Thursday, April 17, 2008

Expelled to hit theaters this weekend

Ben Stein is hitting the theaters as a documentary host and producer with his documentary entitled "Expelled."

Regardless of what side of the great questions of humanity you stand upon, the essence of the documentary shows the disturbing movement in our so called free academic communities.

Those who contend that there is the hand of God in the universe now find themselves outcasts in their academic communities.

Let me be clear. Whatever your point of view on the issue, there are people with higher intelligence who disagree with your point of view. That is why freedom to express theories without fear of retribution should be allowed in our pursuit of the ultimate truth.

I do have my own theory. I will admit I see a Divine hand in things. Ironically, I see that Divine hand through things so many liberals embrace. I see it in the great classical music compositions. I see it in poetry and literature. I see it in art. I see it in diversity of species in nature. I see it in the how our very fragile existence beats the odds in an extraordinary way. There is something bigger than we understand at work.

Until we understand just what that something bigger really is, it is illogical for science or philosophy to dismiss out of hand with disdain any theories on how we came to be who we are.


  1. Your contention that some fairy tale figure is involved in our lives is illogical. Humans created the fairy tale of God. I sincerely believe that I am one of those who disagree with you who has higher intelligence than you.

  2. 1. It's "Ben" Stein.

    2. There are plenty of Christians who teach and study biology. Many of them certainly feel "there is the hand of God in the universe" and there's nothing wrong with that. The ones who want to teach FAITH instead of science are those who "now find themselves outcasts in their academic communities".

    3. I encourage you to visit and read what really happened to these "outcasts".

    4. I think it would really serve you well to visit and watch all of these videos. You will hear from a wide range of students, teachers and administrators (including Christians!) who support PROPER science education.

  3. Snead, what you are saying is simply not true.

    If a biology professor is Christian at most colleges, he has to keep that to himself or face ridicule.

    Just Michael Moore showed the world what an idiot George Bush is on the war, Ben Stein is showing the world how nazi like education "professionals" have become.

  4. Anonymous, you're wrong. Deal with it and move on. I've watched Christian biology professors (high school and college) personally testify in front of the South Carolina State Board of Education that they had no intention of embracing anything other than the theory of evolution.

    I guess you would label them as bad Christians. Which makes you an idiot.

    You really should check out and watch their videos. Biology professors from Clemson, South Carolina and Charleston all speak on this subject. High school science teachers and administrators all speak on the subject. A future science teacher talks very specifically about his faith and his future in biology.

    It just isn't true. But I agree with your Moore and Stein comparison. They are both entertainers, but to claim they produce "documentaries" is beyond absurd.

  5. I'm sorry, but Stein didn't prove anything other than that he can edit interviews to twist the academics' words around. His use of hyperbole by playing the Nazi card was ridiculous and he never ever showed the "oppression" he was claiming. He didn't show in one case where an academic was fired or "repressed" for their views on ID. He had a lot of rumor and speculation, but no fact.