Sunday, December 30, 2007

Huckabee for President

Voting under the Influence is proud to endorse Mike Huckabee for President of the United States. Now more than ever, the United States of America needs a President who is sincere in his convictions and can bring about the real change needed in government.

For far too long, politicians on both the right and left seem to be bought and paid for by big money, not big ideas. Mike Huckabee is a man with big ideas. His biggest idea is embracing the Fair Tax, a national consumption tax that would replace the federal income tax. Voting under the Influence will dedicate an entire posting to the Fair Tax in the coming days.

A brief summary of the benefits of the Fair Tax will be offered in this post. First, the Fair Tax would collect money from everyone in our economy, including the illegal aliens who work and live in the United States put pay no taxes. Second, it would eliminate special interest tax loopholes that are essentially written by lobbyists for special interest groups. Third, it would provide a provision for lower income folk to get vouchers to offset their consumption tax. Fourth, it would give people a better idea of just how much government costs when they are in the checkout line and inspire limited government. Last, but not least, the Fair Tax would give Amercian businesses a fighting chance to compete against businesses from other nations that have cheap labor and manipulate their currencies.

The Fair Tax is not the only reason to consider Mike Huckabee. There is his experience in life and in public office. He was a minister for years before entering public office, and that experience gave him the right mix of conservative values with compassion for others. Huckabee was an effective Republican Governor in a Democratic state, bringing about tax reform, education reform and government reform. Huckabee has been a consistent voice for gun rights, conservative values and reform.

Do not be misled by some of the attack ads against Huckabee stating he is a tax raiser. While is true some taxes were raised under Huckabee's time as Governor, what is left unsaid is how other taxes were lowered in a reform effort to make taxes fairer and government smaller.

There is also a very personal reason I support Mike Huckabee. It is his personal will and discipline to overcome Type II Diabetes. Several years ago Huckabee was diagnosed with the disease. He chose to fight it by changing his diet and excercising. Huckabee's efforts paid off with him losing substantial weight and getting his blood sugar levels under control. For the first time ever publicly, I state that I share the same battle. As I have worked to lose weight and control my blood sugar, I have come to appreciate the personal discipline of Mike Huckabee and the compassion one suddenly feels for others when you find yourself fighting a chronic disease. It makes one understand he is not superman and that God controls a whole lot more than we think.

So, there we have it . A humble, disciplined man, tested in politics and in personal health standing to be President. No amount of foreign travel or big money or time in the media spotlight can equal the experience of a man who has been tested in the ministry, in government, and his own personal life. America's best Presidents have always been men tested by some adversity of sorts that led them to be comfortable with who they were and what they believed.

Mike Huckabee is that kind of man. Mike Huckabee will make a great President.


  1. Speaker's MafiaDecember 30, 2007

    I see. Godfather Bobby has a request for you. He wants you to retract this endorsement and endorse McCain.

    It is an offer you can not refuse. Use all of your powers, all of your skills, to make McCain look like the natural candidate for President. This is what the Godfather asks of you. Show Don Bobby this respect, and you will be rewarded.

  2. Is this guy kin to Bill Mcabee?

  3. Huck a who? Oh, yeah, that guy.

  4. I love it when Huckabee lies about his tax record. The most obvious is when he tells everyone he signed a tax increase in response to a public vote in which 80% voted in favor of the tax. What he forgets to mention is that the people of Arkansas were actually voting on a bond issue AFTER Huckabee unilaterally raised taxes.

    Check the record. Huckabee is a VERY personable man and a fantastic speaker but if you look past the shine you will see a serious Nanny-stater who was an illegal aliens best friend in AK

  5. An candid, honest and sincere endorsement for a genuine, honest and transparent candidate. You are most correct that Gov. Huckabee is the only one of the Republican candidates for President running a campaign based on vision and big ideas and who is not owned by the Washington-Wall Street chattering class.

  6. I think being in a POW camp for several years is dealing with adversity.

    McCain for President.

  7. One hopes that the Huckabee campaign will reveal how Romney used offshore corporations and plundered acquired businesses before taking them into bankruptcy to amass his great $250,000,000 wealth. I have heard nothing about this until I discovered it quite by accident this evening.

    So, when you compare how Mr. Huckabee's sincere FairTax vision compares to Romney's interest in the current system, it's pretty easy to see who will lead us out of tax slavery.

    Please, get this around.


    Using your analysis, we ought to elect Rocky Balboa President.

    Only one candidate running has dared to tell the truth about America and believes in returning us to the be THE REPUBLIC that we were meant to be.


  9. Southern FriedDecember 31, 2007

    I support Ron Paul as well. Mr. Honea Path lawyer living with his parents, why aren't you doing the bidding of your master, Bill McAbee and supporting McCain. Liberal Huckabee does sort of fit you, though. All that talk about compassion and mercy is a bunch of bunk some liberal lawyer who lives with his parents would buy into.

  10. I could not sleep and got up and thought I would see if there were any comments to be moderated. There were.

    My return comments:

    daddy sloane, great talking points from romney. Too bad they are not true. In fact, Huckabee reduced or eliminated 94 taxes and fees in Arkansas. AS for immigration, all he did was allow children of illegals born here, as citizens btw, who earned scholarships to use them. Do wish to punish children for their parent's behavior, even if those children were born citizens?

    McCain Man: I have the utmost respect for John McCain, and yes, he has faced the personal fires. I just don't think he is the best man for the job.

    Ron Paul is interesting and provocative. I just believe the man is sincerely wrong.

    Southern Fried, aka Stan W., well you got it wrong again. I live in my own house down the street from my parents. I feel lucky to able to spend more time with them now then I have in 15 years. Why not just argue your points, why always intentionally get things wrong? Public counseling is available in Anderson County.

    All that said, thanks for reading and commenting everyone and keep the comments coming. Good to see I am not the only one with occasional insomnia.

  11. Darnit ... well, I tried to talk you into backing Rudy. Maybe I should have offered to buy you off instead.

    I should have asked Southern Fried what it would have taken to sway your support to my candidate, since he/she/it seems to know so much about you.

    Then maybe I could contact Godfather Bobby, the Don of the Importantville Mafia, to get someone to turn Southern Fried into Southern Burned and Extra Crispy?

  12. Earl, I have tremendous respect for Rudy. I understand why you support him. I just have to go a different way right now.

    As for how I like my chicken, I like it extra crispy.


  13. Huck me, Huck me, Huck me right there, that's it, give me the big Huck.. Huck me all night long. I how I love a good Huck....a bee.

  14. Razorback for HuckabeeDecember 31, 2007

    You need to clean up your comments section.

    Other than that, great writing about a great man.

  15. Well, around here, I think the real chicken is Southern Fried.

  16. ~Leaving the merits of the so-called Fair Tax aside, do you consider it remotely possible that a future President Mike Huckabee could sway a Congress that will likely have Democrat majorities to pass such a radical measure?

    I sure don't.

    ~Are you bothered by the disproportionate number of pardons and commutations that Mike Huckabee handed down while Governor of Arkansas?

    I am.

    ~Are you concerned by Huckabee's utter naivete on all matters concerning foreign policy? What about his written statement criticizing the "arrogant bunker mentality" of the Bush administration, which received widespread criticism from conservatives?

    I am very concerned about this.

    ~Do you see flashing warning lights in your 'mind's eye' when you read that Huckabee received an "F" grade on fiscal policy in his final term as governor from the Cato Institute, a non-profit conservative/libertarian thinktank?

    I do.

  17. 2008 is here for HuckJanuary 01, 2008

    Huckabee got the largest tax cut in Arkansas history passed, at the time Mr. Romney was allowing gay marriage to go forward in Mass.

  18. Does he make you feel good though, that's what's important in a president. Mmmm, makes me feel all warm inside, like that.
    Otherwise it's just ant farming.

  19. My, the wisdom of FairTax naysayers who, like Rich Lowry, Robt Novak, and Pat Toomey, contend that HR 25 amounts to a pipedream! Might I suggest that they take a look at the growth in the numbers of co-sponsors over the last eight years?

    Fact is, Mr. Huckabee has shown himself to be astute as to the ramifications of what FairTax means, not only to middle America, but to the United States' trade and manufacturing position, globally.

    Further, because the income tax system affords politicians political cover to hide taxes in prices - by increasing costs to business, passed through to consumers, taxpayers will never be aware of the actual tax load they're carrying. This, Laurence Kotlikoff contends, does not support adequate taxpayer pressure on congressional spending, but rather distracts taxpayers against each other (poor against rich), and individual against corporation.

    Yes, the FairTax needs to be sold to the public. Mike Huckabee is best-suited to do that job because, like Reagan, he has the ability to communicate to the people and will help accelerate the urgently-needed transition to a consumption tax.

  20. Warren's go to guyJanuary 02, 2008

    All I have to say to you and Mr. Romney is have a nice slice of chocolate seriously...would you vote for Hillary Clinton if you had heart trouble because Bill had a bypass.

    Adult diabetes, heart disease, even some forms of cancer, it is all a result of weakness not strength.

    Mitt Romney is strong enough he did not get his body in some sort of mess.

    People with strong character don't get adult diabetes or heart disease. Only the slack and undisciplined do.

    Besides, I think letting in illegal immigrants probably contributes to diabetes.

  21. Southern FriedJanuary 03, 2008

    Well, well well, we see Gay Rudy's biggest fan come to your defense. He had better know not to mess with me.

    You both are going to learn a lesson messing with us concerned Anderson County Taxpayers.

  22. Hopefully, Mike Huckabee will not be president at all. “This campaign is not just about people who have religious fervor,” Huckabee said as he made the rounds of morning talk shows this morning (Friday). Unfortunately, it is largely about people who have religious fervor. A country governed by religious zealots is disastrous.

    If theocracy in Iran and the dominance of religion in the governments of other states is to be abhorred, American voters should also guard against the dangerous corruption of democracy by religion. America’s seeming insistence on Christian leadership not only threatens the constitutional separation of church and state but smacks of theocracy.

    The current field of Republican party presidential candidates woos voters in primary contests based largely on who is the most Christian, rather than who will best get the U.S. out of Iraq with honor, who will best repair damage to the country’s broken economy and domestic infrastructure and who will best restore its foreign relationships. One of the candidates has to assure voters that his religion, Mormonism, is Christian.

    On the Democratic side, the presidential candidates actively present their Christian bona fides to voters. One of the candidates, whose name sounds Middle Eastern and who spent part of his childhood in an Islamic country, has to convince voters that he is not a Muslim but is a Christian.

    The U.S. is straying from the wise counsel of its founding fathers. Too many voters demand that politicians be, or at least profess to be, Christians. Would a majority of voters not also elect men and women to office who are, or who profess to be, atheists, agnostics or deists? Would the U.S. not elect Thomas Jefferson to office today?

    Americans seem to believe that the more Christian their president, senators and representatives, the more divinely inspired their governance will be. When the policy directions and the missteps of the current Christian-based administration are considered, even the most ardent Christian would not admit to seeing the hand of Jesus or inspiration by the Holy Trinity.

    Presidents and politicians may pray for divine inspiration, intervention and special blessing, but voters shouldn’t insist that they do so. Too much time spent in prayer might take time away from the rational consideration of the issues that confront the nation.

    When voting for a change in course of the ship of state, the electorate should minimize, if not eliminate from its calculations, the importance of a politician’s religion.

  23. You think they're bad, I hear the taxpayers in Translyvania County are even worse.

  24. Brian, what about McCain? You say he is a nice man - might be true - but, he also has the experience to lead. Huckabee is just a former governor from Arkansas... oh wait, haven't we been here before?

  25. Huckabee is a good man, but he would be a terrible President! He doesn't understand that "do unto others" will NOT defeat the terrorists! He doesn't understand economics. He doesn't understand the devastation caused by illegal immigration. He is the wrong choice for President.

    Fred Thompson is the only real conservative running. He is a federalist and believes in limited government. He supports the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the Constitution. He understands economics and why the American people should be deciding how to spend their money, not having Washington spend it for them. He is strong on national defense and understand the threat caused by global terrorism. He is pro-life and always has been.

    Fred Thompson is the conservative choice, hands down!

  26. Fred, Fred, where's your cred?
    Will you let me keep my bread?
    FairTax, Yes! 'er FairTax, No!
    Just another politico?
    Hope for tax reform, I see,
    Will be voting HUCKABEE!