Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bobby Jindal revisted

Back on March 12th, Voting under the Influence introduced voters to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as a possible Vice Presidential pick by John McCain.

To update that post, it is widely reported in the press that Governor Jindal will be among a handful of politicians who will be the guests of Senator McCain over the this holiday weekend. It is suspected to be job interviews in a nice setting.

I believe McCain should pick Jindal for the following reasons.

First, Indian American businessmen will back the ticket strongly. That will make a dent in the money deficit the GOP faces. The GOP will have its first non-white pick on a ticket ever.

Jindal is young, charismatic and believes in hope. Heard that one before? Even if McCain/Jindal loses, McCain can affect the future of the party and help stop its decline with an energetic running mate.

The guy is sharp as a tack. He is not fluff. He is Ivy League educated, a Rhodes Scholar and a known policy wonk. Recent prominent national leaders such as Reagan and Bill Clinton not only were charismatic, they knew the issues of their respective times well. Jindal knows health care better than any other young politician in either party. Jindal also is an ethics champion.

Of course, some will say he is too young and lacks experience. However, Jindal has more years in DC than the Democratic nominee to be. It will be hard for Democrats to say" look how inexperienced your Vice Presidential nominee is," when their Presidential nominee has comparable experience.

Of course, picking a first generation Indian American who was born Hindu, (but now is Catholic) is a wild card pick. But, when you are behind in the money and you are up against a sensational candidate, you have to "roll the dice" so to speak.

Bobby Jindal will shore up social conservatives, dispel some myths about the Republican party and race, and give the nation a look at a new, optimistic and youthful Republican party in the future, win or lose this election. The Governor also might give the McCain campaign an injection of enthusiasm needed to win in November.
What do you think. Who are your picks for VP?


  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2008

    Mitt Romney all the way!

  2. McCain/Huckabee 08May 23, 2008

    You supported Huckabee for President, why not Huckabee for Vice President? He is young, has a great story and Christians will vote for him.

  3. If Jindal was halfway through his second term, I'd say absolutely. As it is, he's not bad.

    But if you want some "diversity", I'll give you some other names to mull over ... JC Watts, Michael Steele, Linda Lingle (Hawaii's Jewish GOP guv), or possibly Sarah Pallin (Alaksa's GOP guv).

  4. Earl, with some recent analysis over at saying that McCain is shape to win the EC vote, but lost the popular vote, his guys could play it safe with Romney.

    I have always been an old riverboat gambler in politics, I say roll the dice. But, hey, it ain't my call.

  5. I agree - have dice and roll the balls ... uh, have balls and roll the dice.

    The worst thing McCain could do in an election where "if it looks like a Republican and acts like a Republican" is the electoral kiss of death is to pick a "safe" candidate.

    If he wants to be the "shake it up" candidate who will challenge the status quo, and become the legitimate "change" candidate that many swing voters are looking for, the "same old sold ol'" won't work. He needs to be different if he wants to promise to be different.