Saturday, July 05, 2008

RIP Senator Jesse Helms

Senator Jesse Helms passed away on Independence Day. For thirty years, he was the Senator from North Carolina. He agitated folks on the left and some moderates with crystal clear stands on the issues of the day.

However, It is not those social views that we at Voting under the Influence choose to remember and honor Helms for. Though those views have their place, it is fitting to honor Senator Helms for being a man who got things done for the people of North Carolina and, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate, being a warrior for freedom when freedom needed him most.

In 1972, when Helms was first elected to the United States Senate, it was not easy or politically correct to stand up against communism. Yet, Helms did. Helms spent his entire Senate career working for freedom in nations that had before never tasted it. Helms worked with Republicans and Democrats on that endeavor. He counted among his best friends Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

Indeed, in retirement Helms even worked with the pop/rock star Bono to work for charities for developing nations. The caricature the media created of Jesse Helms did the man no justice. He was bigger than that. He will go down in history as the longest serving popularly elected United States Senator in North Carolina history and as a warrior against communism when America needed him most.

Rest in peace, Senator Helms.


  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2008

    Is this post a joke? He voted against the Civil Rights Act and supported Latin American dictators. To beat Harvey Gantt, he played the Affirmative Action card in a commercial. Again, is this post a joke? I will be posting an article on my website and to try to balance what little good against the racism. I am also going to touch on his dad beating a black person to death as a sheriff down by Charlotte. I am from NC my friend. This post is a joke. It will be posted by Toby Hustle.

  2. It's no joke. Just ask Bono. Jesse Helms did more to fight AIDs in Africa than any Democratic Senator of his time. It is shocking. But, if you are not just leftie looking to do a hit job, when you check the facts, you might be shocked at what Jesse Helms was as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. I realize that takes for granted you have a mind and some time to research and think.

  3. I remember Piss Christ, do youJuly 11, 2008

    Hey, I am from NC as well, anon, I thought I would let you know I heard the Helms family is going to have security cams at this grave.

    So when you go piss on Helm's grave, don't be surprised to get a indecent exposure ticket or the like in the mail.

    Of course, you can still feel like a real man in hitting a guy at his death, by taking the "piss" method to express yourself.

  4. AnonymousJuly 11, 2008

    Jesse Helms can kiss my beautiful black ass from the grave. As Jesse says, I would love to cut his nuts off. Praise be be the Lord.