Friday, April 04, 2008

Anderson County local government: the dead end

The South Carolina football team recently lost a rather infamous distinction. When former head coach Sparky Woods accepted the head coaching position at VMI, he became the first ex SC head coach to get another head coaching job since Billy Laval in the 1940s.

South Carolina had earned the nickname among detractors as "the graveyard of coaches." The names were great that fell to my Alma mater's curse. They included names like national champion coaches Paul Dietzel and Lou Holtz, along with proven coaches like Jim Carlen and promising young coaches like Brad Scott.

The same can be said for Anderson County Council. Rarely does any member ever obtain higher office. Bob Waldrep did, but now he is back on the county council after a stint in the state senate. People, regardless of what side of the Anderson saga they are on, think of Waldrep's stands on the saga now, not the years he spent in Columbia.

Indeed, the open bitterness and pettiness in local politics in Anderson County local government prevents it from being the place it was once was. Anderson County once produced political legends. For example former Clerk of Court John C. Taylor went on to become a US Congressman and respected candidate for Governor.

Can you imagine anyone on council or in other county offices having a real shot at rising above the great saga and getting elected to higher office? Opponents from outside the county would tear those local officials to political pieces in a larger scale race. Everything from credit card usage to frivolous legal battles could be thrown at a local Anderson county official seeking higher office.

Take for example Bill McAbee. When McAbee was elected to Anderson County council, he had a wealth of local, regional and statewide goodwill. It was thought that McAbee, after a term or two on council, could pull off a Jim Miles like ascension from county office to statewide office. Four years later, McAbee has a fight for re-election to county council to worry about. McAbee entered council as a man trying to be a statesman, with too much dignity from his political past to get in the great saga that is Anderson county politics. Now, McAbee, like Bob Waldrep, enter their respective re-elections races upon their respective sides of the Preston versus Wilson saga. Their once larger roles are now diminished to a local political street fight. Even if both win re-election, they have lost.

It's a sad and painful thing to watch develop. Other counties use offices like county council and city council as their political benches for the future. In Anderson County, local and county offices seem to be the dead ends of otherwise promising careers.


  1. McCarty, when will you learn that most of us just don't care about Anderson County politics? Who gives a damn what those inbred hillbillies do up there? You need to come on back home and take the flag with you when you do. Why do you want to even live up there with those backwards one toothers?

  2. You hit the nail on the head. McAbee had promise, but like others in the past, he fell prey to the money and perceived power.

    It is ashamed that some like me, who live in his district, worked for him, and voted for him, feel betrayed.

    He has lost all credibility, lost all support in the Republican Party, and lost his dignity.

    I know you feel, as I do, that we have been betrayed by McAbee. I have decided to support Col. Tom Allen. He's a good man, an honorable man, and someone you can trust.

    How about you, McCarty? Will you now support Tom Allen?

  3. Mr. McCarty, while I respect what you did in the past, it is time you realized you are a has been. Your buddy, or ex-buddy, Bill McAbee is a never was.

    You chose to stake what was left of your political credibility in a frienship with a snake who bit you.

    McAbee could not carry your water in any political fight. And, you are now a half blind old fool. You're right, it is sad. To see an old fighter like you be so used and abused just is, like you say,painful to see.

    I hope you find something better. You were once so good at this thing. Now, you are a shell of the man you were. I wish to God you would do your thing and turn and destroy McAbee.

  4. You are such a mean little person. Our county counci is full of wonderful people. Bill McAbee is a a true leader and man amongst men, not a wimp like you.

    When will you get the hint and just leave? Or do we have to make it clearer to you that you and your so called family are not welcomed?

    Get out of Anderson county! We don't need you and your ethics and your crap here!

    I am so sick of you and your holier than thou crap. Bill thinks you are a pathetic, sick little man, and so do I. We both keeping waiting for the day we learn you have died. It will be good for everyone. I can't wait to celebrate your funeral. Anderson County will be so better the day you leave it.

    Remember the Bible. You know no forces aligned against me can ever prosper.

  5. shih, you are a proven idiot on so many levels. Tend to your children and leave me alone.

    That said, as to supporting Tom Allen. I won't. I don't doubt that Mr. Allen is an honorable man. But, I don't live in his district. As I have stated before, I will leave his and McAbee's fate up to the voters.

    While it is tempting to call up Mr. Allen and tell him what he needs to do, I will not. McAbee and his family have been my friends for a decade and a half and more. Regardless of what McAbee says about me, I will not move against his family.

    Instead, I will just let the political chips fall as they will. I am out of that race. As I said, I do have bigger fish to fry. Bill is not even on my radar, and if he was, I would not hit him, out of respect to his wife and boy.

    Thats my way. Maybe that way is outdated and some take advantage of it. So be it. I learned from my Grandpa. He taught me that even if a old political friend goes crazy, don't act against him, out of respect for his wife and chid if you have been a guest in their home.

    Bill and his sidekick can run me down all they please, and from what I have learned, they have. But, I have my honor and dignity. I won't get in his race. I respect his wife and son.

    If you can't understand that, well, so be it. As for justice, well, as Johnny Cash sung, that ole wheel comes around. It does not need my help. People know what the deal is.

  6. The deal is you did not do the things your friend Bill asked. You call yourself a friend.

    Please Brian, do us all a favor and just die or leave. I feel not only for Bill but those poor people you are keeping out of their home.

    You are one true bastard, deep down. I hate you. I know so many others do too. You are a joke. You are pure evil and I think you had my house burned down. If I could prove it, you would be under the jail. I hate everything about you. You are Satan walking the Earth, and God will deal with you. I hope you burn in Hell. Bill and I will live to piss on your sorry grave.

  7. shih, again you prove you are an idiot.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but my health is better than you think. The numbers are in order. I know that has to tick off even more. God help your children when you read I ain't dying nearly as quickly as you thought.

    You are not doing Bill any favors with your crap on the blogs.

    I shake my head in amazement at how the Bill McAbee operation has become little more than an attack machine on a man not running for any office and not even living in Bill's district.

    Pathetic. It proves my point on how people with once great political futures lose those futures in Anderson County government.

  8. Do you really think Shih on this blog is Amy Plummer. She is pathetic, but I can't even think she would want someone to die.

    I know shih is Amy on the Cockobur blog, but she has never wished someone dead.

    I hate to see Bill advocating or at the least letting this continue. He used to be a good man. I guess some things change.

  9. some people really think anderson county is that important a place. absolutely friggin' amazing.

  10. You are right about Anderson County politics on both sides--the cindymaniacs and the prestonistas. Both sides are going to end up destroying the Republican Party in Anderson. If any one attending the 3rd district convention they would just how messed up things are in Anderson. All the cindymaniacs showed up and all were seated as delegates. Now Bob "Senile" Waldrep and Don "Dandy" Bowen are the delegates to the Republican NAtional Convention. Thanks to Anderson (who had the largest delegation to the district convention) South Carolina will be well represented in Minneapolis. All we need is for some district to elect some really fat woman with pink curlers and a moomoo to appear in front of the cameras and exclaim, "It's pandalirium in here!"

  11. You have a warped sense of honor, Brian McCarty. I would not take the crap being said about you from McAbee. His wife chose to marry him. Unload on the guy, because, I have the word, the day after the election, he is going to go after you. McAbee does not want you to go away, he wants you destroyed. I will tell you the details in a private email if you will make an email address known on here.

    Oh, and don't drink one drop of alcohol at Sullivan's. I would not even go to a council meeting if I were you. Don't be shocked to find yourself a security risk if you do.

    And, be careful in the things you say and do. I have word some very smart lawyers are looking at finding a way to destroy how you make your living.

    I don't like you, but I like Bill McAbee and the Wonder Boy even less.