aint doing coke, it will be a step for the Rudy camapaign.

    Remember, if you snort, you must abort.


  3. Bob Peeler was a jerk. That is why he lost to Mark Sanford. Hell, Bob could not keep his pants up. You can not blame a consultant for that.

    Bob should have screwed around less. Bett should have drank less. It is all behind us now.

    Don't blame their staff for their acts.

  4. Bob Peeler was a joke. Look at what Heath Thompson did with DeMint and Bush if you want to measure the man.

  5. Rudy also hired Scott Howell, that is the big hire.

  6. ClementVIIAugust 25, 2007

    Looks like Tomkins is splitting his bets. Heath is a good guy and very talented. But, the headline should read that Tomkins has lost his faith in Romney. Now, that is the rest of the story.

  7. Well, I also know Heath Thompson - and he has been a radical spreader of hate and lies most all his life. I hate to see Rudy bring a guy like him on board. BIG mistake.