Wednesday, January 09, 2008

People Forgot how Good the Clintons are at Politics

Just a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton's close victory over Barack Obama in New Hampshire would have been seen as a sign of weakness. However, even conservative pundits are touting her "upset" victory Tuesday.

It was not upset in reality, just in perception. The perception was shifted by a calculated effort by the Clinton folks to downplay expectations. Their allies and staffers gave information on the record and on background playing up the polls that showed Obama ahead, playing down the ones that had Clinton close, and even floating a rumor about Clinton dropping out. It was a political masterstroke.

That masterstroke turned a virtual incumbents narrow victory into a huge one. The conversation is now about Hillary Clinton's so called "upset" win, not the fact she has lost a fourth of so of the Democratic party in the past two months.

Perhaps since it has been twelve years since we saw the Clinton political operation in national election mode, media members and pundits forgot how good they are.

The Clintons scored a win on Tuesday in New Hampshire, but their bigger win was making all the talking heads think that it means something positive for the Clinton campaign. The true believing neophytes of the Obama campaign never saw it coming. They actually played right into it.

A quote from Bobby Bowden about an opponent that beat his Florida State team applies to the political skills of the Clintons: "Dadgum, they're good."


  1. Cracker, you better believe that they are good. Ain't no fake brotha gonna take out the first Black President's woman.

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  2. It seems that people have forgotten too many things about the Clintons. Why is former President Bill Clinton given free reign to claim legitimacy as a candidate for First Lady, or man, of the United States of America?  If any one of the male candidates for President had a wife who was as sexually promiscuous in the workplace as Bill Clinton was as governor of Arkansas and President of the United States she would be considered a slut unworthy of consideration for any official office; let alone co-occupying The White House as First Lady. A trail of alleged sexual exploits from Arkansas to the Oval Office; Sexual harrassment of Paula Jones, Alleged sexual liaisons with Jennifer Flowers, claims of alleged sexual misconduct by Kathleen Willey and Jaunita Broaddrick, stained dress and cigar shenanigans in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky.

    And all this talk  that Obama " not truthful";  from the man who  "..was impeached by the House of Representatives" a few years ago for ".. allegations of perjury and obstruction of justice regarding the affair (with Paula Jones) and lying under oath in a civil lawsuit."   Surely America is not so desperate for "change" that we need the likes of William Jefferson Clinton back in the White House for another four to eight years.