Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Barack Obama is naive

In remarks to campaign supporters in Pendleton Oregon on Sunday, Senator Barack Obama compared the current threats to national security to the threats the USSR posed to the United States. To paraphrase Obama, he said that the United States faced a greater threat with the USSR than with the rogue states and terrorists, yet negotiated. Thus, the United States should negotiate with it enemies now.

On the surface, Obama makes sense. It even feels good to say “yeah.” Scratch a bit below that surface, and a man who appears to be on track to be President of the United States is incredibly naïve.

The Soviet Union was run by a group of thugs hellbent on party dictatorship and power. There is no doubt about that. However, as disturbing as it might be to some, the Soviets were more like us than the current religious fanatics and egomaniacs we face.

The first way the Soviets were more like us was their will to survive. The official Communist Party doctrine on the hereafter was there was no hereafter. Thus, when faced with a power, such as the United States, that could wipe them out, the Soviet leaders, despite their bombastic remarks publicly, could become quite pragmatic in private talks with the United States. Simple put, they wanted to live and survive.

Take the Cuban Missile Crisis for example. Senator Obama noted how President Kennedy dealt with the Soviets. When the world was on the brink of nuclear war over Cuba, the Soviets, understanding that their death would be end of them, were open to a private deal with Kennedy because Kennedy offered the policy of M.A.D., mutually assured destruction.

That is not true of some of the enemies we face today. They are religious fanatics. Instead of no hereafter, they are promised a glorious trip to heaven if they die killing us. When the policy of M.A.D. was applied in the Cold War, the Soviets saw no way to win in such a scenario, and were open to negotiation. The religious extremists, such as the group running Iran, see it differently. If the entire world is destroyed, they believe they will be in heaven dealing with a large number of virgins. It is hard to deal with people who believe their version of paradise is waiting on them if they die killing you.

There is another manner in which the Soviets, especially at the leadership level, were different than the enemies we face today. The Soviet leadership was not alien to the American culture. Women in the Soviet Union were educated, and some even to the point of playing critical roles in advising the leadership, such as Mrs. Gorbachev. Leaders like Leonid Brezhnev liked material things such as American automobiles, and then President Nixon would present Brezhnev with one every time they met. Mr. Gorbachev loved stories of the American west, and Ronald Reagan would present him with his gifted story telling about the west, horses, and the like.

The Soviets embraced science, and tried to show, failing of course, that they could keep lead the world in modern scientific advancement. Their system of control was doomed to failure, but their goals were not as radically different than American goals than the goals of our enemies today.

That is simply not the case with Iran or like enemies we face. They see women as little more than property and fight to keep them from being educated or productive. Even our friends in the culture eschew the idea of one man one wife for polygamy. They scorn modern advancements and material things as the work of Satan. They embrace throwing the world back to the Dark Ages. They seek science as a means to that end, not to make humanity or their system more advanced.

There is little doubt that the Soviet Union’s leaders were cold, calculating, deceitful and ruthless. They were one brand of evil in the world in their time.

Now we are dealing with another brand of evil. That brand is cold, calculating, deceitful, ruthless, and believes no matter what they do or what happens to them, they will live in paradise.

It is bothersome that Barack Obama does not seem to understand the simple truth that with the Soviets brand of evil one could appeal to their instinct to survive on this Earth to bring them to negotiation, and with the brand of evil we face now, checking out of Earth just gets you closer to paradise. Those we face today will use negotiations to take time to strengthen their ability to destroy. Barack Obama is incredibly naïve.


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  2. Shih rules alwaysMay 20, 2008

    Oh my, is the troubled Brian McCarty talking to himself again? Check out the Cocklebur blog to learn more about the troubled Brian McCarty. And, he is really a Democrat and really, really bad person who hates Anderson County. Obama should be proud of him.

  3. shih rules alwaysMay 20, 2008

    Oh, and don't forget his friendship with the perverted and troubled Mr. Capps. Anderson County is glad to be rid of him. Now, if the troubled one, that is Brian McCarty and his Obama loving self, would just move. We don't need more bad people.

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  4. AnonymousMay 20, 2008

    Ty, Obama is an idiot. Shih rules what? Whatever, what the hell are you smoking? Did you even read the post? Geez, McCarty, you do let the nuts post here don't you?

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    Oh Please!!! I was going to post a decent response to this blog but the responses that have been posted already are just as naive as the original post. Just forget it.

  6. Anon, you are right. I have been too lenient on comments here.

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