Friday, November 30, 2007

Here comes Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is now the rising star of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Huckabee is showing strong poll numbers in Iowa and nationwide. The former Governor also enjoyed the wide acclaim of politicos and media alike for his performance in the recent Florida presidential debate. Like somehow knowing the end of an episode of Texas Ranger or a Ric Flair match, politicos are sensing that Huckabee is going to make some real noise in he presidential race, and at worst, might secure the second spot on the ticket.

Why is Huckabee suddenly so powerful on the scene? First, he is an authentic conservative. He is not only a former governor, but a former Baptist minister who has a proven record on conservative social issues. That is appealing to a large part of the Republican base.

Add to that Huckabee’s populist approach. There are a large number of social conservatives who are uneasy with the big money in Republican politics today. When Huckabee sings their song on social issues and then hits a tone on things like tax reform, big business, health care and education, he is hitting Bubba Sixpack right in the political face. A good many Republican voters out there do not care for gay marriage or abortion or gun control. Those same Republican voters also are sick and tired of big business and big government. Those same Republican voters face rising health care costs and worry about their kids’ education. Those voters are more Republican populist in their views, and Huckabee has found a base with them. Those are the folks who are conservative in nature, but compassionate about the plight of their neighbors.

Then there is Huckabee’s sense of humor and charisma. Tip O’Neil that old Democrat, knew a lot about politics in general. Like him or not, O’Neil knew how to judge the people. He once stated that a politician who could “get the people to laugh with him would nearly always win.” He also stated that a politician who had the people laughing at him would likely lose. With the over-serious types like Romney, Rudy and Fred Thompson, Huckabee comes out as the funny guy, the guy that can put us at ease. Reagan had that quality.

All of the above stated, Huckabee still faces an uphill battle. Rudy and Romney have the money. Huckabee is still yet the face the media attack machine. Who knows what it will turn up on him when it goes full forced on him if he wins Iowa.

A hint of what might be coming came from the Fred Thompson attack ad on Huckabee about immigration.

But, one thing is for sure, as Huckabee supporter Ric Flair would say, “like it or not, he’s the biggest thing going today.”

Huckabee is on the rise. Huckabee is proving he will have to be dealt with. No one knows how all this will play out. However, it seems Huckabee, especially if Rudy wins the nomination, is in a good spot for the ticket, and has eclipsed Fred Thompson as the true conservative alternative. As ole Ric would say, “Whooo! Like it or not, you better learn to deal with it, because here comes Huckabee!”

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  1. Huckster is what you ought to call this fraud.

    He raised taxes, paid the tuition of illegals and set free a murdering rapist.

    Mitt Romney, are real conservative for President.