Saturday, August 16, 2008

Anderson County politics: back to court

One has to give this to Anderson County Administrator Joey Preston, he will not allow an apparent political defeat get him down. Instead, he presses forward, and in this case, he presses with a lawsuit against the two current council members that give him the most grief.

What is giving so many hardworking folks in Anderson County grief is once again their so called leaders sue one another over political matters. The courts are as sick of Anderson County political lawsuit antics as the people of Anderson County are. However the newest lawsuit turns out, one thing is sure, a great deal of money will be spent on legal fees by the people of Anderson County. That money could be better spent on public safety or needed infrastructure repairs. Instead, it will be spent on the continuing childlike rants of the political leaders who seem to be unable to act like adults and work things out. What is ironic about Administrator Preston is that he has done things to move Anderson County forward, but he seems so hellbent on "getting even" with political enemies that he eschews his record to score political points in the courtroom.

Anderson County is quickly becoming a laughing stock to other areas of our state. Do not think for a minute that laughing does not cost us jobs and money. The personal rancor between some county leaders clouds their judgement. Other counties are more than willing to step in and note the divide and rancor and show they know how to act as adults. The political leaders of Anderson County do not see how suing over this and that makes the people of the county losers, regardless who prevails in court.


  1. Preston had no choice. Those folks are nuts. The people who vote in Anderson County are nuts. They are lucky to have Joey Preston, a man of courage standing up against the ignorance that is the average voter.

    Have another beer, McCarty.

  2. All this infighting must make for short work days over at county Economic Development.