Sunday, January 27, 2008

O my what a big win

Senator Barak Obama pulled off the landslide over Hillary Clinton. Some pundits saw that coming. The often bitter campaign tactics of the former President, Bill Clinton, did not play well here in South Carolina.

I do not believe anyone, outside hardcore Democrats, saw the numbers coming. More Democrats than Republicans voted in the primary. Barak Obama got more votes than John McCain and Mike Huckabee combined.

What does that mean? It means several things. First, for the Democrats, it means the Clinton machine will have to rely heavily upon the Democratic Party establishment and even the votes of so called "super" delegates to win the nomination. I think the Clinton machine will win the the nod, but the damage to their own party in the process could be telling. It might be the best thing for the Republicans.

Second, the numbers give Barak Obama a boost that was not expected. His margin of victory, and his total votes can make him argue that if the nominee, he can fight for votes in places other Democrats could only dream of. A lot will be said about the black vote in South Carolina. But note, Obama got a chunk of the white vote, and from exit polling data, there were a good many first time Democratic primary voters.

For Republicans, the numbers mean something else. It is a wake up call for us. We have to realize that we can no longer take the South Carolina vote for granted. I know that is a shock to some of you. But, the numbers are there and they are what they are. South Carolina Republicans are going to have to work again to gain victory.

Congratulations to Senator Obama and the Democrats for the big numbers. You woke me up. You have my attention. Now, if only the rest of my party will wake us as well. I get the point. South Carolina Democrats think they are in a real fight, not an exhibition. We Republicans had better realize that as well.


  1. We are going to kick your cracker asses. Go Obama.

  2. More Democrats than Republicans voted in the primary? Great!!!! What do you think of that Mr. Nazi, I mean Mr. Republican? Those of us in Greer are elated. Obama all the way!

  3. The current leadership of Katon Dawson and Mark Sanford has gutted our party of our conservative principles and any outreach to "regular people". Their leadership has favored the elite, and the special interest groups.

    The turnout shows that many people are looking for another way. And while we are likely to remain a R state in the presidential races, the local races may be a different story.

    Sanford and Dawson have left us with a bloated, big spending government that does not serve the people. The R's will pay a price for this terrible leadership, even though Sanford and Dawson have done very well for themselves.

    We as republicans have lost our ay and we will have to pay a penality.

  4. When it comes to the First Black President, which we will elect this year, there will not be any need to put quotation marks around that term.

  5. some of us have been trying to get this point across for years. their turnout doesn't have to get much higher in a general election to really put a hurting on the GOP in statewide races, and in some areas, the primary turnout, had it been a general election, could have thrown some GOP officeholders out on their asses.

    complacency is the biggest threat to the republican majority. the comforting arrogance that allows one to sit back and think "man, the view's pretty good from up here."

    the tides of fate that sweep one in can sweep one back out. just give it a little time.