Sunday, July 27, 2008

Inconvenient Alaska weather

Inconvenient weather is occurring in Anchorage, according the Anchorage Daily News. In a recent article, the paper pointed out how Anchorage is headed towards the coldest summer on record. The article cites scientists blaming the La Nina phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean for the unusually low temperatures.

Regardless the reason, the weather numbers coming out of Alaska this summer are inconvenient for the environmental left. Polluters are still polluting. Indeed, China seems unable to get rid of its smog for the upcoming Olympic games.

I realize there are those who will call the 2008 summer in Alaska an anomaly or the the exception that proves the rule. There is a comfort to some in believing that we human beings actually control the weather. Whether through arrogance about the power of humanity, or fear out of not being in control, there will always be an element of humanity that believes we control everything on Earth, including the weather.

Such a position is nearly insane when you think on it. As a weather buff, I enjoy reading detailed weather bulletins, measuring various weather readings and trying to figure out what is next. I will admit, I am quite the weather nerd. I have been since I was a kid. I know all about the science and the years of study so many put into just trying to figure out tomorrow's forecast. I have read about how Native Americans used to read the clouds to determine the coming weather.

All in all, reading the clouds might be about as accurate as all the science and computers we use now. There are times when all the science just can not predict what will happen next. Tornadoes form in certain places, but not in other places where the conditions are similar. Hurricanes "wobble," which means that they take a sudden move the data did not suggest. Storms strengthen in conditions in which other storms did not.

However, so many in the environmental movement do not have the guts to say "we just don't really know." Instead, when it comes to global warming, they take a position and go out and get data to defend that position. Al Gore's presentation is a prime example of that. His presentation was one of issue advocacy, not one of science.

I will admit that advocates have their day and are, at times, right. However, when it comes to huge natural events, such as the weather, Mother Nature, Mother Earth, God, whatever you wish to call the forces of nature, constantly remind the advocates that the advocates are just guessing.

Just think of this. The next time the weather report calls for snow, and all you get is a cold rain, or the report calls for cold rain and you get snowed in, remember if climatology, with all its tools, can not predict the climate for 36 hours without flaw, how it can it predict the climate for decades down the road?

Alaska is showing us this summer, that despite our technology, there are still somethings we can not control, and not even at times predict. While I completely agree that we should all take measures to make sure we have clean air, clean water and preserve natural beauty, the thought that we human beings somehow are in control of the weather is just too inconvenient for a logical mind to agree to.

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  1. That's why they call it climate change not weather change.