Sunday, April 06, 2008

This stuff can kill you

The New York Times reports in its April 6th edition that "writers blog till they drop." The article concentrates on bloggers who are paid to blog and how that stress gets to them. You can read the article at:

While the crack staff of Voting under the Influence are devoted volunteers who do not do this for the money, the article did get me to thinking. Perhaps too much information, coming from all directions can cause a physical overload, leaving us, as my grandfather says, "educated beyond our intelligence."

We live in an amazing time. Information can be shared so easily and so quickly. Perhaps we forget the time needed to analyze that information. Perhaps we also forget that the Internet, wonderful as it is, is not the entire world. Sitting on one's behind staring a computer screen all day and all night will have its price. First, you lose your general health. Walking up stairs becomes difficult. Then, you start to lose your mobility as joints and muscles not used deteriorate. Then, after your 83rd comment posting on why Brittany Spears shaved her head, you slump over in a coma at your desk.

It is the world we now live in. Politicians and activists pay people to post comments and blog about events to try to shape opinion. Businesses do the same. What is lost is perspective. It does not matter if one more comment about whether George W. Bush is really Alfred Newman of Mad Magazine is made. No one really cares about fifty percent of the stuff on the Internet.

The Internet is just a tool. As a tool, it is be used, not to be enslaved to. Use the Internet to comment and stay informed. But, also take the time to be a human being as human beings should be. Go for a walk. Try actually meeting up with friends in person instead of online. Go to a political meeting instead of just commenting online. Do it in person. Use those muscles God gave you from time to time.

If you do so, you will be okay. But, if you sit around all day and night and worry about what to post next on the net, well, this stuff will kill you.


  1. What will kill you is all those nights out drinking in the bars of Columbia and all that beer you still drink.

    Drink up, Brian. So many of us are just waiting to hear the good news.

  2. Oh, and I am not who you think I am. So much for how smart you are. I guess that is what you get for blogging under the influence. Drink up. Finish that beer. Your hangovers are not going to keep me from commenting. Get some help. You need it.

  3. Shih, I bet you are what the guy is talking about. I can see your fat little hands at the keyboard typing away, wondering what attack to make next.

  4. Perhaps Ty's poor body had enough. We have not heard from the brotha in a long time now. I am worried.

  5. Cousin, I wish you will tell all about how you turned down the money you needed to do the right thing. You chose honor over wealth and paying off your bills. Let people know the details. The devil put the money that could change your life on the table, and you told him to kiss your ass. It frustrates me you don't let people know everything you've dealt with. What I fear is going to kill you is the wrangling you do in your soul over whether or not to let some people hang as they should. You are kiling yourself.