Friday, December 14, 2007

Fiddling while Rome burns in Anderson County

Emperor Nero of Rome supposedly was so out of touch with reality that he fiddled while the great fire of Rome was going on. After reading various news accounts of the ongoing saga of Anderson County Council Member Cindy Wilson versus Anderson County Administrator Joey Preston, I am beginning to wonder if Ms. Wilson, Mr. Preston and the local newspaper did not take music lessons from Nero.

Ms. Wilson has had several years on Anderson County Council, and Mr. Preston has had several years as Administrator. Who is right or who is wrong in their saga seems to have gripped the actions of county government and county political discourse.

Through her intense efforts, Ms. Wilson got some credit card receipts from cards held by the county. From them, she released to the media that the cards had been used to get fast food and food at Hooter’s, among other minor instances. That stands as Cindy Wilson’s crowning accomplishment after years of service on council.

To Wilson and her supporters, such a find is proof that the end of the world will certainly come if Mr. Preston is not burned at the stake. For Mr. Preston and his supporters, Ms. Wilson is a nutcase that has committed an illegal act.

To those of us who live in Anderson County and have the sense to see some of the problems around that we face, we are tired of this political game.

Anderson County is a unique place in that it has two very different economies. First, there is the growth that springs from being in close proximity of Greenville. There are serious growth issues to be dealt with in those areas. Second, there are the old textile towns in the southern part of the county, which face going the way of the old railroad fuel stop towns if something is not done to improve infrastructure, bring in economic development, and work to find ways to do some environmental cleanup at the old mills. The EPA had to step in in nearby Ware Shoals after a huge fire. Belton, Honea Path and Iva should have county leaders that act before such a thing happens.

There are bridges in the county fire engines can not drive over. There are secondary roads in desperate need of repair, especially in Wilson’s district.

Yet, Wilson fiddles away about who went to Hooter’s. Just once, as one of her constituents, I would like to see her use the obvious gifts of determination, tenacity and stubbornness she has to fight for the people of her district the way she fights Mr. Preston.


  1. You will live to regret this post. I promise you. Cindy Wilson is a great woman and Rick Driver is a great man. They fight against evil people like you and your buddies Bill and Joey.

    Then again, maybe you won't will live all that long to regret it.

    Southern Fried

  2. PS looking forward to the day I read your obit in the fishwrapper.

    You should have stayed in Columbia.

    Southern Fried

  3. Mr. McCarty, welcome home. Don't let the empty words of Rick Driver, I mean Southern Fried, get to you.

    No one has spoken so to the point about Cindy Wilson as you did here. I bet those CAVE people will spend the holidays thinking about what you are up to.

    Anderson needs more sane and intelligent people. We are happy to have you back.

  4. Cindy Wilson is hot. Damn, I love older women who are crazy as Hell.

  5. You damn drunk

  6. cindy wilson is the best example of leadership anderson county has. one of those over-looked gems which the whole world outta see.

    get out of anderson county. can't you tell you just don't fit in with the likes of the two wilsons, along with others?

  7. Don't you dare come up to Anderson County and bring us so called common sense or facts.

    We don't want no economic development.

    I am a conservative. My government check and what Cindy and them give me to go to meetings is enough for me every month.

    Cindy is doing just fine.

  8. Southern Fried:

    Glad to have you back. I see you are off your meds again.

    Anon 7:53:

    Its great to be back. I am here to stay. The vast majority of people don't watch a council meeting. The incumbent is banking on that.

    Anon 9:22, I suppose you are referring to Anon 8:09?

    Anon 2:44, I am not going anywhere any time soon.

    Anon 5:25: Your words make things very clear. Thank you.

    That's my comment on the comments so far.

    Thanks for reading

  9. Cindy Wilson is wonderful. You are evil.

    Wonder Woman versus. Mr. Evil.

    What an election it will be.

    We all know you are running against Cindy.

    Cindy knows it.

    She will be ready.

  10. I think if Brian McCarty runs for County Council, he will beat the nut in office now.

    I would vote for him. He could not waste more time than the one we have.

    McCarty for Council! or at least someone for Council! Please, give us some relief from the nut Cindi Wilson.

    Let her play with her horses more!

    A Willamston citizen

  11. Columbia OutsiderDecember 16, 2007

    See, I told you. The worst you had to deal with in Lexington was Jakie.

    Welcome to Nutworld, McCarty.

  12. I hope Cindy beats your patootie.

    You are such a slimeball, you and all your slimeball.

    Know my Lord is watching me and watching you as well.

    No forces aligned against me shall prosper.


  13. Angry TaxpayerDecember 18, 2007

    Cindy Wilson is no friend to the taxpayers of Anderson County. She has wasted more money on her nuttiness than anything Preston has done.

    Thank you for calling her for what she is: a petty hack.

  14. Sorry, I don't want my TAX money used to feed Government employees at Hooters (or anywhere else)... They can use their damn paychecks for that! This should be grounds for dismissal.