Monday, August 18, 2008

BBC NEWS Report - September 11 Attacks

It has been almost seven years since the attacks upon the United States. Just in case you forgot, or were too young to really know what went on that day, this British newscast reminds us of how terrible that day was.

I will never forget it, because my father was in the air on a plane that day. I and my "uncle" Skip, my dad's lifelong best friend, drove to Columbus Ohio to get my dad on the night of September 11th. We saw firsthand the chaos going on in several states.

Those days are seared in my mind. With apologies to Mr. Obama, I don't feel the need to negotiate with those who orchestrated the murder of so many fellow Americans. I know it is now a cliched sign of intellectualism to be against Bush. But, so many of those who cling to that cliche are either too young to remember what happened that day or just too dumb to realize that people wanted to kill us and still do. I can not fathom giving people who organized the mass killing of people who did nothing but just to to work the honor of sitting down and addressing grievances. Even the so called mafia has honor about innocents. Those killers on September 11th, and their supporter had no honor. They still do not.


  1. You show the simpleton approach to world affairs President Bush does. You apparently have no idea how the world works or why the United States is hated so.

    Barak Obama, with his international upringing, gets it.

    Backwards rednecks like you do not.

  2. Anonymous, if that is your real name, what makes you think you know "how the world works or why the United States is hated so"? What credentials can you provide? What contributions have you made? What specifics in the original post do you disagree with?

    Ad hominem (you might want to look that up) attacks rarely indicate deep thought about an issue. They frequently indicate an emotional attachment that transcends rational discourse on the topic.

    In the world I live in, there are many people who are better informed and much more intelligent that I disagree with. I try to understand the sources of those disagreements and see what I can learn from them. When it seems appropriate, I re-evaluate my own beliefs and judge whether they should be modified to fit new data. In that mindset, spirited debate with someone who carries views different than mine becomes an opportunity for both of us to grow and learn.

    I do know that the people who attacked the United States do not share my views. To them debate is not to be tolerated and freedom of speech is an active evil that must be eradicated whatever the cost in human lives.

    I disagree, sir, with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it (With much apologies to M. Voltaire). I remain your humble backwards redneck...

    Gilbert Marlowe

  3. Please enlighten the simpletons. How does the world work? Look at the current situation between Russia and Georgia and explain to me how well diplomacy is working. See, Bush is not the problem; it is the truly uniformed citizens like you who still believe, even after decades of proof to the contrary, that a civilized nation can exercise diplomacy with irrational tyrants. You sir are clueless.

  4. Senator Obama has always maintained he would not negotiate with terrorist organizations.

    Other Countries leaders he would negotiate with and try to work out solutions diplomatically that would not involve the sacrifice of our brave men and women if possible. He also favors working with the UN, NATO, G8, ETC... instead of flying solo in those situations.

  5. Yes, let's do try the approach that European nations have taken. The same countries who have been attacked for years by terrorists.

    Forget it. The United States was attacked once by terrorists. Just once. It hasn't happened again.

    Maybe there's something to be said for not listening to those nations who have been unable to stop terrorists in their nations.

    Petpeeve, has it occurred to you that the world needs US, and we don't need them? Who is the nation which sends its sons and dollars to help nations around the world.

    I'm tired of this kiss-ass "why don't we be nice to the world?" mindset.

    Petpeeve, are you sure your name isn't Chamberlain?

  6. I was in Northern Virginia on September 11, in an office building just below the approach for Dulles. When the second tower hit, much of the US internet went down (many of those circuits went through the basement of WTC2 - our company was responsible for putting many of them back up in the month that followed).

    As a result, the only website that worked that day for us was the BBC. This was what our department watched, huddled around my desk, wondering what in the world was going on.

    Thanks for the reminder.