Friday, November 16, 2007

An apology to Councilman Bill McAbee, etc.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a free for all in the exchange of ideas. For that reason I offered no comment moderation. I wanted people go at it and let the words fly.
I was naive. When political discussions started to degrade a few months ago regarding posts involving Anderson County Councilman Bill McAbee and an business associate of his, I started comment moderation, as much I hated it.
A recent chance meeting in Anderson made me make the effort to take down all comments related to Mr. McAbee and his business associate, who will not be named. The people talking had no idea who I was, but they were happy that I was their tool to hurt my friend Bill McAbee.
Until I got up here in Anderson County, my home, I had no idea the degree of the flat made up poison that passes for political discourse from some elements. I let this blog be their tool for the politics of personal destruction months ago. I regret that, and it will never happen again. I suppose I worked too much in statewide politics and issues and had no idea how petty and mean county politics are.
While I do believe that anonymous comments on a small time blog like this one can not be all that harmful, I truly regret that the least of harm might have been inflicted upon my friend for many years, Bill McAbee and his business associate because this blog became a tool of those with spiteful motives and unproven rumors.
So that those in that element who read this blog understand me, let me clear. I do disagree with Bill McAbee on some issues of the day. But, Bill McAbee is my friend. I believe he is loyal to his wife and son and that the spiteful and untrue things said about him by those who despise the fact that they can not control him politically are what is wrong with politics today. It also shows the true character of those people. They really do not care that much for issues, just their egos.
For that reason, Voting under the Influence apologizes to Bill McAbee and his business associate. Also, this blog will not be a tool of the politics of personal destruction in any fashion, and instead will, from time to time, shine a light on those people.
Now, back to the issues.


  1. Are you really that scared of his unnamed business associate? My goodness, she is the one that has brought Bill McAbee down. I will respect you and not name her, but she is a mess.

    I know you won't put this up, but atleast think for yourself. Bill has made some big mistakes. He lied to his constituents. He campaigned on lower taxes and smaller government, yet he voted for the highest tax increase allowed by law and then voted to increase our solid waste fee by 50%.

    This isn't the way a Republican should act or vote. I am ashamed that I voted for Bill McAbee and will not vote for him next year. Regardless of who he associates himself with, he has lied to his constituents.

    I know you will moderate and not print this, but atleast you know not all of us are after then unnamed business associate. We just want politicians to tell us the truth.

  2. That might break Ty's heart. Come on now ... don't do that to the poor guy. This blog and his imagination is the only fun the guy has.

  3. We have not heard from Ty lately. I have not got one comment from him in a while. I hope he is well, even if the state is paying his room and board.

  4. Cracker, you act like an old slave. You say, "I'm sorry, mas'er Bill, for letting people say things about you. Please don't whip me, mas'ser."

    What a pale ass cracker.


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