Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Then and now heroes the same

You know them as Grandpa or Uncle. They are the old heroes of World War II. They won the day at D-Day and at the Battle of the Bulge. They loved Hank Williams, the old one. They lived Hank’s “Honky Tonk Blues.”

But those men, the men who held fast in what some call the nations darkest hour, are dying out. They are now old men. But, they were once men who fought for their country and returned home.

And what did they return home to build? America as we know it. The grandfather, the father, the kindly old uncles, all put away the horrors of war and rolled up their sleeves up again to build up this nation in the factories and the like .

They did so for the most part without any complaint. They had no idea what post dramatic stress disorder was. They simply got over the horrors of battle and lived on to build the nation.

Now, as those men are dying out, the United States faces a new enemy, one just as evil as Hitler. It is Islamic Fascism. The Islamic Fascists want us to die just because we do not believe in the same religion that they do.

The question is will the political operatives in this generation allow the heroes of today to live up the generation before them, or with politicians, such as Speaker Pelosi, make our heroes feel ashamed for standing and fighting for American values? As the War on Terror rages on, in Iraq and beyond, where is the celebration of the heroes?


  1. west_rhinoAugust 08, 2007

    Brian, re-read your Santayana. This "greatest generation" that is passing has a long heritage of heroes that have stepped into the gap. We could go back to the Revolution or to the first conflict with Radical Mohammedanism, the Barbary pirates that give rise to lyrics in the Marine Hymn.

    The unfortunate thing is that we continue to have to re-learn the history, though our noses are broken more often than stupid dogs that chase parked cars.

    Neal Boortz was right, stupid people shouldn't vote.

  2. ask the dead brothers from Iraq. Oh, that is right, they cvan not talk to your cracker ass.