Friday, May 02, 2008

The race in House 117 shows what politics is all about

The supposed feud between consultant and political guru Rod Shealy and the Club for Growth/Sanford/SCRG crowd has been played up in blogs and the media since 2006. It appears the two factions are not that far apart after all. Both deal with money and money leads people to vote under the influence of it.

Tim Scott, a tax raising county councilman from Charleston County running for House District 117’s Republican nomination filed a telling disclosure. In that April 10th disclosure, it showed Scott taking money from the Club for Growth in the amount of $1,0000 and from other like minded supporters. Scott also paid out a $2500 consulting fee to Rod Shealy, once thought of as the go to guy to fight the Club for Growth/Sanford/SCRG crowd in GOP primaries.

While Shealy’s operation claims to loathe the Sanford crowd in other races, including working for Sanford’s primary opponent in 2006, it seems to have no problem taking that crowd’s money in a state house race a couple hours away from its midlands base.

I can not fault the Sanford crowd for coming up with money to back their guy or Shealy for making a buck. That is now the American way. But, it needs to be known that while both sides cry out foul about the other in races around the state, they seem able to work with one another when the money flows.

Don’t believe for one minute either side’s claim of principles and the like. When it suits them, they will raise the money, make the money and work together. The GOP primary in House District 117 is a stunning example of that. Politics usually comes down to money, and money is the influence we all tend to vote under.


  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2008

    You are just mad you ain't getting paid, you upstate redneck. Take it easy on your sister and stop trying to confuse folks with facts. People don't need to know everything, damn it. You really piss me off.

  2. Frank G.May 02, 2008

    Who is shocked that the crook Rod Shealy has no principles and will take money from those he supposedly hates.

    His clients should take notices.

  3. AnonymousMay 02, 2008

    Club for Growth makes donations to candidates who espouse an agenda for true conservative change. Why should it care who that candidate hires as a consultant? If paying off Shealy keeps him silent, that is worth the money.

  4. AnonymousMay 02, 2008

    CoG endorses candidates who sign onto their manifesto and pledge loyalty.

    Candidates who are deemed unwilling to take orders are simply not interviewed, for fear they will prove to be as conservative as their hand-picked puppet candidates.

    House 117 was not the only race where they picked one and ran with that candidate.

    As for your defense of paying off Shealy as "the price of doing business" ... well, if you are ok with CoG's tactics, then I guess you're not opposed to a little payoff either?

    With ethics like that, you're probably a good CoG lackey. Chad probably thinks your a great "step and fetch boy", doesn't he?

    Come here boy - lick my boots.

  5. Jenny FanMay 03, 2008

    If the Governor wants it, we do it. Anything it takes. There is no quarter given in this war. Welcome to real politics.

  6. Are you sure are not really Jake Knotts? Both of you are rotund, love bbq and political bullshit. I keep thinking you both eat your share at a place called Shealy's. Eat up.

  7. Democrats like Shealy piss me off!

  8. AnonymousMay 04, 2008

    You're second paragraph says it all. Tim Scott's record is of a tax raising couny councilman. Some republican. Most refer to his kind as rino, republican in name only. Opponent Crosby's record of following Rozier's (dictatorial former berkeley supervisor)orders means he's another yes man for sale to the highest bidder. That leaves Wheeler Tillman, a man that I've known over the years to stand on principle over politics. He's the only one that i can trust to represent the people. Vote Wheeler Tillman on June 10th.

  9. west_rhinoMay 05, 2008

    anon (4 May 08), your logic is good which is a reason the low country press will whiz on Wheeler. While I disagree on Mr. Scott's record, Charleston has had a number of RINOs whose credential as RINOs offend the rhinos and probably the Reinos, Mr. Scott wan't Sanford's choice to replace Tom Ravenel for patronage.

    The gripe that I have in this race is that between the talents of Wheeler Tillman and Tim Scott, there's not a Senate seat for one of them to chase instead.

  10. Looks like Shealy et al are taking it up a notch.